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10/12/2017 - 11:00am Root for Poland

Watch Mexico with intrest, and expect Germany to do what it does/can do.

Otherwise, just find myself watching some random game that I have very little interst or knowledge of the teams/players; but thoroughly enjoy how hard they are playing to represent their country in this great tournament.


Go Blue!

10/11/2017 - 2:28pm Wrong league?

That sounds like an AYSO set up here locally, play a bunch of games but have no clue what is going on because a parent coach is running the team and they just watched a 149 page powerpoint presentation on soccer but know nothing else.  Speaking on my own local experience here... I know this isn't a fact everywhere.

Please don't give up on soccer, just look for another option.  A club, with a developmental program for the youth/beginners.  Yes you are out there to have fun kid, but hey, this is how to do a thrown in, a goal kick, a kick off, etc.  Nothing wrong with learning the basics and rules, while also having fun with friends.

Good luck finding the right program, great sport... my kids really enjoy it, and have made some great friends through it.  Although, that is not mutually exclusive to soccer... any sport it better than no sport in my opinon.

Go Blue!


10/11/2017 - 2:16pm Disappointed but not surprised...
That performance looked like a bunch of hung over "individuals" that never met one another decided to get together for a pick-up game.  We can't make it out of this qualifier, we don't deserve to move on to the WC and get stomped by Germany.
Are we that out of shape, or just don't care enough to run down the ball in the last 15-20 minutes of a sudden death game... no one taking the challenge of driving into the box or fighting of the 50/50 balls (yes Yedlin was moving up, but was gassed, yes CP was doing all he could by himself to attack).  A bunch of lazy passes, poor defensive effort and piss poor recovery after turning over the ball.  If Gonzales is the best guy we can find for that position... our options must be really poor (or we need someone else deciding what talent we bring in), because he looks lost back there half the time, doesn't know what to do with the ball, who to mark, when to attack the ball, etc.  
Are none of these players worth giving a shot to?  I hope we seriously take a look at the hungry young talent out there, and see who wants it the most and give them a shot.  If we lost last night and you could see maximum effort that would be one thing.  I think what is infuriating to many (at least my soccer crowd that was blowing up FB last night) was the effort that was displayed, as a team effort if that’s the best they could do... I don't want to see that representing the US in the WC, we'd get smoked.
"Are you going to continue to be a bunch of soft, underperforming, tattooed millionaires?"
Welp, I guess so... And I can't typically stand listening to Lalas, but he called it right on that one.
Very disappointing, thanks for bringing up the topic... you aren't the only one in pain this week my blogger friend!
09/26/2017 - 4:05pm Thanks

For straightening me out...  Peters it is then, hope he has a good grasp of the playbook incase he's needed.

09/26/2017 - 3:11pm Assuming Speight is out for a few weeks...

Question for the field...

Who's coming in if O'Korn loses his helmet for a play? Or, gets the wind knocked out of him for play or two?  Is it Peters no matter what, or would we have Genty take a snap or two to evaluate the situation on O'Korn.  Or just burn the redshirt?

Any speculation as to how much of the play book Peters should know by now?

Just thinking down the road two weeks expecting some extremely late, hard hits on the QB.

Hopefully none of thie will come into play, but I always like to have a plan A, B, and C... and curious what you thought the coaches would be?


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03/31/2017 - 2:04pm The Milk Nazi

My wife and I ended up referring to the one (probably well intended) lactation specialist as the Milk Nazi!  She was VERY strong with her opinion on the benefits of breast feeding.

We started with twins, after a half day of labor, and then a C-section for the two little dudes to come out.  Then it was on for my wife after that all day battle to suddenly become successful at something she has never done before, get these two boys to nurse.  One was great at it the other was not... so she breast fed, and pumped for 6 months... then we supplemented with formula, it just became too much.

Our two daughters 3 years and 6 years later... both nursed no problems, for over a year each.

To your point, do what works for you / your wife... everyone will have an opinion, but you two have to survive the process.

I'm sorry I didnt' join in on the original discussion... great memories, becomming a Dad was and is an Awsome experience!  And brought my respect/appreciation for my wife to an all new level!

