Dantonio-Hecklinski incident at MHSFCA clinic today

Submitted by SpreadGuru on January 20th, 2012 at 10:51 AM
This morning at the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association clinic, there was a session on recruiting. Dantonio, Michigan Recruiting Coordinator Keff Hecklinski, Wayne State's coach and a few D3 coaches were on the speaking list. The session was to help high school coaches understand how colleges recruit and what to expect.

Dantonio got up and spoke about their season, Cousins, BK Cunningham and MSU. Hecklinski got up and presented how Michigan sets up their recruiting-recruit the state of Michigan first, then the Midwest, and then nationally.

Dantonio then burst in, interrupts Hecklinski and yells, "We're not here to listen to this. Move on!"

Many coaches in the room were stunned and many lost respect for State and Dantonio because of the incident. To Hecklinski's credit, he didn't add to the childish behavior and represented Michigan with class and honor.

Most coaches were stunned but the jealous, anger-filled behavior turned a lot of people off. Other coaches on the panel were visibly bothered by this unprofessional behavior.



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Sadly, I would imagine that most Sparty fans agree with Dantonio and think he was justified in displaying what an utter bag of vinegar and water he is.  Hopefully, this gets around to all of the coaches in the state, and they start sending their players anywhere but EL.

Edit: RCMB calls it the "Official Dantonio putting Hecklinski in his place thread."  For any of you who don't fully understand my utter distaste and lack of respect for Sparty, maybe this will give you some insight into my reasoning.


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It has been confirmed by a poster on Scout who knows a HS Coach that was in attendance.  

The scout and Rivals mods have also picked up on the story and are working to confirm. I'll edit this post to reflect the confirmation status as long as I can.

EDIT 1: IowaBlue notes that SpreadGuru (the OP) would currently be in a coaching session if he is present at the MHFCSA clinic. This could be why the OP hasn't updated his sources and/or responded to the thread yet. I don't know the schedule of the clinic though....


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“I really didn’t know how this would work in this forum; it was the first time we’ve ever done this and I just didn’t know how this would work,” Dantonio said. “I didn’t want it to be a recruiting (speech for only Michigan).”

It will be interesting to see how well Sparty fares in MI HS recruiting going forward.


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While we are temporarily on THAT subject again isnt this thread why pos-bangs need to come back?  I know we've discussed ad nauesuem about the lost virtue of the neg vote and where and when it would be correctly applied but God in heaven if an OP ever deserved pos votes like manna from heaven this post is it.


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How do you know this, were you there?

On another note, this doesn't surprise me, Dantonio is a true buckeye, I mean spartan...ahhh I don't know what he is but hes a douche I know that...


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Could have phrased that more politely.  For example:

"Pardon me Jeff, could you hurry this up please?  My top prospect has a parole hearing in 30 minutes."  

See, that's how a proper gentleman from East Lansing would phrase it.  


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This is a message board on a sports blog. Not a discussion panel of nationally known and very public professionals speaking at a statewide high school coaches clinic.

Dantonio's a total douche nozzle and keeps proving it again and again and again.


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"Pardon me Jeff, could you hurry this up please?  The only 4-star recruits in my #50 ranked recruiting class are taking calls from Urban right now"

Or - 

"Excuse me Jeff, but with all due respect, your attempts to recruit Michigan first DID NOT pan out from 2008-2010, so, maybe you should defer to someone who actually owns in-state-recruiting...."


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Mark "Kanye" Dantonio -

"Jeff Hecklinski, I'm really happy for you, I'm gonna let you finish, but Michigan State had one of the best recruiting classes of all time."