SuperBowl commercials discussion

Submitted by michgoblue on February 4th, 2013 at 7:19 AM

I haven't seen any discussion on the topic, so I figured I would start a Monday morning thread about the SB commercials. While people generally look forward to them, I found this year's crop, much like last year's, to be largely forgettable. Have the agencies just run out of ideas? Last week, I saw a rundown of the top 15 or 25 SB commercials of all time, and the new ones are just a step down.

What did everyone here think? Any favorites? Least favorites? Discuss.



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You are correct - early Monday morning. My Mistake.

I can see how the thread title "Superbowl commercials discussion" would lead you to believe that this thread was about Derrick Green's recent commit or our 2015 roster. Sorry about the confusion.


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Except it wasn't him who suggested it. It was a group of people who made a habit of checking every single thread (back when 5 threads on the sidebar was enough). They couldn't waste their precious time in threads not dedicated to Michigan football, so they insisted on the OT tag. These, of course, were the same people that insisted on the CC tag later on. Anyway, a civil war ensued. Many were lost on both sides of the battle. In a act of leadership, Brian Cook stepped in and said, "Let there be OT!". Many have speculated that he saw the error in this, but he viewed it as the only way to end the war without further blood shed. What he didn't realize was that those who forgot the OT tag on clearly OT threads would be water boarded then executed by dimemberment.

At this point, the damage has been done and we can't turn back. That is the story of how OT came to be. Never forget.


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There was a splinter group of posters, formerly associated with the "off topic" brigade, the "cc" mafia and, I suspect, thenTaliban, that went on a killing spree, during which all who dared accidentally post something that had previously been mentioned in comment 143 of a 400+ comment thread were executed brutally.  Fortunately, the SIAP group has been weakened enough that they no longer are a national security threat.  That said, from time to time former members do pop up and do damage.



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A better ad -- provided Psy would have allowed it (which I doubt) -- would have been to parody the fleeting fame element of it.  Start out with Psy doing his schtick, then bring on other notable one-hit-wonders ... examples: Macarana, MC Hammer, Billy Ray Cyrus.   Have them faux-fighting to regain the spotlight ... then pan offstage where some production grunts are cracking and eating pistachios, each with a look of "who the hell are these people?" on their faces.


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Thank you taco bell for admitting that you are drunk food.  No need to compete with Chipolte with the bowl, stick with drunk food thats what you are good at.


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With most of the crap that gets put out as commercials, I chose the wrong field.  When I think about most commercials, I picture marketing departments as being staffed by the characters from the Office.  I could just phone it in every day and nobody would even be able to tell.

"I know, let's put a talking squirrel in the commercial.  People will love it." 

"Genius!  You just earned a $20k raise!"

Who was there in the meeting to tell some ad exec that the whole Gangdam style thing is stale as shit?


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The Samsung commercial with Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen and Saul was my favorite because it was making fun of this fact.

I think the one that offended my sensibilities the most was the Dodge Ram commercial. The whole speech about how great farmers are would have worked really well if the product had anything to do with farming. Instead it was a truck commercial???


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Spot on ... the commercial worked because a lot of people have an element within them that relates to the work ethic embodied by the farmer.  So while the ad featured farmers and ranchers, the appeal was much broader.  That mirrors the demographic for truck sales, which is far, far more than just farmers and construction workers.


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was the Ford response on Twitter.  Right after the Ram farmer salute, Ford started tweeting pictures and videos of how they have supported farmers for decades.  This was an attempt at one-upsmanship that totally fell flat.  If you aren't going to make a creative commercial or don't want to pay the outrageous fees for showing them during the Super Bowl, then fine.  But don't waste my time with your self-serving drivel.


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I wonder how many farmers have a twitter account?  Kind of shows Ford was off target on their response.... woosh, right over the Farmland with that response Ford!  The old guys I see in the morning at the corner mart still have flip phones... doubt they get on facebook, or twitter, they don't have time for that crap.

However, I bet most of them watched the game... and a few even saw the commercial.  If it changed their buying decisions that's a different discussion.


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From my experience (and I went to high school with hundreds of dairy farmers) the answer to you question is most of them have twitter/facebook accounts.  Also, they all seemed to be loyal "Ford families" or "Chevy families". I can't remember a single dairy kid that drove a dodge. My guess is all of the Ford families follow ford on twitter/facebook. My experience is in California though which, granted, might be different (even though most of them have moved to Texas and New Mexico now).


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In my area of Iowa we are basically corn and beans, along with some dairy... no extremely large corporate farm types going on.  And agreed the parking lots around here are mostly Chevy and then Ford prevelant.  But from what we see around here is more and more the next generation not wanting to take on the farmbut because of the hard work involved and the hours, etc.  I'm not a farmer, this is just what you hear and read in the news, or have seen at neighboring farm; we just recently lost one of our awsome Fall farm festival locations because of the patriarch passing on and the rest of the family not wanting to keep doing it because it was dad's thing...  

So, while it is possible for their kids... the Chevy and Ford old guy farmers that are aound here, didn't see any tweets... and yea, probably won't be buying a Dodge regardless of the commercial.