PSU Adding Player Names, Blue Ribbon

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on August 7th, 2012 at 4:11 PM
First time in program history. Ribbon in respect of child abuse. Per WWL



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"We care about preventing child abuse enough to wear blue ribbons, however we kinda feel like none of this is our fault and we shouldn't be punished.  Also, Paterno is a good guy."

Has anyone posed the following question to PSU fans:

If you could go back in time and erase Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, all the records, championships, and child abuse, would you do it?  What would the answer be?


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A guy at my work is a huge PSU fan. He is a good guy and a really hard worker. We talk football every now and then and he has told me he wants Denard to win the heisman this year. However, I haven't brought up any of the PSU issues/sanctions because I'm afraid his opinion will shock the hell out of me.


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I said something like although the program will take a hit and you may not like the sanctions; longterm it the sancitons may help people forgive the school and improve its reputation. He brought it up, so I had to think of something. Went pretty well, so if you are in the corner at the office maybe it's worth a try. 

Chester Cheetah

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My brother is a psu alum and has stated many times that he would trade every national championship, bowl victory and whatever success they had to not have Jerry Sandusky a part of Penn State football ever.

Lumping every psu fan with the loud, obnoxious crazies that the media LOVES to give attention to is incredibly stupid.


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My impression from watching local TV, listening to local radio, observing people, and talking to people is that most PSU fans are disgusted with PSU's inaction in the face of Sandusky's crimes.  There were a lot fewer protests of the NCAA sanctions (in NE PA, anyway) than I expected.  I lot of people are embarassed by PSU, but you don't hear about them b/c they don't post this fact online. 


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It cannot be easy for people who grew up viewing JoePa as we view Bo to come to grips with Paterno's indifference to pedophilia. I know it was hard for me to comprehend his inaction and I am a Michigan fan.

Hell, Germans for years refused to believe that Hitler knew about the death camps. They were positive that the killings were being done without his knowledge. This seems like sheer lunacy to us, but if you consider how much people had emotionally invested in both men  it ought not surprise us to see them express  incredulity at the crimes of their heroes.


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I like the names being added since it makes it much easier to know who the player is without looking it up or waiting for a commentator to say it. However, I have always enjoyed Penn State, Notre Dame, etc. not having the name on the jersey because of the uniqueness of it all.

As for the ribbon, I am on the fence. It is nice to support the victims that went through such a horrible experience, but on the other hand it would be nice to be able to somewhat move on from it.


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I understand what you are saying and I agree with you. What I mean is while it is something that should always be remembered, I would hate for Penn State football to always be surrounded by that horrific event. I would not be opposed to them having the ribbon on the helmets throughout the future, but only if one day we can see PSU football in a new light that isn't shrouded by this issue.

Will it ever be? Who truly knows, but with the history of Penn State football, I just hope they are able to make a new history in the near future and not be reminded of the past.


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With all the contact that happens between football players during a game, how is a ribbon going to stay on?

I'm very interested in watching their first game of the season against Ohio U.  The game comes on at noon on the 1st (great way to calm your nerves over our game with Bama later that evening.) 

The Bobcats are coming off a 10 win season with, I believe, most of their starters back.  I wonder if an ass kicking is inevitable by the end of the 1st quarter.  I'm sure the game will be on the BTN and the announcers will probably spend more time talking about the scandal and player transfers than anything happening on the field. 


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I hope an ass kicking is coming by the end of the 1st quarter.

I'm personally looking forward to the Temple Owls visit on the 22nd...the "blue out" for abuse victims apparently.

I'm looking forward to Temple kicking their ass also. I hope I can get out of the stadium in one piece in my cherry and white gear among those neanderthals.



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I think they should add the lyrics to their fight song to make up the stripes on the helmets. You know, "baaaa, ba, bup-bup-bup baaaaaa, baaaa..."


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"School officials said adding the names was a way to recognize the "resolve and dedication" of the players, as the team faces a four-year bowl ban and loss of scholarships under the severe penalties handed down by the NCAA last month over the school's handling of the Sandusky scandal."

This is probably not a bad  way to recognize them for sticking it out through what will be a very, very rough patch, and it will likely be the first of many progressive changes made by the program and the department perhaps meant to psychologically distance themselves from the Paterno years, I would think. Even if this is a mere prelude to redefining the program in toto, there is something to be said for loyalty to the school even in these circumstances. 

the Glove

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So what you're saying now is penn state has to wear the equivalent of a scarlet letter? Man they're never gonna let those players forget about sexually abusing those children...oh wait, they're not the ones that did.

Wolverine Devotee

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The need to change the helmets IMO. Maybe add the logo to the sides of them or change to blue helmets with logos.

SOMETHING. They need to start over. Besides, their uniforms were always bland anyways. I'm sure the players wouldn't mind something new.


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It's great if this was the current players' idea. But please don't tell me this was some back room deal by the administration to get their penalties reduced.