Possible commitment coming up soon? via 247sports (update)

Submitted by zohizzle101 on March 5th, 2012 at 4:13 PM

Steve Wiltfong, one of the mods over at 247sports.com, just tweeted:


Just got a piece of news that's going to make Michigan fans very excited when I can release.#Wolverines



Rivals mentioned that it might not be McCray and suggested that it might be another top recruit we are after, don't want to mention who since the information is paywalled...think it might be time to


Update: According to Aqua, it is not Gedeon: 

I just talked with Ben Gedeon, who said he has not committed to Michigan.




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I'd be surprised if it's Gedeon. Sounds like he's pretty intent on taking more visits. Then again, Levenberry sounds like he wants to take more visits as well.


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But Gedeon wouldn't make me "very excited", no offense to him. It has to be someone bigger, this could be Isaac. Like I said earlier, I'm hearing a lot of buzzz about him coming off the board soon.


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I would love it if it was Gedeon.   That being said, Gedeon isn't in the 247 Sports Top 247 list.   If Wiltfong is saying that its someone that Michigan fans would be "very excited" about, my guess he either means McCray or someone else like Issac.

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Each team only gets 15-25 recruits a year, so when one commits, I think it's still exciting and that's generally the idea recruiting reporters are going for with their tweets (especially since the recruits are often following the reporters and probably wouldn't do post-commitment interviews if they're tweeting "Hey #Michigan, get meh, you're getting a commit that will lower your average class star ranking").

I'd be excited for any of the people it sounds like may commit - Gedeon, McCray - or someone out of left field we're after hard.


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Whos the two? Its recruiting world so I have no guess. I mean I am not Sam, Ace, or anyone of the other good guys! All I know is its good for us!


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Question: Why does everyone think Isaac is going to commit soon? Hasn't everything we've heard from Isaac suggest that he's going to wait and take visits? Is it just because of reports of imminent commits and Isaac visiting this weekend that people are thinking he's the one? 

I don't think he's committing this weekend, especially after he said this after his ND visit:

I’m not close to making a decision, but I’d like to cut my list to a top three or top five after some more visits,” he informed. “Notre Dame and Michigan are two schools I’m comfortable with and they’ll definitely make my cut.

We're well positioned when he's ready though. It's just not going to be now.


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I know you said the same thing about LTT  (it was clear Michigan was LTT's favorite), but I felt that the string of OL commitments forced his hand, even though he wanted to take more visits. Isaac seems to be indicating similiar things, but he doesn't seem to be under pressure to make a commitment like LTT was. If you're saying that Michigan is Isaac's favorite, then that's great. I wouldn't necessarily be surprised by it. I'd be more surprised by a commitment in the near future though.


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Putting myself in a running back's shoes, I'd start my evaluation of a school with scheme and O-line.

I'm trying to be objective, but I think it's about even between Michigan/ND for scheme and a definite push for Michigan in the O-line department (at least thus far in recruiting).