Go Blue


01/30/2017 - 6:14pm Prefer the no Politics at least on this website
I don't post often, I do login and read frequently...
There are some very intelligent and funny folks that run and comment on this Michigan sports blog; and I do enjoy the thoughts and opinions they have on the future of Michigan Athletics.
However, honestly I don't give a crap what anyone’s political points of view are; nor do I want to read about them on one of the few sports sites I make time to check daily.  I get plastered with enough of that hate and discontent "everywhere else" and it didn't just start in the last few weeks.
So, let's enjoy each other’s company, and try to keep from dividing what has brought us all to this one sanctuary in the first place a common love for U of M sports.
Go Blue!
05/28/2015 - 4:27pm Couple of options...

These clubs seem to blow up, and merge every so often... is it possible that a new club will form locally from those kids that don't join the Premier option? I've seen club realignments in many cities that I’m familiar with, so that may be an option also. You probably aren't the family that's not overly excited about this plan, I’d ask around and something else may be in the works...

Another option if Rec is the only possibility, play your child up an age group if that is possible (as long as you don't feel he isn't physically capable). There are other challenges and growth opportunities that your son could work on by trying to keep up with faster kids, or working on ball distribution and making his teammates better... taking on a leadership role.

Maybe the second option would fill for a season until someone could reorganize a club group in your area, or for you both to reevaluate his passion and commitment to moving on to more of a full time travel option.

We are in a similar boat where I live, none of our league games this spring are in our city (have to travel an hour and fifteen minutes) to our closest double header weekend. All tournaments are the same distance except for our end of the year blow out tournament. It's worth it for my twin 12 year olds... but I don't know how we will handle it if my 9 year old daughter steps up from developmental to travel in the fall...

Most importantly, it needs to be fun, if he isn't pulling you along with his passion then maybe you should slow down a bit.

Good Luck, see you on the pitch!

… and Go Blue!

03/11/2015 - 2:20pm

I don't know how accurate this is state to state it is fairly accurate out here for my twin boys U12 age group... not everything is included out here at least.  But it looks to point to a few clubs in Michigan that would be on top so to say.

I was just looking at the age group my boys are in, but it's pretty easy to navigate/change.


It appears to also represent Indiana fairly well from what I know of the Ft. Wayne area.

Maybe someone else could expand on this tool if they have more information on this site...



Go Blue!

02/25/2014 - 12:27pm Sean Lee type...

I'm expecting a Sean Lee type of performer out of the Jake Ryan move... tackles being made side line to side line and right up the gut.  Sean was all over the damn field.... I'm hopefully optimistic on this move and expect we'll find a fine replacement for Ryan's old spot.

02/11/2014 - 3:45pm Not Smart...

Smart certainly shouldn't have reacted the way he did, and probably realizes this by now because it hurt him more that the jerk in the stands.  And unfortunately for Smart "fans" aka "assholes in the stands" will probably go out of their way now to verbally get under his skin even more now.

As a parent with younger children this is certainly a side of "live" events that I don't care to deal with.  I understand that you paid for your ticket and you feel that your entitled to "yell, bark, scream" whatever you want at the other team... but more often than not, you look like a tool in doing so; and it has "zero" impact on the participants.

I think there is plenty of room to cheer for your own team positively without having to look like a moron in the stands in front of a mixed group of fans that may include children or just "others" that don't want to hear your "negative banter".  One glimpse at what's wrong with a certain segment of society can be a snapshot of any of these events where the "fans" feel that they have a right to say or do darn near whatever they want without having any ramifications for their actions.

I really don't care about Smart beyond this incident... but I do care for "sport" in general and feel that "fans" are frequently out of line.  And the "vulgar" chants that get tossed around at sporting events that you can reasonably expect children to be at are an example of this.

Have fun with Sport, it's a part of sound mind and body... be better than the rest don't just talk about it.

Go Blue!

01/08/2014 - 10:11pm Sweet!

Excited to see what he can do with our young talent.  I wonder how he will do with recruiting, seems to have a diverse background to talk about with prospective recruits. 

Good Luck Coach, Welcome Aboard!


Go Blue!

01/08/2014 - 5:29pm Excited to see who we land...

Really hate to see anyone get fired... but I know AL is a big boy and will land on his feet.

