Dantonio, what an obsessed [gentleman]

Submitted by winterblue75 on September 20th, 2011 at 4:01 PM

Dantonio on MSU's OL injury issues " We've got guys on scholarship, and we're not sitting here going into fall camp with 9 guys on scholarship like some people are"

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Just another reason why UM is going to keeping winning these recruiting battles, the overall like-ability of the coaches. Dantonio-Health Issues, Little Brother.... Kelly-Head Asplode Often, Reckless Endagerment of Students, Fickell-Could Potentiall Steal His Players Girlfriends with His Gel-ed Hair and Axe Bodyspray


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I think all this talk of 'fit' stirs up some very interesting observations, so im going to throw my two sense in for the hell of it.  Dantonio is a great fit for MSU, because like everyone I know at MSU hes always trying to point out where hes better than Michigan.  I agree with you all in that Tress wasnt a great fit for the Ohio fanbase, and that many coaches out there are not great fits for their fanbases.  Other coaches that are perfect fits for their schools/fanbases would be Brady-UM, Mack Brown-Texas, Fitzgerald-NU, Bielema-Wisco, Ferentz-Iowa (because both are so boring).  Im also going to throw it out there, one of the best school coach fits I can think of in recent memory has to be RichRod-WVU...he just fit there.


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I agree completely.  It's amazing how whenever their program is criticized, sparties immediately launch into little brother mode with the "we do this better than Michigan" when Michigan isn't even part of the conversation.

An excellent example of this was yesterday afternoon on 97.1 by my least favorite Sparty and radio personality (no not Valenti).  Caputo apprently took exception to Fithian's comment about how MSU never shows up on a national stage, which is mostly true.  Caputo's response to this is, "We showed up when the lights were brightest at Michigan last year and ran them up and down the field"  Michigan wasn't even part of the conversation.