Yuri Wright NOT announcing this weekend

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According to Rivals Yuri Wright has decided to not announce he college choice this weekend. I assume this can only be good news on the Michigan front since he had not visted yet.

Perhaps after watching last night's game he saw how he could come in and make an huge impact in our secondary.


Mr. Yost

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I've heard from 2 different people, that ^^^ is why we got Darboh and ND didn't. And why LSU got Gunner Kiel and ND didn't.

I'm not sure why Wright and Jordan Payton don't see the same thing, but then again, they aren't QBs.


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Random question for which I didn't want to start a new thread - do we even have scholarship room to bring DeAnthony Arnett on board? I've seen a few posts here and there saying that we don't, but haven't heard any of the Rivals/MGoBlog/ESPN mods say that scholarship room would prevent us from signing him. Anyone?


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Arnett would count against total schollies which I believe is 85 for us. If he wants to be blue them Hoke and Co. will find room for him. We need all the talented WRs we can get right now.

So to answer your question yes we are "full" at WR for the 2012 recruiting class but if he wanted to sign with Michigan I assume they will find room on our depth chart to make it work.


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I was under the impression that he would have to sign right away for spring/summer classes, esentially adding him to our current roster number (which I assume is maxed out at 85).

Assuming we add him for the fall of 2012, in which case he would probably be prohibited from using certain university facilities/amenities, then that would obviously work since we have a few more spots left.


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Since he's a transfer he doesn't count against the 28 max players per class since he's not an initial counter.  He does count against the 85 total scholarship number though. Bowl Subdivision Football. [FBS] There shall be an annual limit of 25 on the number of initial counters (per Bylaw and an annual limit of 85 on the total number of counters (including initial counters) in football at each institution. (Revised: 1/10/91 effective 8/1/92, 12/15/06)



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does anybody have a rundown on where recent grads have been successfully recruited?  Matt Simms rather famously went to Tennessee; some other kids have gone to Rutgers, no surprise.  Corey Wootton was one of the first Don Bosco stars in the current era and he went to Northwestern.  They sent Ryan Grant to Notre Dame; and they've placed a few guys with Boston College I think.

This is arguably the biggest football factory in the entire New York metroplex; it would be nice to get a kid from there to come to Michigan and prevent one going to Notre Dame.

I wonder if Coach Toal gets involved very much, or if he's preoccupied with winning the umpteenth consecutive New Jersey state championship.

(I think the recent New Yorker profile said that Don Bosco last lost a football game to another New jersey school in 2005...!)


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They've also sent a player to Florida and Florida State in recent years. I'm from NJ, and they are the power house around here. Our HS has played them in the past and gotten absolutely destroyed. They are the football factory of the tri-state area. While they produce a ton of talent, it's not as much as other factories you hear about in other states because a lot of top athletes around here don't play football in the fall, but soccer, at least where I'm from.


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They haven't produced a ton of studs in recent years.  There are the ones you mentioned from several years ago, but this is easily the best crop of seniors that Don Bosco has produced - Leonte Carroo (Rutgers), Darius Hamilton, Elijah Shumate, Yuri Wright, Mike Strizak (Boston College), Tyler Samra (Connecticut), and a 2-star OG named Michael Casimos.


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I also wonder if Chuck Martin's move from DBs coach to OC will have any effect on Yuri Wright's decision. As DBs coach, Martin would have been Wright's position coach at the time Wright visited South Bend. Presumably, he spent time with Wright during the visit telling how they intended to use him, etc. and now Wright will have to build a new relationship with someone different.


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I was going to post this earlier, but I didn't want to sound like I had inside info. One of my good friends from Seminary now works at Good Counsel, and all he says is how much Yuri has looked forward to visiting Michigan. Being Catholic, I have to tell you guys that everyone comes away from Notre Dame blown away. I always find that if a recruit doesn't commit to Notre Dame right away, then it wears off. I was discerning at Notre Dame for a week back before college, and I just said to myself this place is beautiful, but it's not for me. Don't get me wrong, Notre Dame is  GREAT place, but if you love Michigan as I, and Yuri Wright  claims to, then it'll wear off quick.


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I thought I remembered seeing that Garnett would be watching the bowl games closely for his top 3 teams which are Stanford, ND, and Michigan. Stanford lost (albeit fairly well) and ND was ND, and then we won the sugar bowl. Can't hurt us right?


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The Record, Bergen County, New Jersey's major newspaper, has been posting diaries of the five Bergen County players in the Army All-American Bowl. FWIW, Don Bosco Prep’s Yuri Wright is rooming with his friend and DBP teammate Elijah ("Shu") Shumate. Shumate plans to announce his college decision during the game on Saturday. Shumate’s "final four" are Georgia Tech, Rutgers, South Carolina and Notre Dame. He’s expected to become a Golden Domer.



One more item of interest from the Army All-American Bowl, former UM recruit Devin Fuller (Northern Valley Regional HS, Old Tappan, NJ), a QB/DB in high school, as well as a track star who was part of the school’s state championship 4 x 400 meter relay team in 2011, has been working at WR for the East team.  He's also rooming with WR/RB Stefon Diggs from Our Lady of Good Counsel  HS of Maryland. 


Say Yuri Wright opts to play with "Shu" at ND.  Even though Fuller long ago dropped the Wolverines from his list of contenders, considering the way the season developed for Michigan and DeAnthony Arnett's decision to move to MSU, if UM could renew its interest in him, how would a Diggs/Fuller combo for the Wolverines on National Signing Day sound?