Challenge for the Board - Can you remember this obscure play?

Submitted by UMdad on August 3rd, 2012 at 9:55 AM

My brother, dad, and I always refer to one particular play when we talk about tough Michigan football.  We have been bringing it up for years, but for the life of me I have been unable to remember which game it was in order to track down some video of it.  I thought I would toss it out to the board and see just how good you are.  Here is the scenario as I remember it:

Aaron Shea was playing fullback and was a lead blocker on some sort of off tackle or sweep play to the right.  He ended up blocking the end, I think, sliding off and blocking a linebacker, and then plowed over a defensive back as the runner followed him into the endzone.  I remember calling my dad after the play and his first comment was "did you see Shea blocking three guys on that run?"  It is nice to see the flashy runs, great catches, etc. but I have a special love for guys making tough plays like that one. 

This is quite the test, though.  I am asking if anyone remembers one particular play, given a description of a blocker, from almost a decade ago.  What do you have?



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Euchre is quick to play ..... when you have experienced players.  It was/is perfect for the short breaks the line workers take.

I was in the service and Spades was the dominate game.  If you saw a euchre game you knew that those guys/gays were from Michigan or Ohio.




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Same here on the West Coast.  Back home in MI we used to play Euchre tournaments all the time for big money.  Once I moved out here, everyone looked at me like I was crazy when i wanted to play.  I have also found the Euchre can sometimes be a rather difficult game to explain to people.  It's almost as if it's ingrained in your blood if you were born there.


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I knew as soon as I started reading your post what play that was.  I remembered it was against Wisky and even kinda remembered the call and hoopla afterwards about Shea doing the dirty work and Thomas getting the glory.  Great play.


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Anyone have video of John Navarre's longest run at Michigan Stadium? I remember a couple of hilariously long scrambles in the big house but not the opponents.


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That might have been Iowa '02. I remember Navarre having a long run (30 yards?) in an otherwise brutal game.


Found the box score.  It was a 39 yard run, in a game in which Navarre led Michigan with 18 net rushing yards.  He passed for 112 yards.  Like I said, brutal.


The play in question happened on the first drive of the 2nd half.  This is the longest video that I could find of that game: but it doesn't include that play.  It's going to be tough because, for obvious reasons, the videos of that game seem to be put up by Iowa fans, who are reluctant to include a broken play where the lumberingist of lumbering QBs lumbers for 39 yards against their defense.





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I loved that play too, and thanks to WolverineHistorian I've been able to watch it over and over in the comfort of my living room surrounded by beautiful ladies. Plus the first comment solved the riddle!


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you referencing.  I remember it so clearly because it catalyzed my immediate man-crush on Shea to an extent where I scoured the interwebs for an Aaron Shea authentic jersey.  Remembering it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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Those are the kind of plays that get me all warm and tingly.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching Denard in the spread offense... he's one of the most exciting players I can remember... but I definitely won't mind seeing some big ol' fullbacks lead the way for the Michigan power running game I've come to know and love.

The encouraging thing is that Borges seems to like to mix it up.  I doubt we stop recruiting athletic QBs and I could see a Brady/Henson situation down the road where we have different players with different strengths coming into the game to run a variety of formations.