I'm excited to see what this change brings and hope it's just the spark needed to get the program back on top!

Hopefully, the O can get enough time to digest the new playbook before next season... I wonder how far of a deviaton Hoke will be looking for from what was in the playbook this year.


Go Blue!

01/08/2014 - 12:12pm Internal Focus...

As a Michigan Fan, a sports fan, and an athlete... I always want to beat the best at their best. No excuses. If we truly think that one coach leaving is all it will take for Michigan to beat a rival I think that is pretty pathetic. And I don't think anyone inside the program would be thinking that way or appreciate selling them so short on the field.

I mean really are some of us suggesting "Man if we could just get rid of MSU's Defensive Coordinator we could beat them again, and that would be awesome!"

Not the way I view sports, and I don't think we ever should... I want to beat you on the field on your best day, and my preparation was better and that's why I won... nothing less.  If I don't win, that's on me and my preperation... I worry about myself not the other guys.

Get some more reps in boys, put on some muscle and go out there and beat the best.

Go Blue!


01/07/2014 - 12:35pm And it won't be found for a while my friend...

As the father of twin 11 year old boys, also an 8 and 5 year old daughter you will gladly fill up and take away any free time you ever thought you had.  I laugh at one of my last buddies to recently get married thinking that he's busy now because he has to consider his wife into his daily plans now...

My Kids are all active in Soccer almost all year round and I love coaching and sharing my experience with the kids and watching them grow and learn each year.

My boys are 5 years into Martial Arts and expect to test for their Black Belts this year... and on that note today both of my daughters will start their training this evening.

So little "free time", with practice, training, games, and tournaments... yet all of the family time makes it more than worth it. 

However, it would be nice to sleep in at least one day a weekend... that would be nice to get back everyonce in a while...  so I fit Michigan Football into my life... not the other way around.

12/19/2013 - 12:36pm 1st double...


12/19/2013 - 12:32pm Personal Perspectives

I wonder what percentage of at least the "vocal" mgoblog board traffic actually attends home games vs. the fan base as a whole. I have a feeling that many folks have a personal perspective issue with looking at this topic (as well as others) outside of their own reality.  Not that this is wrong for each individual to have their own best intrest at heart... it just appears that they are unwilling to find a logical reason why something outside of "best case for me" is an actually chosen option.

I personally would be watching whatever game is being played on this date on a TV regardless of where it is being played... and I think that is true for the vast majority of UM football fans that Mr. Brandon is trying to appeal to while growing the brand... which he is tasked to do as the AD.

I'd much rather it be UM on a National television than say USC vs. LSU or someone else getting the attention of high school recruits on that day.

I do hope we perform well on the big stage and will be excited to watch the game!

Go Blue!

10/07/2013 - 4:11pm Perspective...

I feel sorry for some of you that you can no longer enjoy going to see a Michigan football game in the Big House, I don't have your perspective and feel sorry for you if it's changed this badly from when you first started going.

I was born in Michigan, moved away when I was 9 (1979) and have never had the opportunity to see a game at the Big House.  I guess I'm a Wal-Mart wolverine as I didn't attend the University that I follow so passionately for all sports...

I think I can understand what Brian is getting at and some of the others that have championed his points through the comparative examples; however from my perspective... man I wish I had the opportunity to have those complaints.  I get so revved up to watch these games on my TV at home, in my mind I have a completely different feeling or idea of what the game day experience must be like... I would love to get to see a game, live, and on campus after tailgating.  I've been to games on other campuses only twice to see Michigan play... at LSU (1), Iowa (3), Indiana (4),  and Notre Dame (2) for comparison (game day experience level 1-4) to what I've seen before.

I guess what I'm getting at here is, for those of us that don't have or have never had the experience... please share some good things from time to time (if they happen), so we/I can live vicariously through your Blog and enjoy the team that we are all here to support.  I get what I know from the TV on game day... and from all the board input here and on TTB.

Go Blue!

09/19/2013 - 12:06pm Appreciation...

Space, Magnus, Brian, many others...

I appreciate that you take the time to comment and point things out, with a reasoned opinion... I tend to digest what everyone says and just sit on it myself; rarely commenting here or elsewhere for that matter.

