UCF Snowflakes: General Observations

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This thread will be the repository for any thoughts which defy clear categorization but are still definitely hot take-ish regarding today's game. 



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but in the long run, burning these redshirts makes room for future players. When the talent is maximized, you don't need guys to hang around for five years. Harbaugh is setting himself up to balance out recruiting class sizes, showing the recruits that those who can play and will work hard, see the field. It breeds his competition mentality and will make us better going forward.


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Yes, but, keep in mind that you are trading the contributions of an experienced 22-year-old for an inexperienced 18-year-old -- and that's without even considering the cumulative effects of four years of strength and conditioning.

If you expect a player to leave early, or if you have a glaring need at a position, then burning the redshirt is fine.  If you're just trying to clear out space so you can continue to have large recruiting classes, you're likely hurting yourself; it's better to be more selective and have older players than to cast a wider net but give up a ton of experience.



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I would like to note that the entire team seemed a bit sluggish. Understandable, given the opponent on a second week, though still disappointing. A good sign of this, though--two dropped passes by Jake Butt. That's just not going to happen on a big Saturday. Yeah, there were schematic and personnel issues, but it didn't seem like this was the same intensity as last week.


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running game better make you feel bad.  Against a DL outweighed by 50lbs on average, Michigan could not run the ball. 

Sadly, our defense didn't do much better against UCF's run game--particularly zone reads.  I was hoping they would get some good practice and be the better for it; I don't want to see what some of those plays would look like when run with better athletes. 

Plenty to work on in the run game, both sides of the ball. 

On the upside, Michigan's passing game is looking solid, which is nice to see this early in the season.  Pass defense was also good. 


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UCF was stacking the box for the run which allowed us to work on the passing game...not a bad thing...also, they had a decent strategy since they were so much smaller and quicker.  By jumping around and not allowing our big guys to get a hold of them they were able to sneak in and around to get pressure.  Most teams we play from now on will be similar sized and more traditional match up.  Give them credit for doing what they planned and the only thing they really could potentially do...stop the run...but we said "ok...we'll just throw" and that's the chess game.


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From someone Ace retweeted near the end of the game: "Michigan fans being genuinely peeved about a 37 point lead may be the surest sign the team is actually good again."


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Yes. This.

In fact, I was talking to my wife during the fourth quarter that much of the bitching that was going on despite the score margin - about football things, and some were good criticisms - was a whiff of the past, when we were great, would have this very underwhelming yet decisive win, and people would still be pissed about it somehow.

We are indeed back. The first time someone grades a win like this as a "B-" or below, which might be today, I know we're back. 


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This kinda reminds me of the BYU game. Look dominant for 1.5 quarters and totally meh for the other 2.5. Didn't have much of a run game last year either. Only difference is the defensive busts.

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I'm not trying to criticize the performance. On the contrary, I think Harbaugh tends to keep things very vanilla once the games are in hand and that's why we look just so-so the rest of the game. And I'm fine with that. Fans just need to enjoy the ride and not be so negative.

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...the end of 2015. They passed but didn't run well and struggled against the spread. They're farther along now than they were at this time last year, but they didn't appear today to have made a great leap since the end of last year either. And they won 51-14, so I don't mean to be at all negative. Speight also looked very mature today, so we're getting good answers to one of this year's major questions.

My hope is that we looked back in this game glad that they played UCF's offense. Better to be tested by such an attack now and have time to adjust than to face one for the first time in the Big Ten.