OT- things to do in Columbus for M fans?

Submitted by Blue Indy on July 26th, 2013 at 6:20 PM

Ok, so I'm heading through Columbus on the way back home to Indy from Philadelphia. I'll be there around lunch time and figured I'd drive by Ohio stadium for a few quick pictures and/or facebook status updates. Anyone have any thoughts on something fun to do while I'm there? I'm open to suggestions ranging anywhere from a nice place to grab a sandwich to hijinks involving washable spray paint and a block M. Inspire me, MGoNation!



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Depends on if you are alone or not, but Thurman burger is a must or Schmidts for sausages and beer. Both are located in German Village. Check out Jenis for ice cream after your meal. 


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  • Stand in the town square and loudly discuss the merits of the SEC.
  • Ask everyone walking past "What do you think of THE Wichita State University?"
  • Invite random people to join the official Terrelle Pryor fan club.


Picktown GoBlue

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Westerville.  Remind employees where headquarters is located. Note, carry-out only.

Hit Hoke's favorite ribs spot Montgomery Inn (chain from Cincinnati) in Dublin.


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Club 185, short north, Ugly Tuna Saloona, Charlie Bar, Big Bar, Front St Pattio a lot of great places to grab a brew! Wearing your M hat on campus is actually not a big deal. They are much softer than they use to be. I wore my M hat at Charlie Bar once nobody said anything. Got some shit for wearing a Texas one though. :/ that didn't sit well with me.

Section 1

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... daytime, almost anywhere = no problem.

Nighttime, off campus = no problem.

Nighttime, on High St. = You're asking for trouble.


Things to do:

  • Eddie George's Restaurant is pretty good.
  • Jack Nicklaus Museum is spectacular.
  • The grand entryway to Ohio Stadium is very nice.
  • Might as well take a look at historic St. John Arena while it is still there; sadly it is coming down.
  • Scioto Country Club is magnificent but it's private.
  • Mirror Lake and that area of campus.
  • If you want to go to Jeni's, the one in Old Dublin is sweet.
  • You know they have a casino, now?  One of the Hollywood chain.  I am not a casino guy; I have no idea what they are like.  It is in the southwest part of the city.
  • German Village (Lindey's is a very fine restaurant).
  • Short North.




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Yeah, you need to go to Thurman's in German Village and try to polish off one of their burgers. Good luck. And while it's been over a decade since I was last there, the Newport tended to have some good bands at night.

There's an OSU store in Easton (giant mall near Columbus) that I once walked through singing Hail to the Victors as part of a scavenger/activities hunt. I... would not recommend you do that. They don't like it.


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I had some pretty file ales at Columbus Brewing Co.  Short and Liberty St., IIRC.  Worth your time and money in my mind.


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I second the suggestion of Thurman's. Its quaint, local, and delicious. The burgers are not only ridiculously large, but actually taste good. They also server deep fried pretzel bites.

I had schmidt's for lunch today, they have a sausage buffet unequaled in my experience. Way too many jokes to be made, so I'll leave them to your imagination.

Although nowhere near the Horseshoe, Columbus does have one of the 2 best zoo's in the country. While some claim it is the best, I'd still take San Diego every day. They do have little leopard cubs right now that are adorable though.


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Tuesday night is open mic comedy night at Scarlet and Gray's on High Street just north of Lane. Cap City Diner on Olentangy River Road is solid, and so is Columbus Fish Market.

Fab and Fresh

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Schmidt's Sausage Haus (actually that was already suggest as well) is awesome. I suggest saving room for a cream puff for dessert. It really is quite an attraction of a restaurant.


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When younger, much younger, we played in a Sunday baseball league with teams from the Greater Muskegon area making up the league. One particular Sunday we were still waiting for the other team to show up a 1/2 hour after the scheduled start time. One of my buddies got really pissed and said, "F it, if no one else is going to use that other dugout today, i will." So he proceeded to said dugout, dropped his baseball pants and proceeded to to drop a major league Deuce on the bench.  No sooner was he done and returned to our side of the white lines, than the opposing team pulled up and begin entering the dugout. I mean the steam was still rising north when they made their entrance. Both teams got some major league laughs over that little stunt.