What is the problem with Ohio?

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"Jonathan Chait, a New York Magazine writer who did a whole series on Ohio, decided that the story of Circleville (Ohio) might answer the question that served as a catalyst for his reporting. 'What is the problem with this state?'" 

Ohio was settled by Hitlers.”

What are the odds that a Hitler went to Ohio State? 

Enquiring minds want to know!

Here is the NY Mag link too.



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some of my ancestors settled there, created some settlements, have towns, lakes with our namesake. But, great, great, grandpa was smart enough to keep going and ended up in Michigan...


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It's on 52 somewhere between Cincinnati and Portsmouth. Little more than a sign and a gas station now, although there was supposed to have been some kind of utopian commune there in the 19th century which met a bad end.


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I will say Ohio does a much better job on taking care of their roads than MI, although I bet Afghanistan also takes better care of their roads than Michigan. But it is really noticeable crossing over on 23.

I dumped the Dope

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on the road construction is that Ohio is a "swing" state, supremely valuable in the electoral college.  Somehow there's a really good lobby going on for the road construction companies...Towit:

I75 thru Dayton was under construction for a good 16 straight years.

475 thru Toledo has been under construction 5 of the last 7 years.

I75 south side of Toledo to ~MM160 was upgraded to 3 lanes and it looks like they are prepping to go further south...would not surprise me to see I75 as 

CinCinnati I-75 has had mountains moved to add additional lanes over the last 5 years.

Granted this is a small snippet of I-75 which I travel frequently by road but its mind boggling given the glacial pace of road replacements in MI.


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He is about as left as it gets these days, and that says a lot. I used to like his takes on Michigan football on rivals but that part of his portfolio is long gone


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and HRC. There's a lot of criticism of him from the left. I'll stop on politics, there is enough information out there to form your own opinion. 

 We probably just disagree about what constitutes "the left".