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02/12/2018 - 7:43pm Wickenburg Ranch

I just back back from Phoenix on Saturday, having played Southern Dunes, Wickenburg Ranch, and Estrella. Wickenburg was absolutely stunning. Southern Dunes was fantastic as well. Would highly recommend both. While Estrella was nice, I felt like the other two were a class above.

08/18/2017 - 4:01pm Just leased a 2017 Explorer XLT

Wife and I just leased a 2017 Explorer XLT.  Only real tip I can provide is to look into the Ford Technology Tour.  I don't know if that's going on in your area, but in the SE Michigan area, going to a Ford Technology Tour (rotates to different dealerships) will save you $500 on a purchase or lease.  I showed up, signed in with my email, and left.  A few days later, I receieved my $500 voucher via email and used it on my lease.  It's not a widely advertised promotion so many people are not aware of it.

03/31/2017 - 10:46am Just have to make it to 2PM

Just have to make it to 2PM and it's off to Hilton Head for the week, including the Tuesday practice round at the Masters.

06/24/2016 - 9:21am Fortuitous Timing

Certainly didn't see this vote going the way it did, but fortunately, I moved my 401k holdings from mutual funds to cash when the Dow hit 18k over a week ago.  My biggest question is, should we invest today, Monday, or wait even longer?  If the impact on US markets is a blip, I imagine it would be prudent to get in sooner than later.


Would love some advice from finance saavy mgoblogger, but my strategy at this point is to reinvest in safe dividend-paying blue-ship stocks.  I would mix my investments across various industries of course, but would look for dividends in the range of 2-4%.

05/29/2015 - 5:18pm Spot on.  The Supreme Court

Spot on.  The Supreme Court case of Quill vs North Dakota a few decades is what established "physical presence" as the bright line test for a state's ability to collect sales tax for out of state purchases.  In addition to warehouses and storefronts, sales people or company owned delivery trucks are typically enough to establish the necessary presence.  I spent four years a sales tax analyst with a large wholesaler/retailer, with some form of presence in every continental state.  These sorts of issues came up regularly in audits.

12/04/2014 - 10:58am Apparently Foley and Mullen

Apparently Foley and Mullen are not on good terms.  Florida hiring Mullen was never going to happen.

03/06/2014 - 10:32am I thought that too, until the

I thought that too, until the latest version of bubble watch came out on ESPN.  Before  they played Nebraska, they apparently had no chance of a bid, unless it came via autobid.  After the loss, they certainly have no chance without a BIG tournament championship.  


Their non-conference schedule is rough.  The only two ranked teams they played out of conference (UConn and Cuse) they lost to.  Prior to the Nebraska, their RPI was in the high 80's I believe.

02/18/2014 - 9:56pm Good to know.  Thanks for the

Good to know.  Thanks for the info!

02/18/2014 - 6:23pm Switching to a keg from

Switching to a keg from bottles was the best brewing decision I've ever made.  Bottling wasn't so much the issue as cleaning/sanitizing the bottles was.


Regarding tap handles, I have not seen any Michigan handles, but you may be able to custom order them somewhere.  


Where did you buy the duel tap kegerator?  I am considering whether to build a duel-tap kegerator from a mini-fridge or buy an existing kegerator and swap out the single-tap for a duel-tap tower.  

02/18/2014 - 9:29am It's not a spoiler because

It's not a spoiler because Jon Snows lineage is never revelaed in the show or books.  It is only speculation.  The producers of the show once said that in speaking with Martin, they guessed Jon Snow's identity and he confirmed it was correct.  However, they would not say what their theory was.  Take that for what it's worth.  I wouldn't intentionally spoil such an important part of the series.

02/17/2014 - 9:51pm I started watching True

I started watching True Detective as something to bridge the gap until GoT.  I didn't think it would it be nearly as good as it is.  My theory is about Cohle and Hart is that they have been secretly investigating the murders/conspiracy surrounding the murders to present day.  To go further, I think they never had a true falling out.  It was merely staged for one reason or another, similar to the "firefight" that led to Reggie Ledoux being killed.  Cohle and Hart have been secretly working together all along.

Regarding GoT, I have a theory that Jon Snow is the love child of Rhygar Targarian and Lyana Stark.  The only reason Ned never revealed his identity, was that Robert would have had Jon killed out of spite.  This is the "promise" that Ned made to Lyana on her deathbed.

01/17/2014 - 10:14pm Kellogg Eye Center

As someone who had a very serious eye issue when I was five, I can attest to the quality of the Kellogg Eye Center.  Twenty years later, and I still feel grateful that we have such a high class medical campus only thirty minutes away.

