clown question

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Sorry for replying yo the first post, but as someone who studies vision I thought I could explain what is going on here. The dress is an example of color constancy and how our mind deals with shadows. Basically:

1) if you see the dress as black and blue, your mind is perceiving the entire picture as overexposed with the dress NOT in a shdow.

2) if you percieve the dress as gold and white, your mind is perceiving the dress as in a shdow, with the rest of the picture NOT overexposed. Because the dress is in a shadow, your mind corrects for the darker images and lightens the dress.


It is in a sense the classic checkboard shadow illusion:


Now what makes someone percieve the dress as in a shadow and others as not, I have no clue. For me, it switches back and forth occasionaly, but I tend to see it as gold and white with a few times seeing it as blue and black.




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It doesn't matter which colors the dress really consists of.  All that matters is that you are on my side of the argument.  I will straight up stab someone.  It's white and orange. 


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I'm completely with you Seth. Having taken photos for 2/3 of my life, and correcting for color, I see white and gold. And even with the picture on the right, I see an improperly exposed photo. For me, the problem is how the question is asked. You can ask two different questions:

  1. What color is the dress?
  2. What colors do you see in this picture?

The first question is what was asked, so I go with white and gold.


February 26th, 2015 at 11:19 PM ^

If your eyes have slightly more receptive rods than cones, you'll see White & Gold as your eyes pick up the shadow/highlight, well, but the color poorly.

If your eyes have slight better cones than rods, you'll see black/blue, as your eyes pick up color but fail to account for contrast.

I see White/Gold, but I can get the impression of blue. Buzzfeed says Black/Blue.

This is why all NASA images are always marked that color is approximated. it's all about perception/mixing.


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WTF....I just saw this blow up on twitter. I don't buy the whole reasoning behind seeing colors based on mood. Sure...they can be distorted but not that drastic. Your brain interprets the reflective light containing all colors (white) vs just blue light reflection?

For the's black and blue


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My sister showed me it for the first time and we both saw white and gold. Then someone else showed it to me later and I saw blue and black and they saw white and gold...creepy as hell. 


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I've looked at it multiple times and don't see any blue or black. Just white and gold. I feel like people saying it's black and blue are in on a joke I'm not.



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Wow my sister sent this pic to me 5 minutes ago and it was blue and black. I see it's white and gold now so I go back to the pic she sent and it's white and gold now also. 0_0 total mindfuck