But I do agree that "the sky is falling" attitude that seems to be needed around here by some folks can wear you out sometimes.  After the game this weekend... I stayed away from this blog until Monday for just that reason.  To let everyone "vent or freakout or whatever" and wait until some focused discussion would return.

I don't think Fitz the greatest back ever, nor is he the worst decision maker in the history of the program... I'm willing to ride it out as a fan and see how it develops without "freaking out" when a few issues are pointed out.  If the freshmen were our best options... i'm sure the competent coaches will make that decision on their own sometime soon.

I'm excited and hopeful to see us take out our current frustrations on UConn this weekend... and I'm not going to let last weeks game keep me from enjoying it. 

Stay positive, even in criticism... and Go Blue!


09/18/2013 - 5:27pm Consistent execution...

My 2 cents... which may not be worth that much.

Fitz is starting because he is the best back at executing assignments in games and in practice.  The coaches see him in action more than any of us have; but that has to carry over to the games too both for Fitz and the O-line.

Until the lines starts consistently executing in games, I think Fitz seems predisposed to expect the blocking to fail in front of him.  He's trying to make something happen vs. pound into an opposing lineman that seems to have a better break to the hole than he does at the snap.  I think and hope that once the line starts showing that the hole will be there, as we've seen he's maybe lost the faith a few times when he should have just rode out the play call... he will start to stay with the plan more and hit the holes that we all "think" he should be seeing at an instant in time, freeze frame captured.

I want to see us run up the score on some folks too to see Green and Smith get plenty of snaps (guess i'm a hipster too for liking Smith so much)... but i'm not ready to turn my back on Fitz so quick until we sort out the mess in front of him.  Let's give him a couple of more games to trust his young linemen. Then both he and the line will be fine...

When we get UConn by 21+ this weekend... the whole damn board (ok 80%) will be back on the undefeated season hype again as unwarranted as it may be.

Go Blue!

08/02/2013 - 4:27pm Sheldon?

Great Points... but I had to log in to say that somewhere in the middle of your post I morphed your dialoge to that of Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory... and made myself laugh for a bit! 

It's been a long week...

02/04/2013 - 12:21pm Very possible, and I agree...

In my area of Iowa we are basically corn and beans, along with some dairy... no extremely large corporate farm types going on.  And agreed the parking lots around here are mostly Chevy and then Ford prevelant.  But from what we see around here is more and more the next generation not wanting to take on the farmbut because of the hard work involved and the hours, etc.  I'm not a farmer, this is just what you hear and read in the news, or have seen at neighboring farm; we just recently lost one of our awsome Fall farm festival locations because of the patriarch passing on and the rest of the family not wanting to keep doing it because it was dad's thing...  

So, while it is possible for their kids... the Chevy and Ford old guy farmers that are aound here, didn't see any tweets... and yea, probably won't be buying a Dodge regardless of the commercial.

02/04/2013 - 9:31am Missed the mark...

I wonder how many farmers have a twitter account?  Kind of shows Ford was off target on their response.... woosh, right over the Farmland with that response Ford!  The old guys I see in the morning at the corner mart still have flip phones... doubt they get on facebook, or twitter, they don't have time for that crap.

However, I bet most of them watched the game... and a few even saw the commercial.  If it changed their buying decisions that's a different discussion.

01/24/2013 - 1:15pm Couric better be careful...

I hope at the end of her interview she closes with... "Thank you for your time today Manti; now I want to be perfectly clear that just because we sat down and talked today... we are NOT dating!"

Not Buying what you are Selling!!!!  If he's that dumb, he shouldn't be able to even pass a basket weaving class.

I can see the NFL combine questions now... "So, Manti... the TE tells you he's not going to run a route, and stay in and block... do you believe him????"

Go Blue, glad we're not trying to defend this Kid... who I am now pissed about actually feeling sorry for in the past!

01/17/2013 - 11:08am Clear sign of irrational thinking...

I agree... all he would have had to say was "The relationship was getting too serious/time consuming/whatever; and we aren't seeing each other anymore." 

No one, including his parent or teammates would have questioned that logic... because that happens all the time.  Unlike, the stupid BS under duress answer he came up with.  There is more to a motive on someones part for the killing off of the "girlfriend", vs. just simply breaking up in my opinion.  No need for a HUGE lie, when a simple "eh, we called it off" works just fine. 