06/21/2013 - 9:48pm Hopnotch IPA

Hopnotch IPA

05/24/2013 - 10:56am They didn't.  It was an

They didn't.  It was an actual play where the player flopped to the court in protest to the ref.  I enjoy that pic because of THJ's reaction of wtf.

04/05/2013 - 10:20am Agreed.  NEVER use Western

Agreed.  NEVER use Western Union when purchasing items.  I have heard nothing but horror stories.

03/15/2013 - 4:58pm I read comments like these

I read comments like these and can't help but to wonder; What the fuck is wrong with people?   

03/15/2013 - 4:55pm I'm sure the team will be

I'm sure the team will be very disappointed to hear that you have better things to do with your time.  

03/15/2013 - 4:50pm Well said.  This comment is

Well said.  This comment is one of the few redeeming ones.  Based on some of these comments I'm ashamed at the very idea one of these kids will more than likely read them.  

03/15/2013 - 4:42pm I feel like the comments on

I feel like the comments on this board have been half frustrated/mostly intelligent and half red-cedar message board quality bullshit.


Fire Beilein?!?! Are you fucking kidding??  Yes, because we'd be so much better off with the likes of Phil Jackson that I'm sure most of the bandwagon fans think we're capable of getting.  Enough of this shit every goddamn time we lose.  


This team is young and they will continue to lose in frustrating ways (is there ever a non-frustrating way to lose?).  Either way I will continue to support them. There is my $0.02.



02/22/2013 - 12:34pm You as well.  I hope you

You as well.  I hope you pass.

02/22/2013 - 10:49am I'm taking Audit on April

I'm taking Audit on April 1st.  I think the order for now is AUD, BEC, REG, and FAR.

02/22/2013 - 8:45am Studying for CPA Exam and
  1. Studying for CPA Exam and shopping for a new golf driver
  2. No
  3. I was in Winston-Salem for work a year or two ago and went to the hotel bar to catch a Michigan-Wisconsin basketball game.  I thought I would have to request the game be turned on, but to my surpise there was a fellow U-M fan already in the bar watching the game.  He also happened to be an MGoBlogger.  
  4. Pepper jack cheese with a little Franks Red Hot on Texas toast
01/10/2013 - 4:47pm I'm not sure that this had a

I'm not sure that this had a whole lot to do with Kelly interviewing with the Eagles.  I think it was Mike Farrell about a month or two ago, who said he would be shocked if Anzalone didn't end up flipping to Florida.  It sounds like this was months in the making.

12/14/2012 - 2:40pm Seriously though it's only a

Seriously though it's only a matter of time until that's an actual quote.  Jemele Hill = Rob Parker in terms of reporting ability/racial profiling.

12/14/2012 - 2:37pm Rob Parker is such an asshat.

Rob Parker is such an asshat.  This is the same guy who asked Marinelli whether he wished his daughter had married a better coordinator.  

Even more insulting than his comments was the completely asinine, yet unsurpising follow up question by Bayless, "What about his braids?"  

You know something is ridiculous and offensive when Stephen A. Smith states on live air that something made him uncomfortable.

Essentially, Parker said if you are a "real" black person, not a "cornball" black person, you must be a democrat, date or marry a black female, and preferably have dreads or braids.  Par for the course for First Take though.

09/19/2012 - 9:23am Not in the minority

If I was a D-1 athlete I would be irritated by the fact that people are making money off of my $90 jersey and $60 video game, but I don't have enough money to go out for a nice dinner.


I would have a hard time arguing.

07/23/2012 - 2:17pm Agreed

Agreed, I'm getting married on a beach in Traverse City in twelve days.  No place like it in my mind.

07/19/2012 - 3:21pm Agreed.  The test is to watch

Agreed.  The test is to watch that overgrown child make an ass of himself, screaming and jumping around a bunch of teenagers, while resisting the urge to chuck the ball straight at his dick.

07/06/2012 - 1:33pm Counting down the time until

Counting down the time until I get out of work for the start of what will hopefully be a great weekend, including my bachelor party tomorrow.  However, golf and a tigers game sounded a lot better before I read the weather report.  High 90's with scattered thunderstorms.

06/29/2012 - 12:38pm Good luck!  I started

Good luck!  I started studying recently and it is truly a grind. 

06/29/2012 - 12:36pm Congrats!  That is excellent

Congrats!  That is excellent news.

06/29/2012 - 12:33pm Went to the preview last

Went to the preview last night.  They provided everything from the food court as well as a carving station with roast beef, salmon, and pulled chicken.  The food alone was worth going.  Gas for $3.33 a gallon at their station didn't hurt either.

06/26/2012 - 6:17pm American Express Costco Card

If you are a Costco member or have any desire to become one, I would highly recommend the American Express Costco Card. 

There is no annual fee other than your $50 Costco membership and it gives very nice rewards.  I currently get 3% on gas, 2% on travel and restaurants, and 1% on everything else.

