Favorite Wolverine All-Time

Submitted by Mr.Mario86 on January 5th, 2012 at 8:12 AM

  So, I'm bored sitting here at school, and  was wondering who is your all-time favorite Wolverine? First time post here so go easy on me. Go Blue!



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Desmond Howard - i was in the corner endzone for "the catch" as a little boy and ill never forget it
<br>I really wish I could get a transcript about what exactly he said at the bust banquet though because that may change things for me


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Tyrone Wheatley; it was during his time at Michigan that i started REALLY watching college football and loving the wolverines, and also why i always wore a single digit number, even as i grew into a DE.  A close second to Charles Woodson, because he's a stud for my favorite pro team


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Has to be Desmond - I was in school with him - played basketball with him a number of times.  Genuinely nice guy at the time (I assume he still is), and he never seemed to let the heisman stuff get to his head.  Obviously his on the field stuff was legendary...


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I couldn't narrow it down to one favorite on this year's team.

After thinking long and hard, I've narrowed it down to AC Vada-Molkley.


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It changes year to year, and sometimes month to month, but I be liken me some Steve Hutchinson lately.  I met him in person and he was just a stand up guy.  A senior at UofM that had a bright NFL future ahead of him did not have to take the time to take a picture with some punk 9th grader and ask me questions like he was truly interested.  We talked for about 5-10 minutes, I will never forget how awesome he was. 

turbo cool

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Woodson. Man, that '97 season got better with every game. And Woodson, you just expected so much from him each game and then he would deliver beyond those expectations. Every game. #2 is THE best.


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May sound corny, but my favorite was Jake Frysinger. I played junior league ball with him in Woodhaven (til he outgrew the weight limit and then moved to Grosse Ile). We played against each other in basketball after that, including a double-overtime game when we were freshman. I moved to Ohio my sophomore year and that was it. We were never really close, but it was always cool to watch him play at Michigan.


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I've been back and forth with a few, but I have to go with Woodley, guy could just go into beast mode and tear through offenses.  Always loved watching him play for the Maize and Blue


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I sat next to Irons during a basketball game one year.  He was a cool guy.  When he signed my program he passed it to the guy next to him to sign.  It was Woodson, but at the time I had no idea who Woodson was.  Maybe he was on a recruiting trip.  That's my "cool story bro".

Six Zero

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Woodley, Woodson, Hart, A-Train, Braylon, Desmond, Wheatley, even Elvis, Perry, Brady, etc etc etc

But if I had to cut the list down, #56 and #2 in a slight lead above all else.


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Tyrone Wheatley. The reason I wore 6 throughout my sporting career. That Rose Bowl against Washington was magical. 



edit: also Mario Manningham beacause of 2006 against ND and The New Math game and he just seemingly had more talent than everyone else on the field. Never put it together fully but man he had some magical moments. And he was truly lethal on that Capital One Bowl against Florida. Did a damn fine Percy Harvin impersonation. 


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I have a soft spot for the true grit of a baby faced walk-on who became one of our best defensive players. He was a beacon of light in the darkness of those three years that never happened.

Maize n Blue

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Aside from the woodsons and Howards already mentioned, I'll list my favorites that weren't necessarily the most decorated players: David Harris, Adrian Arrington.