Pep Hamilton and his time spent as OC of the Indianapolis Colts

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With all of the talk regarding issues with Pep Hamilton, I thought it would be prudent to look back at his time as offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts. Below is a link to an article summarizing a few of the main issues that plagued Pep Hamilton's time in Indianapolis,  which resulted in his firing during the middle of the 2015 season. While I can't comment to the validity of all the points raised in this article, I found this part to be a bit alarming:

"One person in the organization told had that had been asking Hamilton to play with tempo for more than two weeks but that their suggestions weren't being received."

It goes a bit more into depth into the issue, but it does seem that tempo has never been an area Pep has valued or implemented under previous offenses. 

This seems to support the claims that changes need to be made to this offensive staff in order to bring somebody on board who can provide the necessary expertise to incorporate uptempo elements along with a quick strike passing attack.



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The “slow developing passing routes” are designed by the pass game coordinator. Which if Pep is out and replaced, the new passing coordinator would be designing the plays. Which would in all likelihood alter the “slow development,” of the routes. 

If you’re going to complain, it would at least help if you knew how it worked. 


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This thread started with the statement that Pep is on his way out, but you keep talking about him coming back.  He is not going to be fired, he is being given the chance to find employment elsewhere.  So we can worry about the offense continuing to look like crap if none of this plays out.  I'm not just repeating what UMBIG is hearing, I've heard a couple of reports that support the idea he is actively seeking other positions and placing the blame for the offensive failings on other coaches, mainly JH.


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I understand that. My whole thing was if pep doesnt find employment elsewhere (just like last year) then he will be back. Regardless, the point is that harbaugh is not changing his offense. The fact that insiders and pep apparently are blaming harbaugh, then i think we know how this ends and how harbaugh, at least on the surface, is content with his offensive philosophy. 

TD Billy Taylor

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This is a real concern, I think. Guys aren't going to want to come to Michigan if they know Harbaugh has a stranglehold on the offensive philosophy and will not change. They want to know they're going to have control of the offense or, at the very least, the ability to change the offense as they see fit.

Going to be hard to pitch candidates. What can you emphasize besides money? I don't know how you recruit good offensive staffers here with how stubborn Jim is.


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First of all, I agree.  But before we all get too depressed, this also has an upside.  If you're not currently thought of as a top OC candidate, you can still get to take part in play calling at Michigan. 

Wasn't that the case with Warinner?  He was respected as an O-line coach, but it was felt at OSU that he wasn't any good as an OC.  And subsequently he mostly got O-line coaching offers.  But at Michigan he gets to call plays.  I'd guess that makes the job much more attractive.  

So if Warinner stays rather than heads to Bama, we should all keep this in mind when we feel like sinking into a pit of depression over our play calling process.

(If Warinner leaves for Alabama, I think we should all feel free to sink into a pit of depression.) 


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Agreed.  And that collaboration was dynamic with Jedd.  My first watch in person was the 2015 BYU game and the pass attack was dynamic.  I was like "wow, Just wow - great play calling".   His use of motion and play action was fantastic.

Pep's ball control philosophy worked at Stanford because he had the personnel to make that work.  It is not a bad approach, it just requires a certain set of players.  We seem to have moved away from that based of the current personnel and recruits, so maybe the "handwriting is on the wall" and Pep goes back to the NFL.  He is a quality football guy in the right system, so he can add value to the right team.  


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I don't know if Michigan can ever achieve tempo or run a two-minute offense as long as this convoluted process continues. I also wouldn't be surprised if this system prevents Michigan from being able to hire a better coach (if they do this this offseason). You can't put "offensive coordinator" on your resume and only being able to control a part of the offense must be incredibly frustrating for a coach, especially if they were an offensive coordinator at their previous job.


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Well, if it is going to be a collaborative approach again, then we really do need to move along from Pep Hamilton even more than before. A passing game coordinator that actually likes to open it up a bit and isn't a ball control adherent would be a nice change, if we're sticking with this approach. 


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Jay's recruits are damn good ... 4-star Turner and 5-star Chardonnay (my nickname for Zach).  Jay is an ascending coach.  Look at the RB production last year, it was the bright spot of the offense.  He also did a great job with TEs, which seemed to regress last year when he left that group.  The evidence says Jay is a good football coach.


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Everyone here loves to claim that Jim fired or got rid of Drevno and I've seen exactly zero reports stating so. Drevno was looking for a new job for a couple of seasons before he accepted something. Pep is deja vu. An under performing coach of Jim's that he refuses to fire despite lack of results. We can only hope someone hires him away from us similar to Drevno. Sack up Jim.

TD Billy Taylor

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Great point. Really hypocritical for Harbaugh to sit there and bench guys over injuries and kick them to the curb at times but never do that with any of his staff members.

He needs to be more introspective, and fast. This is a results-driven business. We saw OSU go 13-1 with a conference championship and they're still moving on from their defensive coordinators.

Ball is in our court and we need to do something.


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The fact that Jim won’t fire Pep showsus lack of balls to do the job. Frustrating. It’s one thing to hold out a while to say, find something on your own and leave on your terms, but we are going a different direction. I hate this, you lose on candidates but see it for loyalty to guys who have treated him well. But to keep a guy just because he can’t get a job elsewhere is some of the dumbest logic I have ever heard. None of our current employers would act that way with us in the real world. 

I did see lions fired an offensive assistant today. No clue what that guy does, but seems like a solid Pep hire. 



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Yes exactly. Basically Harbaugh is intent on pretty much runnin the same type of crap as last season. The fact that he won't even fire pep shows that he's in that mindset of "I know more than everybody else even tho I haven't won shit and I'll continue doin it my way". Opening the offense my ass, we've heard that before. We'll be talkin the same way next year.


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The Lions fired their OC - Jim Bob Cooter.  I doubt Pep is a candidate for OC.  More likely for QB coach.  George Godsey, current QB coach, may get promoted to OC creating an opening for a QB coach.  Pep fits the ball control mindset the Lions want to develop.  Cooter was kept on at the request of Matthew Stafford. Both Godsey and Davidson fit the ball control mold and were brought in by Patricia last year and thrust onto Cooter.  One of those guys is probably going to get promoted to OC.  Pep fits their offensive philosophy. 


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Does JH realize that its his legacy that is being dragged down by his choice of OCs and offensive game plans ?   In his first two years, all but one of his losses were by a couple of points in the final minutes.  Play it too close the vest and one mistake can be fatal.  As in the Iowa game, where a fumbled KO return around the 20 lead to an Iowa TD that was the difference.  Or the 2016 Orange bowl against FSU, where UM takes the lead in the final 2 minutes only to give up a long KO return that led to a last minute TD.  Not to mention the MSU blocked punt.  2 wasted TOs in the last series and no possibility to change the protection when MSU goes all out block.

It may work in the pros, but in college FB the lesser talent creates too many variables that can flip a game in no time.

If it doesn't work at first, persist persist again !


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@Ajcoss, umbig11 just throws shit at the wall, is extremely vague, and covers all basis same as you or i would. Coming out immediately and saying there would be a big hire at oc, then when that didn't happen and there were no rumblings of it, now says well pep will leave on his own or stay. Anyone with half a brain could figure that. The guy isn't an insider. He's just guessing. Look at his comments on whether Gary would come back from injury this season. He's all over the board, making sure he's got it covered.

I can't believe people actually fall for this stuff. People are so gullible.