Auburn Site Claims Derrick Green Is An Auburn Lean

Submitted by MGoVoldemort on January 9th, 2013 at 8:50 AM Apparently there is a lot of talk on Auburn message boards by their mods that Derrick Green is an Auburn lean. That apparently makes a great deal of sense to them right now. A day after he says Michigan is leading and Coach Hoke is his favorite coach, he then says he knows where he is going. If that doesn't sound like an Auburn lean, I don't know what does. They obviously are in the Garrison Keillor school of "looking reality straight in the eye and denying it".



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Let's not make fun of this, because as we all know, anything is possible. This would suck if it turned out to be true and then we would all look like idiots for calling Auburn fans stupid.


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Hey guys.... Derrick Green is a Toledo lean.  Seriously!





There.  Now there is a website claiming that Green is a Toledo lean.  Let's see if the Auburn site starts to melt down.


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U. of Toledo, we'll fight for you 
(Fight! Fight! Fight!) 
U. of Toledo, we love your gold and blue. 
(Fight! Fight! Fight!) 
Men of the Varsity, the enemy must yield 
We'll fight like our ancestors 
And march on down the field. 
Oh you weren't being serious? dang atleast we still have Fluellen and Reedy.

Mr. Rager

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I'm not worried, at all.  Auburn might find a booster or two to come to the table to pursuade the kid - but I would be shocked if he took it and committed there.  He has a good family, the BEST work ethic among the top recruits, and thus a good head on his shoulders.  He knows it is about "the next 40 years, not just the next 4".  

I mean.. you referenced twitter for crying out loud.  


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The only thread I have ever created on this site was to relay that Jordan Diamond had eliminated Auburn and was down to M and Arkansas. That info came from a Brian Cook approved source who was helping Diamond personally with his recruiting. Turns out Diamond surprised everyone, including my source, and committed to Auburn days later. IIRC they also surprised by getting Kozan who was an M lean. These things happen.


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Sounds like you're setting yourself up for a meltdown in the event he doesn't go Blue.  I would be happy to have him, but if Auburn gets him (or Tennessee, or FSU) the world will go on and I'll still be stoked for the future of Michigan football. 


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So if Green goes War Eagle, how long are the daughters grounded?

We all (those participating in this thread) enjoy recruiting, that's why we're here, obviously.  It's just that recruiting may be the least predictable thing on earth and to say anything with confidence is foolish.  Recruits say all the right things to appease fan bases and then make decisions that may seem 180 degrees from what they've been saying publicly.  Just trying tohelp maintain your sanity in the event that Green makes what we'll all describe as an incomprehensible decision. 


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Michigan recruiting" at least qualifies as an activity. 

A man with a wife and 3 kids (and I'm speaking from experience) gets little "me" time. If one chooses to use that little time to follow UM recruiting I will not judge.


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My children and wife know my compulsion (addiction?) for following Michigan sports. At least they tolerate it. It is free (relatively) and while they would prefer I do something else, it is one little sliver of life I choose for myself. Thankfully.


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I mean it's perfectly possible that he goes to Auburn. But I've got to think that the Auburn info is off considering all the very recent positive comments about UM, and the fact that he stated multiple times UM is the leader and he knows where he's going. Plus he wouldn't want to crush the little kids dreams whose flag he signed with the other UM commits at the AA game, would he?


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In this twitter account they added a blue "verification" check mark to the background to make themselves look official. Who ever runs this twitter account must be one sad/messed up individual.

And to think Green would choose Auburn is ridiculous. He had said that he does no want to play in a spread and nobody seems to be talking about Auburn as much as Michigan and Tenn.