Damit, now i'm interested enough in this story to log on and post about it! 

11/15/2012 - 10:59am I've been thinking about this...

If he's ok/healthy enough to play, do you hold him out for Ohio next week?  We should be Iowa either way, and one shot to that elbow the wrong way he'd surely miss the game a week later which should be a tougher one for us w/o the threat of his legs on the field? 

Not sure what I'd do as a coach, I suppose I'd ask Denard what he wants to do...

11/14/2012 - 3:29pm As a Fan...

Don't we probably already know what the coach would say he thinks about Denard, without it having to be a qoute for some guy to throw in a headline on some article he's writing?

I think Denard is as great as the rest of us, but I enjoy reading the articles about the walk on tight end as much as some reinforced comment from the coach on a damn great player that we already know is a damn great player, without hearing again about how damn great he is, again...

It's a team sport and I respect the hell out of Coach Hoke for digging in his heels are refusing to put Denard above the rest of the team and seniors just for some qoute.  It reinforces the teamwork and work ethic of a team sport like no other for the coach to answer it the way he does in public.  Behind the scenes, we and all the players can say all the "yea, but..." that we want; but you don't ask the dad who is favorite son is at the expense of the rest of the team.

After the season, as others have pointed out there will be countless discussions about his historic place in UM not just for football but as an athlete, student, and citizen.

Go Blue, stick to your guns Coach Hoke!

11/13/2012 - 10:52pm Chizik's recruits...

One could argue using the logic above that those results are based on Chizik's recruits, not Rhoads's.

From what I can tell living in this state all that the folks from ISU care about is beating Iowa each year, if they make a bowl that's the icing on the cake certainly not an expectation... it's not like they expect to recruit much looking at what schools they are surrounded by to the East/West/South.

And on the living in this state topic... I look forward to kicking the crap out of Iowa this week more than most so I can get all the folks I work with back in their proper place with respect to their postion in the Big 10.

Go Blue... Iowa's for wrestling!

11/13/2012 - 3:03pm Exactly!

The linebackers jerseys should be able to fit onto 350 lb. linemen after the streaching they were taking... it not too difficult to see the point of attack defenders shoulder pad pointing straight up on his outside shoulder as he's being turned in by the receiver for the runner to get to the edge!

11/13/2012 - 12:33pm TFL leader in practice!

His backup actually brings down the ball carrier before the defender!

11/07/2012 - 1:00pm Every Year

We were drug tested every year during our on site school physical before our season started before we could participate in any activities. 

We were never tested additionally for any end of the season tournament participation, etc; but that didn't mean we were not subject to any random testing that they would have decided to do.

I'm just glad they didn't test for alcohol consumption on the weekends!


10/29/2012 - 4:57pm Contact Sport

I'm fine with him playing football, you know contact sport and all... however on that particular play I thought the cutback wasn't the best choice when he had at least 5 guys coming down on him w/o blockers.

I guess my point is he has to realize when to take contact and when to play it safe since he's so damn important to the offense.  I also am not in love with all the dive into the line calls that he gets piled up on either... let a running back take that hit!  I want him to still be around and functional for the OSU game, and hopefully the chanpionship game after that.  Without him we're toast this year... 

Now that I think about it, I don't want him on the kick return team either!

10/29/2012 - 11:48am Dear Denard,

Please run the hell out of bounds and avoid all possible contact in the future when possible; that cutback was not worth the risk vs. just cruising out of bounds.  There were 3 more guys to truck you when the fist two were just going to escort you to the sideline, you are not Walter Payton it's ok to run out.  This offense can not run without you (apparently).  Please stay safe! 

That is all...

Go Blue

09/17/2012 - 4:08pm Agreed

I'd like to know his opinion of the spread punting formation; I also don't expect to get a clear and concise answer with regards to it during the season either...

I know the big punts can throw off your gunners on depth, but if we are getting double teamed each time it's probably worth trying something different to get some coverage.

I don't think we've been in jeopardy of having punts blocked, so I don't think the max protection is that big of a deal... hope they adjust somehow I just hate giving up 10 -15 free yards per kick.

