OT: Offseason Time Sinks

Submitted by JeepinBen on January 7th, 2014 at 11:28 AM

Well, it's happened. There's no more college football until August. Sure, there's the NFL playoffs, draft, etc. but there's only a few games at a time now. There's basketball and hockey both collegiate and pro, but besides watching my teams I don't get into the national broadcasts like I do for football.

The question is: what are you spending your time on  moving forward? Fixing up that old muscle car? Going to BBB & Home Depot for nice little Saturdays? Exercising per your new years resolution? New season of the Bachelor? What do you do with your newfound free time?




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Part of why I started this, I know there are a bunch of gamers on the board - what recent video games are worth the money? I saw AC4 is now only $30 at Best Buy, is that worth a purchase? I played AC2 when it came out free on XBox Live, and borrowed AC3, I enjoy the series but I'm somewhere between a serious and casual gamer, probably 4 hours a week tops. That said, the games I've recently played through (GTA V, Bioshock Infinite) are definitely worth a play. Any others you can recommend to get me and other MGoBloggers through the winter/spring?


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The scroll version is much different than original published version. Its a more true-to-life account of Kerouac and Cassady's actual travels, plus has about 100 pages of information about the writing and publication of the book before the novel begins. 


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Battlefield 4 is pretty good, at least the campaign. Will be beating it this weekend. I am a long time COD player and can say that COD Ghosts is absolutely awful. I already plan on trading it in at Gamestop this weekend. Gonna get the trophies and be done with it.

For those nerds out there that appreciate a real time sink, Final Fantasy 14 (online MMO) for PS3 is absolutely outstanding. You could play that game for 24 hours straight and not even make a dent in the content. They also keep adding more content and dont charge $10 for them. But most people aren't RPG players and that's fine.

Really looking forward to the new slate of PS4 games coming in the next 2 months. 


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Is BF4 any less glitchy than BF3? I loved the game when I could play it; we're pretty rural and our ISP is just barely sufficient for Modern Warfare but battlefield was basically unplayable as high as our latency is. Then I was told it was partly the game itself that was to blame because it didn't compensate well for people with a slightly slower ping. 

This is all what I'm told. If what I just said makes no sense, I'm a tech dummy, so go easy.


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Your definition of your gamer status humors me.


Too bad you missed the great steam sale of 2013. 

Skyrim, batmans, mass effect 1-3, dragonage, witcher, demon souls, dota 2, warframe, day z.

really depends on the genera you like but yeah. a few of those game will easily take you through to next season by themselves assuming you complete them fully at your current pace. (skyrim, demon souls, dota, warframe, dayz)


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I was just going to make a very similar comment.  Being a PC Gamer has always been being the best kind of gamer.  (Well, except for when I had my Apple ][+...)

You can do yourself a massive favor by going to the Steam store, putting all your favorite games on a wishlist and waiting for that magic email: "A Game on your Wishlist is on sale!"

In addition to picking up the full Skyrim and first two Batmans this year, I also scored L4D2 for free.  Huge win.  Regardless, around just about every holiday there are some significant finds on sale on Steam.  Beyond Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are also Easter, 4th of July, and other sales.  Highly recommended.


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My recent games are Assassin's Creed 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Lego Marvel Superheroes, and a bunch of the free games that Microsoft offered over the past six months. AC is my favorite current franchise and COD is right behind it. I do want to say, however, that the Ghosts campaign is cool and fun, but its multiplayer is dog shit. I went back to playing Black Ops 2 online because it's far and away better than Ghosts.


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on Christmas Eve to buy a game for the PS4 the GF gave me that day and they had several XBox Ones and PS4s sitting there. 

That said, bought FIFA this weekend. Didn't think I would like it, but then 4 hours and however many games later on a 3D TV, I became hooked. 


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Juan Pablo.

Edit:  Just kidding.  I have a list of items.  I'm going to train for a half marathon in April up in Champaign, IL...finish line is the 50 yd line of their football stadium where I will take a leak if no one is watching. 

