2014 MBB Commit DJ Wilson - New Highlight Video

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on April 2nd, 2014 at 9:07 AM

He's a consensus 3* and ranked #135 in the country according to Rivals, but this highlight video just oozes potential. I'm no rankings guru, but he seems fairly underrated to the untrained eye. I think he may be headed for a redshirt year given his weight (or lack thereof) and the depth at the 4/5 (assuming McGary returns), but I'm really excited to see him play.



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but I have seen a Beilein quote that he first thing he determines is if they can shoot. He obviously knows how to get shooters.

That young man has some hops. Can't wait to see him on the court.


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He is going to be a great Bieline recruit downt he road.  They will try to redshirt him but if McGary leaves, it may be difficult to keep him on the bench ala Levert.


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These kids coming these past couple years and beyond have great opportunities to come in and earn legit playing time with how we've been sending guys to the league.


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show much in this highlight video, but he's got a reputation for being great in catch-and-shoot situations too.  That makes him just about perfect to play the 4 in Beilein's offense.  Think of all the open corner looks that GR3 got this year, but with a better shooter there.  A redshirt would be ideal, just to add weight.  High ceiling for him if he can put on 15-20 pounds.


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I know Beilein has had a few recruiting misses but I can't help but feel every lower ranked kid he brings in is underrated.  This is just my opinion but I think Wilson has the highest ceiling of any kid JB has signed at UM.  He is 6'9" with extremely long arms and a beautiful jump shot.  He is a very good shot blocker, has a strong handle for a kid his size and has shown a vastly improved post game over the last year.  I know we missed on a few of the top recruits in this class but I think Wilson and Chatman both have a chance to be future pros.


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that would be very impressive considering the current pros beilein has recruited as well as the guys likely jumping to pros in near future.  not saying it cant happen but that kid will need to win league or national player of the year and then jump to the nba to reach higher ceiling than current/former beilein players


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I haven't seen any film on DJ until this. Color me impressed. We have been needing a guy that is very aggressive at the rim. Mitch obviously is pretty aggressive underneath, but a kid with DJ's athleticism looks really exciting.


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With the sheer amount of High school basketball players, to be the 135 best player in the country is not that bad in my opinion.  Our coaches have proven that they can develop talent, and this kid looks like he has some good skill and tons of potential.  I knew before Nik Stauskas stepped on the court here that he would be a player.  Sometimes you can just see that "it" factor that guys have no matter the ranking.


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he's got a strong midrange shot(pau) and good strength(marc). Shorter than the gasols which could force him to get smarter with his game. Favorite move currently seems to be muscle, muscle, dunk. In the B1G those moves are likely getting swatted. Ricky Doyle is a +1 as far as names go.  Let's hope Mich has the luxury to RS him like Donnal. Love the idea of the other two frosh getting some burn, though.


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- He finishes as a top 100 recruit to Rivals when all is said and done

- He does not redshirt, has a Caris Levert-esque freshman year

- He gets bulked up ala Caris Levert in the offseason between freshman and sophomore year

He is the stretch 4 Caris Levert.  


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The Rivals rankings haven't been updated since September, so we'll see where Wilson is ranked when they put out their final 2014 rankings in the next couple of weeks. Sam Webb has said that he's been told there's a good chance that Wilson will move into Scout's top 100 when their rankings are updated. Could be another Beilein late riser/underrated prospect.


April 2nd, 2014 at 10:04 AM ^

My imagination, or does it seem like he throws that ball into the basket rather than jams down on the rim.  Great idea, especially in practice, if you don't want to risk injury. 

Shot blocking - yes.  We definitely need just a little fear of blocked shots in our D.


April 2nd, 2014 at 6:51 PM ^

That same rule prevented me from dunking during the game. It had nothing at all to do with my 18" vertical jump on a 6'4" frame. It was the rules dammit, the rules that made it impossible for me to dunk. :)


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IMHO, he's going to be a very good player for Beilein. He doesn't even seem to be going 100% in some of those highlights and still makes the game look easy.


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All he needs is a bit more weight...


And a few more inches on the hair to get to full Kid 'n' Play.  I want it to be announced  "6'9 - 7'3 with the afro...DJ Wilson"