OT - Emmanuel Mudiay getting 1.2 mil to play 1 year in China

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Wow! Really really hope this doesn't hurt college hoops.



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I kinda hope it does.  If the international teams can pay more than the boosters and handlers in college it may clean up the college game better than the NCAA ever could.  Would get rid of the 1 and done if you can make a million dollars instead of going to classes you don't care about for 1 semester.


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Jennings signed for approximately $333,000 a year (3y, $1M guaranteed).  The PF you referenced, Jeremy Tyler, signed for $140,000.  Mudiay is getting about 2.5 times as much as they did.  This is a little different from those two signings.  If Mudiay goes in the top three, I think you see some guys think about it.


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If you can get paid I believe you should, but I just don't believe it will make a ton of guys skip college. Some players don't even want to go to college far away from their homes yet alone across the world


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know anything about the quality of coaching/opponents in China, but Europe can offer some really good development.  If a HS star signs with a high-level pro team in Europe, he'll be playing against Europe's best players, plus guys who just barely missed the cut in the NBA (the Josh Childresses of the world).  Off of the top of my head, two NBA teams hired European coaches in different roles this offseason.  Hard to say the coaching isn't as good when the general basketball fan knows nothing of the coaches in Europe.

Mr Miggle

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gone straight to the NBA. I don't think that was a time free from shady dealings in the college game. If you were to take the top 20 players off the table, wouldn't college programs and their boosters want the next 20 just as much? Probably even more, since they're less likely to be one and done.

CRISPed in the DIAG

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As much as I'd like to see elite college MBB stay four years, I'm ok with one and done.  I'm in the minority on this board becasue I prefer watching NBA talent.  And I'm cool with watching NBA talent play in *college* - even if for a year or two.

I do NOT prefer watching replays of the Duke/Butler championship in 2010.  My eyes only recently stopped bleeding (and yes I know Butler clanged a shot that could have upset Duke...lots of shots clanged...).


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but your attitude is the problem.  You admit that your prefer NBA basketball and that you enjoy watching the next group of superstars play a year or 2 in college basketball. And I appreciate your honesty.  But that is exactly what worsens the college basketball experience for the rest of us.  Your position, of course, mirrors that of the NBA--letting high schoolers jump directly to the NBA proved too big of a crapshoot for the NBA (insert countless examples)--but instead having them hone their craft and sort the wheat from the shaft is a win-win-win for the NBA.  

There are better and fairer examples out there--football and baseball being 2.

CRISPed in the DIAG

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Not sure what you mean about my attitude. But, ok.  Also confused by the *better and fairer examples* being football and baseball.  Baseball actually allows its players to earn a living straight out of high school, albeit in a minor league system.  Football doesn't.  And actually requires an additional year of servitude in the NCAA, compared with college BB.  Generally, I prefer the professional versions of these sports, as well. Generally. 

Again, I'd love for college basketball players to hang out and play for my laundry for a few years, maybe even earn degrees.  That said, I can appreciate elite players : 1) wanting to get paid if they are able, 2) getting opportunities to develop against better competition.  Furthermore, going to college/staying in college in no predictor for success or even continued employment (insert countless examples here).  

I went to a handful of Duke games this year.  They were more enjoyable with Jabari Parker.  But since he's good at basketball, he has a right to get paid for it.  So I'll enjoy him in the NBA.  This isn't hard.


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I "kinda hope it does," but because I feel that boosters should be allowed to pay players and players should get SAG/AFTRA scale for all TV time.  

Boosters paying players is only "dirty" because the NCAA doesn't allow it.  When the NCAA stops stealing money from the people who make it for them, boosters who pay players will be seen as a positive instead of as "dirty." 

Current NCAA "enforcement" doesn't work because the rules don't work and are inherently criminal.  The only way to "clean up the college game" is to clean up the people who have decided that the NCAA has a license to steal.

Gucci Mane

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This is double what Jennings got. If these type of contracts become the norm for top 10 caliber players, then maybe it will hurt Kentucky, Florida, unc, uconn ect. And no it won't hurt duke becuAse white guys and uncle toms will still go there.

turd ferguson

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Interesting.  I don't know anything about the coaches he's signing up with, but I'd be surprised if a year with Larry Brown wouldn't ultimately be worth at least that much (in the long run) for an NBA prospect like him.


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Not necessarily. Athletic performance income is treated as a professional service, which is taxed lower than employment income. Depends on how long he'll be in China, where the checks will be cut, and whether the tax authority decides his income is excessive. But he could face a tax rate of 20% after deductions. 

I've worked there and had to look into this a while ago, and eventually pay someone to figure it out for me. 

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The money is great, but then you have to live in China. A lot of the top women's players play in China during the WNBA offseason and it is very lonely, isolated, a strange culture and everything is in Chinese. Not the easiest thing to do, and also very hard to stay in tip-top shape when the only familiar food is McDonalds and Pizza.


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I didn't see it posted - here's the CBS article on this very thing (LINK).

He shall be playing for the Guangdon Southern Tigers, according to this, and it might not hurt his chances of coming back here if he does well - Gary Parrish is saying that he is a consensus Top 10 pick for the 2015 NBA Draft all the same right now. 

Here's the interesting tidbit, albeit a bit offtopic for purposes of this thread:

But multiple sources told CBSSports.com that Mudiay's actual motivation for bypassing a year in the AAC is rooted in the fact that he was facing eligibility concerns -- both amatuerism concerns and eligibility concerns -- and that the odds of the 6-foot-5 guard ever being cleared for freshman eligibility were slim, at best, mostly because he spent two years at Prime Prep Academy, which a source told CBSSports.com has never actually had a class accepted by the NCAA for the purposes of initial eligibilty.

Jehu the Damaja

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Good ol Prime Prep. The local sports radio station interviewed Deion last week and asked him whether it was true, and Deion said absolutely not, it was because he was tired of watching his single mother struggle so much financially. I would think if his grades were the only issue, he could just go somewhere like Arizona St.where everyone gets accepted, and be in the NBA in a year like he planned anyway. Rather than going to play way the hell over in China.


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I think he referenced wanting to make some money for his mom (who is struggling presumably). I don't see much more risk in playing 1 year in China than 1 year in college except for the difference in coaching and I doubt coaching makes much of a difference for a 1-and-done guy like this