OT: U of M Study - Couples that drink together stay together

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Says that couples that do more than one shot of Jager or injest more than a 12 pack of Busch are more likely to end up on the show "COPS" and receive a free ride in a police car.

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without getting graphic, so I'll just get graphic.

Yes, it's best if things are dry, so don't forget to being a towel, which is really good advice for most situations in life.

If you're looking for a little backdoor action, the booty bump is the way to go.  It has the benefit of being a little kinky and dirty and it numbs things up a bit for the upcoming festivities.



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where you throw together an inordinate number of statistics and look for trends.  It might have other purposes and it probably involves no original research, just statistical analysis.  So it's probably cheap and generates a decent amount of ad revenue which is why you see so many of these studies lately.  


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The researchers collected their data within the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), which is a long-term UM project, so this was done with original data. The National Institute on Aging supported the research along with UM.

"Ad revenue" doesn't guide decisions on research topics, since academics would never see any of it. The reason why there is a lot of work done with secondary data is because there's lots of it out there, and there are sufficient econometric and computing tools to explore it and deal with potential issues of causality.

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Couples that __________ (insert common interest) together stay together, says this week's captain obvious research study.

I would be more interested (but still not much) to find out if couples that drink together have a higher likelihood of staying together than say couples who work out together our couples who share a love of going to the theater. That might actually tell us something.

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Though they don't investigate that exact question, one thing they do find is that concordance in non-drinking doesn't have a positive effect on marriage quality, so I don't think the effect is quite so simple as just behaving similarly. But they do acknowledge that this contributes to the broader compatibility theories of marriage quality.