OT: Zeke Pike ejected at 7 on 7 tourney

Submitted by The Baughz on April 10th, 2011 at 2:05 PM

My twitter account has been blowing up about Zeke Pike getting thrown out of a 7 on 7 tourney for throwing a ball at an official. I first saw it on Bruce Feldman's twitter page. This is not good coming from a highly touted recruit. I dont know the whole extent of the story, so Im not going to divulge into at all, but I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Again, I do not want to speculate about an 18 year old kid who I do not know anything about except that he is one of the nation's top high school qbs. Just thought Id inform you guys and see what you think about this whole situation.






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But it was a Hockey East ref, so odds are it was a bullshit call.

Either way, let's definitely jump to conclusions on this.  Why wait for the facts?


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This is MGoBlog, where we aimlessly speculate about things we don't have the answer to because we have nothing better to do. I don't know how you missed this memo, it's a recurring theme here.


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The 1st team defense looked impressive yesterday during the scrimmage.  The 2nd team needs a lot of work.  Over the course of the coaches clinic the last three days, I thought the defense was in a little trouble, but they did not let the 1st offense score.  Martin looked great and Carvin Johnson was extremely impressive.


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they can be REALLY full of themselves (coughJimJoycecough), so this may be nothing. It may be that Pike tossed the ball to the ref after a good or bad play, and it had a dash of pepper on it, and the ref decided he wanted to feel important.


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I feel for Jim Joyce man, he knows he fucked up. He cried right after he knew he made a mistake, and was man enough to admit it immediately afterwards. I wouldn't use him as an example of a ref that is full of himself. Hightower on the other hand....


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Kansas City quarterback Elvis Grbac remembered a story this past week that encapsulated Denver Coach Mike Shanahan, perhaps the smartest and most talented, yet most ruthless, head coach in the National Football League.

It was 1994 and Shanahan and Grbac were both with the San Francisco 49ers. Shanahan, the offensive coordinator, was working with Grbac before a game against Oakland. Shanahan had spent just over one season as coach of the Raiders before being dismissed by the owner, Al Davis. The breakup was bitter, and the two men despised each other, mainly because of a dispute over back pay.

Davis, as he does before almost every game, was walking the field, talking to players and others. Shanahan pulled Grbac aside, Grbac recalled, and gave an unusual order: ''See Al Davis over there? I want you to throw the ball right at him.''

A shocked Grbac replied: ''I can't do that. If I hit him, do you know what he could do to me?''

Shanahan looked at Grbac with his intense glare and said, ''Throw the ball.''

So Grbac did. He threw a tight, hard spiral some 30 yards directly at the head of Davis. At the last second, Davis saw it and ducked, the ball missing him by only a few inches. Davis, his hair ruffled, then made an obscene gesture at Shanahan, witnessed by a former Raiders coach who confirmed Grbac's story.


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probably because he's a pissed off 17 yr old under a lot of pressure at a camp. whether he goes to michigan or not, he'll probably grow up and stop doing that.

or he'll be spending a lot of time on the bench somewhere


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I saw on his facebook and he said.. it was completely blown out of proportion. Thats just how media is today and we let our minds wander.. This kid is a hell of a quarterback and I cant wait to get him on campus and wearing that winged helmet.. Go Blue.


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As someone who has been ejected from a HS sporting event everyone should cool it until more information comes out. We shouldn't condem or excuse this act until more info comes out. We've all been pissed at a ref before and we can sympathise with the feeling but that doesn't mean the rumor is true. Also, as someone who likes athletes with fire and passion I don't know if I'd like this story to be true or to not be.

BTW, my ejection was total shit. I was in a water polo match and had just been substituted since I'd played 80% of that game (roation just like basketball) and I needed a breather before the final 4 minutes. I played basically the equivalent of a basketball center on defense and a PG on offense (like soccer in that the whole team shuffles up and down without shifting spots). I told my sub to watch for a specific move the opponent makes and sure enough the first time down he makes the moves and scored. I yelled something like "Bull Shit, Come on Matt" and jumped off the bench. I was the only one on the back bench, for some reason all the players who don't play sit on the first bench making the starters and rotation guys climb to the back, and when I jumped the bench flipped. The official on the far side of the pool automatically assumed I kicked the heavy wooden bench which would destroy my foot even though she saw nothing because she was giving the scorer's numbers to the scoring table where both my parents were working (and were looking at her as the bench flipped). I got tossed and we lost the game by 1 goal (and my substiute was burned time and time again thoughout the final 4 minutes). At first my coach thought I did it (I have a competitive temper) but fortunantly for me one of the players that I hated on my team actually turned around after the goal and saw I didn't touch the bench and my coach believed him.

The worst part was after the game the official wouldn't let me get a single word in and told me I was going to be banned for 3 more games. When my coach tried to talk to her she banned him for the next 3 games as well even though he is an incredibly nice guy who has never raised his voice or sworn at anyone ever. However, later we turned in a tape from the game recorded from the stands and it's clear I didn't touch the bench. The official was suspended for the rest of the year (becuase she turned in a 3 match ban for me and my coach instead of just hearing us out) but we still lost the match which cost us the final state playoff spot. Still not over it 5 years later. Damn officials!