Where to watch UM v Neb in downtown Detroit this weekend?

Submitted by artds on October 25th, 2012 at 2:36 PM

Here's my situation: Back in May, the wifey bought me tickets to see Bill Maher at the Fox Theater on Saturday, Oct 27. The show is at 8:00 PM. As we now know, not only does Michigan play at 8:00 PM that night, but there's also a little event happening across the street known as the World Series. I estimate that the show will be over around or before 10:00 PM. So my question for the MGoBoard community is: what is my best bet for catching the end of the Michigan game while I'm downtown? I have to imagine that the bars near the stadium will all be packed, and some may not even be showing the Michigan game. It's a long drive back to the western suburbs and I think I'd probably miss all of it if I tried to drive home and catch it at or near home. Plz halp! Thx.



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...finding a bar that will actually switch a monitor to the UM game with the Tigers on, I imagine every screen downtown will be dialed in to the WS..

Cheli's is a pretty big place w/ many screens, they might be willing to accomodate, but I also imagine an opening day like atmosphere, so you may not even be able to get in w/o standing in line for an hour. 

I haven't been there yet, but heard the MGM has a new sports bar called TAP.  It's a little further from the stadium so maybe an option.

If all else fails....Bouzouki.


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Wear ipod as you walk to car to avoid overhearing game discussions. (Don't wear UM gear)

Go home, watch game commercial free.





That's how I avoided the spoilers of my beloved turfing Stafford as I flew home during MNF.


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Most places will be full, but someone mentioned a hotel bar, the Book Cadillac has the Motor Bar (never been) and there's another sports bar next to it as well


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The Town Pump on Montcalm (maybe a 5 minute walk from the Fox) might have it, but it isn't necessarily a sports bar - I have been able to snag the TV when it is not in use though. I was downtown for a meeting the other day (our headquarters are across the street from MGM) and took a look around Tap - it looks pretty cool and worthwhile. The garage is usually a convenient in-and-out too when it is not stuffed with the cars of Edison and Quicken Loans employees. Lefty's Lounge over on Cass might have it on as well if you're willing to drive a few blocks over to the WSU campus (Lefty's is on Cass), but it might be packed because of the World Series as well - they have good service and good food, however, or at least that's my experience. 


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I will be at the Dirty Trick, one block south of the fox on Woodward (same side of street).  I will be enlisting the help of the owner to get a tv switched to UM.  I have not actually cleared this plan with him, but there are a dozen large tvs, so one UM screen does not seem like a difficult thing to accomplish.  If I can't, I will be looking for a new bar and a new friend. 


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You might want to check out Tap (I think that's the name), a new sports bar in the MGM.  It replaced the Wolfgang Puck restaurant.  I'm sure they have tons of TVs.


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Simple solution: find a hippie, get him drunk and high on marijuana, give him some sandpaper toilet paper to make him into a sore-ass, and sit next to him while watching the game.  There, you get both experiences in one.