Space Coyote

October 23rd, 2011 at 12:52 AM ^

Not disagreeing with you, the Big Ten is really down this year, but MSU is the one that is taking the lead.  So give them credit for that.  This excuse that a lot of us Michigan fans use of "well MSU beat 3 of the worst Michigan teams so it doesn't really count" and "well MSU is just winning the weakest Big Ten in history so it doesn't really count" sound ridiculous, sound bitter, and sound a lot like trying to invent a truth to make us fans feel better some how.

I hate both those teams that played, but neither is my team.  My team is Michigan, and I care about Michigan football more than getting bent up about this game.  Yes, I understand the implications this game has on Michigan going forward in hopes of a BCS bowl game.  But I still don't put much stock in to others losing for Michigan to get there.  When Michigan deserves to get there they'll just win the games.  Here's to hoping that season comes soon and to stopping making this lame excuse because Michigan will be winning again.


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I was pulling for Wiscy all the way on this one but you need to give the Sparties credit, they got the job done. Less and less under Dantonio are we seeing 'Sparty, no!' play, or if we are, like last week, they actually pull it out. Coach Dantonio has elevated the level of play over in EL and I feel they are actually 'good'.

I don't know where the conference rates relative to other years, OSU is certainly below expectations, but Wisconsin might be fielding their best squad ever. The national champion won't be coming from the Big Ten this year but I will take Wiscy, MSU, Penn State, Nebraska, 'us', and Iowa against the top 6 against the other major conferences and I think we'd hold our own against most of them.


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I see I'm going to have to do this:

I'm a 2006 LS&A graduate who literally decided at the age of 3 that I was going to go to the University of Michigan because I loved their football team.  I was in the stands for Braylonfest and Woodson's pick, both of which probably rank somewhere in the top 20 moments of my life.  I was also in the stands for Spartan Bob, which is unquestionably one of the 10 worst.  I've posted like 6000 times on Mgoblog since it started counting comments and posted hundreds of times back when it still used Haloscan.  I've never posted on an MSU board on my life.  

Thinking that was clearly a touchdown doesn't make me a state fan, and I can't think of another "yay MSU" post I've made, ever.  


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obscure Michigan facts to prove that I'm a Michigan fan?

I was at Lindenfest in 2005 when it got broken up at like 9:30 because some kid punched a cop.  I took not one but two classes from Hanes Walton, Jr.  At no point did it seem like he had prepared for one of those classes.  I'm still pissed that the liquor store at the corner of South U and South Forest apparently closed, because it carried varieties of Bells that I've never seen anywhere else.  

This is some seriously weak shit.  

Stephen Hawking

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and I was accepted! I'm not sure if it was in spite of him or because of him, but dang it, I was accepted to the program so that's nice. Maybe my other two references were awesome? Idk, but it's a fun debate to have in my head when I'm bored. Hanes Walton Jr. was a defining memory of my UM experience.


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I don't think the refs should make that call. Stick with the call on the field. I didn't see indisputable evidence. Let the teams decide it in OT, not a maybe call on a fluke play. I really think that's a bad call. Maybe they had a different angle, but I don't like it.


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They didn't need a different angle. It was clearly a touchdown. The catch was made. The pile moved. The ball broke the plane. Great angle, no questions. Hail Mary balls always have the chance of that kind of thing happening. That's why you throw them. How can you not think that's a great ending to a great game? If it's cuz you are a homer then just say so but don't pretend otherwise.


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You can't even see the ball on any of the replays. Terrible call because there wasn't indisputable evidence to overturn. All you see is the Wisconsin player's hands. It looked close, but the ball was invisible and therefore they shouldn't have made the call. The ruling on the field should have stood.


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How so? When you don't see the ball it's not indisputable. If the brown "pigskin" of the ball was visible and seen touching the goal line I'd say sure, but in not a single one of those replays do you see even a piece of the ball.


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I just looked at it on my computer again and it still looks too close to overturn. The only angle it looks like it might touch is the diagonal one, but on both straight horizontal angles you don't see the ball and it looks too close to call. Without seeing the ball I just don't see how it's indisputable. I understand how it might have touched, but I just don't think it was indisputable and that's the key distinction that needs to be made. It's not "oh it might have crossed we have to give it to them." The replay needs to be "clear and indisputable" evidence to overturn the call and I don't see.

I watched it on a 47" 1080p TV the first time and the second time on a 20" 720p computer monitor and neither time did it look indisputable. Had it been called TD on the field I wouldn't be saying a word, but on a play that close I think the officials call should have stood.



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You could clearly see half of the ball sticking out as it was pressed to the recivers chest. It breaks the plane when he stands up before the pile pulls him back Maybe this means our loss isnt so bad though and we held them to 10 less points.


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After an exciting win like that, one facebook post from a Sparty high school fried writes "Michigan vs. Notre Dame game of the decade my ass. Go State. Anyone doubt Sparty now?" They still cannot do anything good without referencing Michigan. So...not a lot has changed.

That was a great win, no doubt. But the real question to me is...can they do that again? At a neutral site? I'm still skeptical. But they are clearly the best team in the division, no doubts about that.

Louie C

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The fact still remains that we came back from a three score deficit, and there were three touchdowns scored by both teams within the last 3 min of the game. By comparison, MSU damn near choked the game away and scored on some lucky shit after being held scoreless the entire fourth quarter.  Somebody's inferiority complex is really showing.


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I definitely agree with Louie. While this may be THEIR game of the decade, it doesn't beat a game involving the flagship program in the state, plus another historically famous team, scoring 3 TD's  in the final 1:28 of the game.

All this game really ammounts to is MSU avoiding the most Epic of Sparty NO!'s