09/17/2012 - 3:16pm I don't...

I think most of the questions he is asked are redundant and unimportant and get the answer they deserve.  Anything that would give away valuable information to a team we may be playing in the next several weeks I have no issue with him not answering directly.

He's not paid to be accountable to the media, he's paid to win games... I get a chuckle reading his responses at every presser, personally I'd probably sound more like Molk did and can't believe Hoke isn't more short with some of the questions.

03/13/2012 - 11:10am Good point...

I had not previously seen this comparison and that would be to me a better separator of talent/need vs. breakaway speed. 

Adding another outlet for the offense from the running back would certainly help the offense overall... if indeed Smith does not catch as well.  It also, just might not have been as big a part of his high schools offense.

Again I'm excited for either, the speed thing I kept seeing was just striking a nerve with me personally. 

03/13/2012 - 10:00am Breakaway Speed???

Seriously, the only negative thing I hear about Smith is his breakaway speed and that's the reason to not want him or the reason to only want Isaac? 

So, Like Magnus just stated with the Offensive line were building we'll only get 20 yard runs out of Smith, seriously... sign me up all day long.  Can make short yardage cuts, run over a backer/coner/safety and get us 20 or so.  Yea, I'll take that.  We'll own the 4th quarter like we used to and wear teams out.

I'm not saying I don't want Isaac, but I will sure as heck be happy with Smith.

Did you think Hart had Breakaway speed?

I'm excited about even being in the running for either one of them!


Go Blue

01/20/2012 - 12:20pm In a Session...

For the two dozen or so request for SpreadGuru to confirm his source...

I'm assuming that SpreadGuru is there, in a session now and will update between breaks... probably why he hasn't updated since.

But we shall see...  Makes no sense to make this up knowing it could be confirmed/denied by so many in attendance.


Go Blue

01/05/2012 - 10:31am Long and Woodson

Could always get the short yard conversion behind Jake, everyone knew where it was going and it didn't matter...

And Woodson could and still (amazingly) can turn any drive/game around at any time... Plus "The Interception" is ingrained in my brain for life, just a freak of an athlete... as well as others, in End Zones etc.

12/30/2011 - 11:45am I couldn't either...

assuming he was guilty...  But what if he isn't "guilty of having that knowledge".  I think it is possible that this was not as commonly known as many assume.  The reason it took so long to get out to the public may be that only the 4 that we do know had knowledge did keep it to themselves.   The folks that did know, and have been proven to know; yea to hell with them for sure.

Bradley's coaching career has been ruined by something he may have had nothing to do with, just by association.  Seems harsh to jump to these assumptions based on what is actually known in the public record. 

Please don't take my comments as trying to lessen the crimes committed; they disgust me and make me sick as well... even more so being a father of four myself.

12/30/2011 - 10:21am Bradley

Until someone comes forward with something more than "he had to know"... I'd be pissed if I was Bradley.  He was on track for that job all along and this is a crappy way to get or not get your dream job.  If he knew something then yea, the hell with him and out the door with the rest of the staff.  I do find it a big assumption that a lot of folks are taking that he is guilty of something for just being on the staff.  In any organization there can be dirty secrets that don't implicate the whole orginzation.  Again, if he knew then yea he should be dumped; but what happened to innocent until proven guilty. 

So, far the trail that i've seen is 4 folks knew... and none of them were Bradley.  Just seems like a shitty deal if he is indeed innocent of any knowledge of the incident to be tarnished as a candidate.  Just my 2 cents though...

09/08/2011 - 12:51pm Texas just seems too far away...

Logistically from the rest of the B10. 

From a travel perspective for the rest of the non-revenue sports to make ton of sense considering the best interest of the "Student Athletes" and their class schedules.  Seems like there would be an unbalanced load of travel for whatever division they end up in.  Does't make sense to me... 

But what do I know we just drove vans to our away games... not football.

09/08/2011 - 12:29pm The best way to utilize Denard...

Is whatever way secures a win, while also focusing on keeping him healthy for the entire season. Both options (shotgun / under center) provide the defense things to think about and to honor with their set up, the more we have the D thinking the better.  We don't need to run up stats in early games we just need to win the games.  This is important so we still have a healthy Denard when we need him at the end of the season against (Nebraska, OSU, B10 Championship game).  He's not going to get clobbered in the shotgun any worse than he will running 20+ times a game.

