Brian Smith to Rice

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New Rice head coach Mike Bloomgren is hiring Michigan secondary coach Brian Smith as his defensive coordinator and North Carolina Central head coach Jerry Mack (31-15, four seasons, three MEAC titles) to run the Owls' offense.

— Ivan Maisel (@Ivan_Maisel) December 8, 2017



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Joe Danna, whose hiring as assistant secondary coach at Jacksonville coincided with their becoming the #1 pass defense in the NFL, and has connections to Texas for recruiting purposes.


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When you have a dominant Defense year-after-year there will be natural coaching migrations cashing in on their good work.  Key is for Harbaugh and Brown to remain in place because they are the source code.  I suspect Zordich will be gone before long.  Too good to remain just a CB coach.

Mr Miggle

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Most of our assistants alrerady make more than coordinators at schools like Rice. The notable exception on our staff was Brian Smith. At $150K, he was making about half Zordich's pay. Jay Harbaugh at $225K was the next lowest. It seemed strange to me if we were trying to keep him.

Good coaches are going to get poached though. It's not the worst problem to have.


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Congrats to Coach Smith. 

Used to concern me when coaches left, but after coach Harbaugh hired coach Brown to take over defense and the job he's done, I look at it more as a opportunity to bring another good coach in. An opportunity to get better. 


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Looks better than the Carr coaching tree:

That's Brady Hoke.

I'm mostly kidding. There is something to be said for staff stability and Carr brought plenty of other positives to the table. Would've been nice to have had an up-and-coming star on the staff to succeed him, though .....


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Unless he's offered an insane amount of $$ to be a WR coach or he can't find any other work, I don't see him going back down the coaching ladder to take a position coach job.

With Pep Hamilton still in tow, you can't offer Jedd the luxury of a quasi-coordinator thing as that's too many cooks in the kitchen. I'll go so far as to say while Pep is on this staff, Jedd likely isn't. Is that good or bad... i dunno?