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In an announcement at Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center, Derrick Green, the top running back in the country according to Rivals, just announced that he will attend the University of Michigan over Auburn and Tennessee.  Welcome Derrick!  Green Go Blue!!!!!


m goblue

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Yesterday he tweeted "imma shock the world!" referring to his commitment so when he went over to move the overhead projecter I was expecting him to commit to some random school no one was expecting.  Naturally I bust out a tiger woods fist pump.  Needless to say I got a few stares from the people around me in the grad library.


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We have some brave souls here who go over there, read, and report the 2 or 3 items per year that are worth repeating and can be repeated in public. Don't subject yourself to RCMB.


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When asked about the committment of D. Green...


"Ya know, um, Derrick is a guy that we believe can, uh, do a lot of things for the football team."

"So would you say he's the frontrunner for the starting job."

"Well, I think he's a football player, and he's gon' be a good player for Michigan."


Bank it lol.


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Michigan was rumored to be heavily in the mix for arguably the best RB prospect and best WR prospect in the country. Both guys had high national profiles, lots of SEC attention and no interest in doing the low-key, early commitment that Hoke and crew seem to prefer. The fact that we ended up with 1 of the 2 is a success in my book. 2-3 years ago, there's no way we're seriously in play for guys the caliber of either Green or Treadwell.

The way this staff recruits, I think we just need to show some more progress in terms of win/loss record over the next couple of years and we should be much more in the mix for the Alabama-esque 5 star recruits that haven't been giving Michigan the time of day over the last few years.

Overall, getting Green to close out this class is a big exclamation point to some awesome work by Hoke and his staff. Hopefully this gives us some momentum with the big recruits we're chasing in the 2014 class.


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Mark Dantonio laughs at your comments.  Michigan only landed the best RB in America......Dantonio has his sights set a wee bit higher than that my friend.


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Work hard in the offseason so the first carry of 2013 goes like this:

"Gardner hands to Green off left tackle, there's a hole, Green stiff arms Jones at the 35, he bounces it outside, down the sideline goes Green, they won't catch him, he's at the 30, 20, 10, its a touchdown, and everybody say hello to Derrick Green!"

The Barwis Effect

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Moorhead, Donald QB 1970 v Sr. 6-2 199 South Haven MI L. C. Mohr


Murray, Vada FS 1990 v Sr. 6-3 193 Cincinnati OH Moeller


Vidmer, Richard QB 1967 v Sr. 6-1 183 Greensburg PA Hempfield


Wilcher, Thomas TB 1986 v Sr. 5-10 188 Detroit MI Central



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The best one of the day: 

"Him picking scUM should tell you how badly he wanted to be a Buckeye, IMO.  Things don't always work out the way they "should", but that's life.  Best of luck to him."

Classic 11W

the Glove

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Sadly, I've been busy texting all of my acquaintances that are fans of the teams I hate. It's so worth listening to their reasoning of why he picked Michigan.


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He supposedly wears #27 because of Eddie George.   Here's to watching that number in maize and blue running wild on the buckeyes for the next few years.


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Welcome to the Michigan family DG!  Get your head down, listen to your coaches.  Listen to your teammates, especially the seniors.  


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It's been a while since we had a skull-crushing back. Now we have 2 in this class running behind an equally merciless OL....it's going to be like the late 80's/early90's ....only this time M beats the tar out of ND


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The funniest part is ohio fans saying they passed on Green after getting Elliot because Elliot is so much better. Green was one of the most thorough recruits I've seen in regards to looking for the right fit and ohio only had the fact that he was an eddie george fan on their side.  Comparing the two Green plays in a state loaded with top end talent while Elliot plays in my home state and city where d1 talent doesn't exactly grow on trees. Throw in the fact that Elliot plays for a small school in Missouri division 2 (the second smallest division in MO) and you have to take his stats with a large grain of salt because the level of competition Elliot has faced is weak where as Green has seen stiffer competition.

Only time will tell who is better but right now I think we got the better end of this one. 

The Barwis Effect

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33 Davis, Russell FB 1978 v Sr. 6-1 215 Woodbridge VA




Minor, Brandon

RB 2009 _ Sr. 6-1 218 Richmond VA



1 Terrell, David WR 2000 v Jr. 6-3 208 Richmond VA Huguenot


5 Whitley, James CB 2000 _ Sr. 5-11 188 Norfolk VA Norview