I don't think we should have him taking unnecessary hits early in the season that prevent him from being able to improvise (Be Denard) when we really need him later in the season.  All YPG, YPA numbers diminished as competition got stiffer last year, as well as Denard was dealing with more nagging injuries.

I couldn't care less what Denard’s stats are this year, if we win every game... and neither does he.

Also, don't care what Rich says... old news, wish him well in whatever he does.  But he’s just a reporter now, I only care what the current coaches have to say.

Go Blue, Keep Denard healthy (until we need to release him, yea like the Kraken on opposing D's!) 

08/25/2011 - 4:59pm All time records against...

There sure is a whole lot of whining about this topic... For a group of people who like to tote our "all time" win/loss against everyone else you want to set these records straight.
Personally, I think we should play them one more time after this to make sure the record is 2-1 all time then let it rest, a tie record would not sit much better than the 0-1 record we currently have against them.
If the worst thing we can say is we have to eat a bit of crow from ESPN the weeks before the game, then so be it... set it right after the game.

Stop whining, Go Blue!

07/28/2011 - 6:42pm I think your comments earlier

I think your comments earlier about his beliefs of needing to remake or upgrade the US youth programs are what interest me in him as a potential hire.  He recognizes that we don't have the proper talent moving up from within our own system.  And being a product of and involved with our youth system now... it is easy to have no faith in that we are looking out for our own best interests in that area currently. 

However, to identify this may not necessarily make you a genius at coaching at the international level (as the poster above points out) or the right man to put a "boot" up our men's national teams backside... It's not always the lack of talent that frustrates me when watching our "men" play; it sometimes appears to be across the board effort.  We need the talent that we don't have to make it to the top tier, but effort is something I can't make an excuse for as an American sports fan.

I hope the choice is one that blends vision of the future with current restraints in mind, as well as creativity to maximize what we do have.  I don't know who this should be, but it did appear that Bradly had taken us as far as he was capable.


05/27/2011 - 5:52pm My thoughts all along on this...

I've been wondering if Jim Tressel was seriously delusional enough to think that he could keep all of the damage mitigated by himself; or if others within the Athletic Department actually knew anything...  Initially I thought no way the AD wasn't in the know at least.

However after this type of move I wonder...  If you’re trying to protect the University and build a case for a fall guy for the entire downfall of the football program and protect yourself from the massive beat down coming from the NCAA; why not make it look like your compliance department acts accordingly on all knowledge that it has and praise them for what they have acted on. 

This might just be telling as to how the AD and President are moving to protect the long term interests of the University and throw Jim Tressel under the bus to save themselves?

It will be interesting to see this all play out. 

05/25/2011 - 3:22pm He's got to be kidding, right?

I agree with many of the sane posters above about the basic value of involvement in U-4 soccer... and it has nothing to do with wins or losses or goals scored.  It's about involvement and participation in an activity, whatever sport that may be and having fun.

One of the main problems with American "Youth" sports is crazy parents like this guy, setting their sights on the USWNT or bust.  I've seen so many great athletes burn out because of their overly zealous parents trying to live vicariously though their youth.  If this is his frustration level at U4, he'll probably stroke out by the time high school comes around and his kid is sick of soccer.

I coach, U5 and U8 currently, I've played... though college, and this guy is just the typical club soccer freak that will be buying his little Susie a new pull over/jersey if she scores 8 goals in the tournament this weekend, at the expense of the team actually winning, but that’s OK because she played with a 102 fever, and was the best player on a losing team. 

At this level especially It's about fun, and staying active until the child and the parent decide to pursue the club level.  And of course you teach the fundamentals of the sport, and sportsmanship, they don’t even need to realize they are doing this while they are just enjoying playing the game.  And handing out participation medals to give them something to be proud of and to hang on their wall, there is nothing wrong with that for developmental level youth sport.

Had to create an account to give my 2cents on this one… guys like this is the reason I’m coaching my kids!  Love the Mgoblog community, find the information and the community very insightful, been a fan for a long time…