Also, you get 90 days of accidental damage protection on almost all major electronic purchases and they extend the manufacturers warranty up to an extra year. 

Lastly, their customer service is second to none.  Just my two cents.

06/08/2012 - 1:22pm As a poster stated above,

As a poster stated above, downtown West Dearborn is very nice.  Many cool bars such as Bailey's (my favorite) and good restaurants.  You will have both a nice downtown area and close proximity to your job.  Try this site:


I bought a house in Livonia last year and it is definitely not a renter's haven nor does it have a downtown presence.  It is a very nice city to live and raise a family, but if you are looking for a more upbeat, lively city, I think Dearborn or Royal Oak is a good place to start.  Good luck and congrats!

06/08/2012 - 11:11am Reviewing a mountain of sales

Reviewing a mountain of sales tax returns, which is very exciting.  Tomorrow I'll be playing a round of golf while my fiance is at her wedding shower.  Playing a drinking version of Cards Against Humanity tonight hopefully.  If you haven't played that game and aren't easily offended, I would highly recommend it.

06/06/2012 - 3:06pm I agree.  I like Germany and

I agree.  I like Germany and Spain (bold pick with Spain, I know) to go far, but I am rooting for Germany.  I would be funny to see another France meltdown.  I think Italy will fall flat.

06/01/2012 - 2:44pm I just ordered mine and chose

I just ordered mine and chose tungsten-carbide.  I like the look of the polished grey, and it's extremely durable, not to mention cheap.

06/01/2012 - 2:41pm As BucksFanXC said, even if

As BucksFanXC said, even if you don't care, pretend like you do.  I have been planning my wedding for the last 8 months (Beach wedding in Traverse City in August).  There are many aspects I don't care about as long as the wife-to-be is happy, but I still pretend to care for her sake.  The conversation goes something like this:

Fiance: What do you think about the centerpieces?

Me: Which one do you like?

Fiance: The square ones with the purple flowers.

Me: Perfect, that's the one I like better too.


06/01/2012 - 1:26pm Only if he wears overalls, a

Only if he wears overalls, a plain white beater, and a gold stud in one ear.

06/01/2012 - 1:24pm I bought a house last May and

I bought a house last May and renovated the half-bath with the same stuff you're using. I was a little overwhelmed at first, but once you get moving with the thin-set and laying tiles, it goes suprisingly fast. 


It's amazing how nice it looks when you're done, especially if you install the matching bullnose 3 x 12 in pieces as base trim.  Just be sure to take before and after pics.

05/04/2012 - 2:52pm Sounds the like the student

Sounds the like the student either failed out or dropped out in April 2011, but didn't tell their mom.  Sad situation either way.  Glad my parents knew I was failure from the start.  Set the bar low and you'll never disappoint.

05/02/2012 - 10:38am You lost me at Jason

You lost me at Jason Whitlock.  He makes Drew Sharp look like a professional.  Nevermind, they're both equal assholes.

04/19/2012 - 12:30pm Essentially, it is a nearly

Essentially, it is a nearly finished version of the game that allows gamers to find final bugs and any other necessary tweaks.  Open beta generally means that the public has an opportunity to test, and closed is far more limited in who can test.

04/19/2012 - 12:28pm Thanks for letting us know. 

Thanks for letting us know.  I used to love this series but it seems like it's been a while since the last game was released.

03/14/2012 - 2:11pm Last year, when most analysts

Last year, when most analysts thought the Michigan-Tennessee game was going to be very close.  Then seeing Michigan dominate and forcing people like that douchebag Gottlieb eat his words made it all the better.  (I was only 5 when the Fab Five were at U-M so my experiences consist of the Ellerbe, Amaker, and Belein eras.  Hence the Belein era reigns supreme).

03/13/2012 - 1:18pm +1 for the Caruso reference. 

+1 for the Caruso reference.  That guy is such a tool.

03/12/2012 - 11:24am I wish you would have posted

I wish you would have posted this 10 min ago, before I submitted my work bracket with Kansas as my eventual champion.

03/12/2012 - 11:22am The team that always seems to

The team that always seems to get me in trouble is Georgetown.  Like Wisconsin, they seem to be perpetual tournament under-achievers.

03/05/2012 - 12:02pm Everyone seems to believe

Everyone seems to believe that McCray will commit to U-M on Thursday, and subsequently decommit if OSU offers (and for good reason).  However, is there any consideration given to the theory that he is now completely turned off by Meyer and his lack of belief in McCray?  Just saying, we're assuming he is a flight risk, but that may not be the case.

02/07/2012 - 2:42pm Is it just me or does De'Niro

Is it just me or does De'Niro Laster sound like a Star Wars character.  If he looked like a young Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), it would be icing on the cake.