Best thing you saw: Week 4

Submitted by mi93 on September 24th, 2017 at 1:32 AM

If you just saw the score of the Michigan game, you'd think, 'hmm, about what I expected' but it was anything but in many respects.  Elsewhere, Ferentz out-Franklin'd Franklin, and Bert out-Sumlin'd Sumlin.  How Kirk and Bert biffed their games with late leads was stunning.  Florida keeps making the win look better, but Georgia is rounding into the class of the SEC East. Big 12 gonna Big 12 - so much for the fighting Pickens.

With that the best of what I saw...

Non-Michigan: Sparty got throttled - though they really Plax'd themselves in the 2nd in what became 14pt swing when it was still a game.  But...the end of the PSU-Iowa game was max entertainment and the best thing I saw.

Michigan: John.  Emer.  Effing.  O'Korn.

I'm still disgusted by the hit that knocked out Speight - it seemed dirty, and the fact it didn't get a flag also chaps my arse.  Coupled with 2 targeting calls, it seemed to be a theme for them on the day.  Regardless, it sure seemed like after the OL got their starting QB maimed, they played a bit more inspired the rest of the game - certainly the blitz pick-ups improved.  I pray Speight will be fine and thank my lucky Harbaughs the back-up was ready to go and performed at that level.

What you got?



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starter last week when he went down. So it was third stringer against a tough, tough UCF squad. Everyone knows how tough they are. I don't see how Penn State eeking out a win at Kinnick puts anyone at ease about playing them. We struggled and lost last year in Iowa, it's tough to play there at night as a ranked team. Saquan is special, he definitely showed me some things yesterday; the game in Happy Valley is going to be huge. As for the Spartans, if there was a team that would use their last breath to spit at us it would be them; do not underestimate the Spartans. It was GREAT to see what JOK could do in Wilton's stead; hopefully Wilt will come back 100 percent but it looks like the team will be okay with John at the helm. Or is it Tiller?


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Both teams looked bad at defense. Soft zone, bend but don't break on both sides. I didn't see much on the staee's offense I was worried about either. Their RBs are pretty good and the interior OL are good. Lewerke was pretty scatter shot and if they try running him against our D much Lewerke is going to get le worked.


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Michigan division: The offense overcoming real (and persistent, and not necessarily fixed) struggles to put the boot to Purdue's throat in the second half. Great throws. Big holes. TDs in the red zone. With the bye week here, it's just what we needed to feel good about the team.

Non-Michigan division: Got to watch football for the better part of the day for the first time. The PSU-Iowa game was fantastic. Saquon Barkley is really, really good. 


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Players improve, things change. We had stopped David Boston every time we had played him, until 1998. OSU had stopped John Navarre every time they had played him, until 2003. 

I expect Barkley to have a productive day against Michigan, because he's a great player. As great as this weekend? I sure hope not, and I think Michigan can limit the damage. But he's going to make plays and get yards. And, to be honest, with the aggressive style Michigan plays, he's probably going to be left one-on-one with someone like McCray and totally burn them for a huge play at least once.

But that doesn't mean that the defense can't otherwise lock down PSU. What will the offense do? That remains to be seen. 

If only there were an example of a Michigan team with a great defense and a suspect offense travelling to Happy Valley as an underdog in a huge game with serious national implications.

Watching From Afar

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Iowa had Jewell on Barkley 1-on-1 a few times, especially late, and Jewell couldn't quite wrangle him down. He did get the best of Barkley a few times though.

Is Bush really going to be checking Barkley? Wouldn't it more likely be a combo of McCray and Bush at times? Concerning because McCray defintely isn't great on he edge and Barkley is a whole different animal. Gesicki is a match up problem and so is Barkley and that would seem to be some combo of McCray, Bush, and Hudson on those 2.


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Can't remember a RB doing much against us with Don Brown. The last time we got burned on the ground was against Ezekiel Elliott in 2015 or Jordan Howard the week before but we had DL injuries. I think that we aren't going to get gashed with Bush, Winovich, Hurst, Gary and a suspect PSU OL. He may get some big plays like he had 1-2 last year against us.


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John O'Korn.  I can't believe that was the same guy who looked completely flustered against Indiana last season.  He carried the offense today.




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John OKorn has credited Pep Hamilton with coming in and restoring his confidence. JOK has the physical talent he showed as a freshman but you have to have a TON of confidence to throw that ball into the middle of a defense and trust that your receiver is going to get there and catch it. Way to go Pep and John OKorn!

Go Blue! no boo


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John Okorn and execution on offense. As we develop a passing game it will back guys out of the box and make things easier on the line and open up the running game. If okorn makes decisions to run a little quicker he can kill teams. I see a Michigan team that will become much more dominant on the scoreboard moving forward.

For the record purdue is a dirty team and has the whinyest coach in the big ten. The guy spent ten minutes yelling at the line judge. Line judge broh, he does not call pass interference asshole. Purdue got away with murder on the late hit on Speight, but I think did us a favor. I like Speight as a person and am sure he is allright, but OKorn is the better QB and should start the rest of the year. Peters played one play but man that kid just looks the part.


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I chuckle whenever I see Michigan fans complaining about coaches whining towards refs on a sideline as if the rest of the country doesn’t say the same thing about our know the one coach in the country that managed to get a Tech on a football field in a crucial game against OSU while having a dedicated coaching cam on ESPN.

Harbaugh has turned it down this year. He’s not nearly as tantrum prone, which is a good thing imo


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Purdue was 0-for-12 on third downs, punted 11 times, barely moved at all in the second half. For a team that lost seven defensive players in the first four rounds of the last draft, Michigan has itself a Defense.

Saquon Barkley has everything you could want in a running back. He'd have my Heisman vote right now if I had one. I think he's a top-three pick next year and October 21 is that Defense's biggest test this season.

They lost, and it's not week 4 college football, but the 49ers' Pierre Garcon had this catch (initially called incomplete) on the sidelines where he defied several of Newton's laws.

Repeating myself, but pretty much anything Devin Bush did today.