Also, adding a bathroom in the basement, a hearty DIY program for myself.  Should be fun.


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Follow U of M basketball, countdown until March Madness, Justified, Archer.

That, and I have this dumb wedding in July that I have to prepare for.


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The topic isn't Off Topic (OT), it most certainly is about college football, or the lament of not having college football until August.  But wait, there is national signing day next month, spring practice the following month, and as you noted, the NFL draft in April.  The dead period will really be May and June.  Come July we'll start hearing about how so and so has been leading his position group in workouts, runs, and drills and pretty soon it is August and the season countdown begins.

See, college football is just right around the next corner.

Randy Marsh

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Been playing for about a year now and I'm really glad I started. Seriously, if it has ever interested you, pick one up (or any instrument). It's a weirdly rewarding feeling.

Laser Wolf

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I have miraculously avoided most all Game of Thrones talk on this here interwebs because I have wanted to make it through the books before I watch the series. I'm nearly through the first book and would like to keep plowing through the rest before football picks up again.


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You can pretty safely watch season 1 after reading the first book and season 2 after reading the second book.  It gets a little more complicated in season 3, but if you're a committed reader, you won't be in trouble if you start season 3 when you're half-way through book 3.  We'll see how closely the series continues to follow the books.  I'd imagine you'd want to finish book 3 before starting season 4 (when it

Suffice it to say, I'm a huge fan of both.  And though my wife wouldn't be interested enough in the books, she has loved the tv series.

The Dirty Nil

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I'm not exactly a fan of it being THIS cold, so hopefully it warms up slightly so I can do some of the things I enjoy doing outside. Some ice fishing, plenty of snowboarding, and some ice climbing. It should be a good winter for these things, and occupy my time until spring.


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Ah yes...the other awesome M word. I freaking LOVE the Masters. I'm a recent, yet big, golf fan. I started really watching and paying attention about five years ago. Golf is so fun to watch and the Masters is just the best. Tiger makes his 2013 debut on January 23 at the Farmers Insurance tournament. Ricke Fowler is one of my favorites.


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On the 2013 Eukanuba AKC Dog Championships. I've been trying not to sneak a peek at the finalists or champions because I don't want to spoil the surprise. I have to admit, the suspense is killing me. 


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As the father of twin 11 year old boys, also an 8 and 5 year old daughter you will gladly fill up and take away any free time you ever thought you had.  I laugh at one of my last buddies to recently get married thinking that he's busy now because he has to consider his wife into his daily plans now...

My Kids are all active in Soccer almost all year round and I love coaching and sharing my experience with the kids and watching them grow and learn each year.

My boys are 5 years into Martial Arts and expect to test for their Black Belts this year... and on that note today both of my daughters will start their training this evening.

So little "free time", with practice, training, games, and tournaments... yet all of the family time makes it more than worth it. 

However, it would be nice to sleep in at least one day a weekend... that would be nice to get back everyonce in a while...  so I fit Michigan Football into my life... not the other way around.


January 7th, 2014 at 11:53 AM ^

I never know what to do now...I can do things on my Saturday's again? It might take a few weeks to get used to it again then the sadness of football being over will finally hit. 


January 7th, 2014 at 11:58 AM ^

Now that I am free of college football for the next eight months basically, I finally get to turn to basketball as well as some of the little to-do items around the house that were put off because of the season. 

This time around, one of the more pressing things for me is finally setting up wireless print service in the house, something that my wife has been wanting me to do for a couple months now because she is tired of having to use my computer to print anything. I also have a sink to change out in the main floor bathroom as well as two more rooms of electric socket changeouts to do. That last one is an interesting experience as the definition of "room" is not conventional to whomever laid out the wires and breaker panel - when you're writing "south wall, living room / north wall, front bedroom" on a label, you have issues. 

I also plan to get back into playing Civilization, a longtime favorite of mine, as well as work on another humor book - this one I outlined in August and simply didn't start during football.