Dee Hart rumors...anyone, TVH?

Submitted by offskooring on December 2nd, 2010 at 7:34 PM

GBW pay board is freaking out over a rumor from the freeboard that there is a D_Hart anouncement (change) coming soon...anyone?



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To clarify, here is the rumor...

Per user JFactor on the premium board at GBW, he heard from the "most reliable source out there" that Dee will make an announcement tomorrow after his game. It is Jfactor's feeling based on conversations and the fact that Alabama has been in Dee's school all day, that this means he will be switching his commitment to Alabama.

He's also holding out hope that perhaps Dee is building suspense for an Army Bowl announcement. JFactor has been very reliable WRT Dee in the past, for what it's worth.

If true, this sucks. Real bad.

STW P. Brabbs

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I'm not sure why this deserves to be negged.  I think it's a legitimate concern that uncertainty regarding Rodriguez might hurt this recruiting class, which would put the program in an even deeper whole in terms of talent/depth, which would be a major obstacle to the success of a potential new HC. 

I'm personally terrified that the longer Michigan stays off the map of elite teams, the closer the South Bend nightmare is to coming to Ann Arbor. 

The team the t…

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Not a surprise.  There will be many more given the fact that these kids won't know if the coach who recruited them will be their coach.  Brandon is not an idiot, so I have to assume he knows his waiting will hurt recruiting.  Which means he's planning to replace Rich Rod.  I think this is bad now matter how you look at it.   

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First of all, I want Rich Rod back.  My point is/was that when you have blue chip recruits hearing that the coach that recruited them may be fired in a few weeks, why would they stay?   Especially if you do not have ties to the institution?   I'm prepared for a terrible recruiting class, due in part to the LONG wait by Brandon.   I wish he would come out and say "Rich Rod" is our coach and end all of the negative recruiting that is going on right now.


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stop when the 20....million posts of RR/JH/DB/Panic/Emo/ITS HIS FAULT!!!! shit stops. Once it stops, I have no reason to nuke. I find it funny you are more annoyed with this...look down this thread. That doesn't annoy you more than a 40 second clip of an atomic bomb that takes up the space of all of one post? You sir are a blind panda.

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First of all, you have one of my heroes as your avatar, so I must congratulate you.

Secondly, I hope you are not lumping me in the EMO/It's RR's fault crowd.  It's simply logical for an 18 year old big time recruit to reconsider when there is a chance that the coach may be fired.  Even Brian has written about the possiblity that Rich Rod may not be our coach next month.  I just wish Brandon would support Rich Rod NOW and help get us ready to competing for championships!



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I didn't nuke you, I sounded a rumor siren. I couldn't have even been close on a prediction of what ensued afterwards. Makes the siren more applicable now.

Mind=blown with the emotions of an 8 year old girl on here. Dee hasn't decommitted yet officially and we have a meltdown that makes Chernobyl look like spilled water. (not even milk)

Instead of rationally looking at the situation as we might lose him, but we are still stacked in the backfield and have Hayes on board, people complain about what bothers them and voice opinions that don't contribute anything but more ANGAR and division.

Point in case? Look who has the most negged post on this thread. Was it a post on RR being fired based on flimsy and hypothetical situations? Nope. It was a clip of an atom bomb.

The same people that would bitch if you slammed their threads about the same beaten horse of fire [fill in the blank] tell us to move on and say "If we don't like it, don't look at it." Yet, their selective rule does not apply to one post in the thread. 

Again Mind=Blown.

All you can do is craugh (cry +laugh).

You sir have unleashed a shitstorm of epic proportions. Haha. Unfortunately if Dee does decommit, they will have fresh meat to continue the FIRE RABBLE RABBLE. Reminds me of turkey vultures spotting a fresh roadkill.


Edit: I did nuke you. Can't unnuke so I have then +1 you for being civil and not struck with cut wrists by the sudden outflowing of this emo thread. May your avatar make a fast recovery from radiation poisoning.

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....In other news, I have a few hundred faxes from the Hunter in my basement that I got from his editor at the end, Douglas Brinkley.  He was a former professor of mine.  He gave them to me when I last saw him in New Orleans (it's mostly from "Better than Sex).  It might be nice to dig them out and read them just to get my mind off of all the negativity.


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You are a teacher too? Internet HIGH FIVE!

It is a tough call. I like the Rum Diary and The Great Shark Hunt. I still have yet to read Generation of Swine.

Just interviewed for TFA today. I am hoping I get in and placed in Detroit. That way, I can make the home games every weekend. Yes, I requested Detroit so I could go to Michigan games. That and I will be enrolled for grad classes at U of M.


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Has been dancing about his commitment moreso than his running through the defense.  Who knows where he ends up and it may seem like a headcase anyway.  If RR stays and this kid becomes a Wolverine, then great.  If Harbaugh becomes head coach and this kid does not become a Wolverine then I don't give a shit about his future.

Go Blue!

Maize and Blue…

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He took longer than our impatient fan base would have liked to verbal, but he did what was expected.  Now the coach that has been recruiting him for three years is sitting in limbo while an AD that apparently doesn't understand today's youth says nothing and thinks there is going to be no repercussions.  What do you expect him to do especially since he is enrolling early.  Bama isn't even a great fit for him, but at least he doesn't have to worry about the coach he commits to not being there when he arrives days after our bowl game.  Actually with Saban you never know.


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Your post? Read it again. Then read it one more time. Then realize that it's people like you with this crappy attitude of judging a kid you don't even know who's trying to figure out his life for the next 3 or 4 years that's creating a negative image of this fan-base. I boo you, I boo your attitude, and I say kindly refrain from posting stuff like this ever again.


If you ever feel the need to spew this crap, I recommend shutting your computer down and taking a walk to evaluate where your life is at that you feel the need to say hateful stuff about 18 year old kids who are just trying to live their lives and do the best they can for themselves.


And if you're wondering what set me off:

...and this kid does not become a Wolverine then I don't give a shit about his future.