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Some good Wednesday morning reading.

"Talking to Coach Beilein, he's like an offensive genius," Brown told Scout. "The way he gets these guys that aren't really ranked high to be lottery picks in the draft is amazing. It's definitely something that drew my attention."



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"The way he gets these guys that aren't really ranked high to be lottery picks in the draft is amazing.

I don't think he has that problem.  The kid's a saint for looking out for those less fortunate than him.



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I believe personally that is 100% the way to go.  Versus being drafted on potential and hope you get playing time to finish development and roll the dice on a 1-2 year contract.

Buy an injury insurance policy and stay until you feel like college has nothing left to offer you.


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If he were to come, Lavert, Brown, and Irvin are all similar sizes and similar skill sets.  My initial guess would be that Brown and Irvin would play the 3 and 4, which would end up being pretty similar in Beilein's system, with Brown rotating to the 2 (Hardaway's spot) when Caris comes out.  Then Dawkin's could come in at the 3, or maybe there would be another rotation.

I just think that it would be Walton/ 3 guys who are 6'6-6'7 around the same weight, who can shoot and attack the basket (with and without ball)/ Doyle. It would continue to be a tough matchup for the 4 on defense, but the offensive threat should result in a very fun team to watch.  

Also add in the bench of Spike, RAAK, and Dawkins, who all were great at the end of the season, and this team should roll. 


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If he picks Michigan, he should play whatever role puts the ball in his hands as much as possible.

Just thinking about it gets me pretty excited -- how on earth would any opponent be able to defend Brown and Levert out on the floor together?!?  Especially with Irvin and all the other shooters we could have out there spreading the floor for them.


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Dear Jaylen,

Let's show the world what Beilein does with guys ranked #2 overall.  We'll sit down...have subs together (warning: it will be crazy).... and show the world what amazing really is.


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It may still be one and done but he does seem serious about developing.


Said Brown in another interview: "I want to develop. People say I'm ready to go (to the NBA) this year. People say I'll be ready next year. To do what I want to do, I think it'll take me at least two years. I don't want to come into a situation like the NBA and have to develop for two or three years. When I come in I want to be a superstar. Coming in I want to be on superstar status. It's going to take development and it's going to take hard work. I know I can make the business move and be a top-five, top-10 or top-15 draft pick if I just had a solid year in college and left. I love the game too much to chase after the money. I know your health is not secure, but I love the game. I just want to develop and be the best player I can be. When I'm ready, I'm ready."



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Well, the Scout analyst referenced says it's likely to come down to Michigan and Kentucky (although he probably knows nothing and is just spewing gobbledygook).

But if they actually are the team to beat, I find it extremely heartwarming that Brown also says he's not chasing the money. Probably leaves UK without their primary recruiting pitch.

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Same scout that went on to say "I think he would fit into the Glenn Robinson role," said Snow.

Besides their athleticism they are not similar players at all. Glenn was a slasher and spot up shooter who had trouble creating his own shot. Jaylen is a dynamite off the dribble, comfortable in traffic and can create his shot at will.


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The game winner where his man overplayed the inbounds pass, Glenn took one power dribble along the baseline and hung in the air to make a tough shot? Yes I remember that, but that is not creating off the dribble.

Jaylen is more comfortable and fluid off the dribble, especially in traffic


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For all of his athleticism, GRIII still had his dad's slowish foot quickness (for a D1 wing, he certainly wasn't slow for a 6'9 guy), which prevented him from being able to explode off the dribble like he often looked to do.  He showed he had a repertoire of ball fakes he could have used to get space to work with, but he didn't go to that enough -- he tried to play like a guard too much.


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What you posted along with

"Kentucky is probably the best basketball program in America," Brown told Scout late last month. "I took a lot of visits and nobody's basketball program was as good as Kentucky, just with their facilities and how they operate. It's just so professional. Kentucky, I just have so much respect for that program."

Concerns me a little that we don't get him, but only for that reason. We will see.

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picked out Michigan for the way they develop players which is ultimately the end game. They may have the fanciest facilities, but they don't have time to show development because Kentucky players turn pro in a year and they are getting the most talented players to begin with.

Still nervous as hell about Kentucky regardless.

Bleedin Maize …

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Like the twins who possibly regresssed from year one to year two. Cal does not develop talent, he is a babysitter who rolls the ball out there and yells play. His offense is either iso for an uber athletic PG or post up a big guy. No player that he has coached has ever really shown marked improvement over the course of the year, SKILL wise, or, on the off chance they aren't one and done, year to year


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Brown feels he is not a finished product, and stated that that is his biggest concern with his college game.  Kentucky has shown that they can recruit one/ two and dones, but I'm not sure that they develop a great deal in that system.  

Beilein, on the other hand, has shown a ton of development in getting his players into the NBA. I htink his system is also more similar to what the NBA is running in regards to complexity and how it's run. Beilein also is known as a guy who improves your shot (even Stauskus'), which Brown stated was one of the parts of his game that needs improvement.

He will go to the NBA either way, and get plenty of attention either way, but I think that Michigan get's him to the next level of his own game he is trying to achieve.

He also can rest easy knowing his college career won't have an asterisk because of coach Cal's, uh, unique recruiting of other players. haha. 



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You could argue Cal would be doing that to land him.  Cal is known for playing it straight with recruits and players in regards to their NBA potential.  Regardless of anything else people think of him, Cal has always been a players-first coach.  Further, Brown will make up his mind based on a number of factors, not solely whether or not he'll make the NBA in one year.  If he is a one and done, then that is likely true regardless of whether he goes to UM or UK.

Huntington Wolverine

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"I believe his uncle made a call to the university and spoke to one of the coaches because he has an uncle who is an alumnus," said Eastmond. "Once his uncle made the call the coaches started talking to him"

So it sounds like Brown's camp reached out to Michigan initially. That's pretty cool and shows that Beilen is turning some heads around the country.