OT - Horay! Get your alumni association membership from Groupon for half off

Submitted by poseidon7902 on May 16th, 2014 at 8:11 PM

anyone else embarrassed?  






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If you're able to purchase this doesn't that mean you have a degree from UM?  Not embarrassed about that at all.


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The alumni association and athletic department are both run by people who will do anything for a buck and see tradition as just something that can be exploited for money. It's pathetic.

Sweet Life

May 17th, 2014 at 10:29 PM ^

I'm not sure why it matters that he isn't an alum.  It is an administrative position, with job responsibilities very similar to a lot of other adminstrative positions.  There are a lot of administrators at UM that aren't alums, just like there are a lot of professors who didn't graduate from UM.  Should every coach and administrator in the Athletic Department be a former UM athlete?


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Don't we already have the biggest alumni association? Seems like a good way to get new people involved! I think they have a big push going on right now, one of my friends is a "captain" and is trying to recruit other people to help her recruit new members. We renew annually but we plan to buy the lifetime membership next year. 

Edited to add it's for a 2-year membership. $69 for single, $79 for joint. 


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but I don't see the point. I've been out in the real world for a few years and still feel reasonably connected by the network of Michigan bars. Not sure what benefits you get from AAUM that make it worth the money


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You should take a quick look at joining.  I'm a long time member and last year decided to shop my insurance.  Went through the AAUM, had them quote and between house and cars saved $700 from what I had been paying.  It basically paid for a lifetime membership. There are other benefits if you dig through the website. 


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What you get from it: discounts on alumni association events (there are very many that do not involve watching a sporting event), access to single-game football tickets (not worth much this year, but usually is a big perk), business and career networking, discounts on a number of products/services. The dues are tax-deductible, too. 

Mike Kenn

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gross? your attitude is gross. all a michigan degree means is that your daddy had enough money to send you there. OSU, U of I, Wisconsin, all Big Ten schools are the same thing. I met a Michigan Man at the mall the other day....he was working at a zumiez skateboard shop. he made my little brother his skateboard. i love michigan sports, but i really hate the snobby alumni who think they are important


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I've got two degrees from Michigan, and my father provided about $2,000 total.

Never been interested in joining, since I could never discern any tangible benefit for the $$ that exceeded the cost. However, I had no idea that non-UM grads could join, which if true is ridiculous. Putting it on Groupon further commodifies—and devalues—membership, like it was a restaurant dessert or movie tickets.

The fact that the Alumni Association is run by somebody who isn't a UM grad just renders the thing a farce. We're hammered every day with the whole "Leaders and Best" hoo-ha, yet they can't find within the illustrious alumni base anybody capable of running the Association?


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to do is work in a professional capacity for a while, come across enough folks who are alums and not alums, and you will discover how very, very, wrong you are. This is not to say that there are not equal or better institutions the UM, but not those you have listed here.
On the other hand, the individual has a lot to say about this as well; for certain, there are UM degree holders who would make you cringe and wonder how this could be. But by and large, the average is towards excellence.


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Allowing outsiders to join is not a new concept. My parents (football and basketball season ticket holders since '79) joined the AAUM in 1992 and neither of them ever attended UM.

The people running AAUM and Dave Brandon have nothing to do with this. It's been an option for quite a long time.


May 17th, 2014 at 3:07 AM ^

Have you searched "groupon alumni"? Sparties and buckers are scoring jokes off of us because of this. This really does cheapen the value of the membership. It's sad that the alumni association has gotten so desparate. 


The organization is falling apart, many of my alumni friends have grown tired or even angry of the organization. The University really needs to take it over andrun it the right way for the right reasons.

Instead of joining the alumni association, consider donating to ANY part of the university to really make a difference.


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I sincerely don't care if Spartans or Buckeyes mock our Alumni Association, since that seems even more desperate of an attack. However, point taken and this seems like a trend of the University going from "offering a privilege" to "begging for money."

Sweet Life

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I haven't seen any evidence that the organization is falling apart.  Alumni organizations exist to help keep alums connected to their schools.  They encourage you to join by providing certain services that you may or may not like or want - things like a magazine, alumni events, discounts for things like insurance, etc.  If you don't like those things, don't join.  I joined the Alumni Association for one reason - access to Camp Michigania.  For me, that made it worth well more than the cost.

I agree that donations (above the cost of AAUM membership) are better directed elsewhere in the University.  I give annually to the School I graduated from.  I know I got a good education there and I feel that I am paying back for the financial support I got from UM while I was a student.  I love UM sports, but refuse to donate to the Athletic Department, including PSDs - which has caused me to give up my season basketball tickets after 23 years.


May 17th, 2014 at 5:09 AM ^

I will admit I had no idea anyone could join the "alumni" association.  As this is true, is this standard policy?  I.e. for $1000 I could be in 10 alumni associations?  Is that standard across Big 10 schools?  Also why is it  named alumni association if that appears to have nothing to do with the membership?  Maybe they should just call it "Friends of the University of Michigan".

Makes sense to have an association that anyone who wants to be a fan of UM be part of, but this sure is misleading labeling.


May 17th, 2014 at 11:09 PM ^

Or you could go for two years and pick up an associate's degree.

Membership in the Alumni Association is now open to all graduates; that is, those individuals who have earned associate, bachelor, graduate, professional, or honorary degrees from Ohio State, as well as medical resident graduates of the university.

Penn State has a lower standard, you just have to have attended the university:
The following persons shall be eligible for membership in the Association and shall hereinafter be called “Alumni” or “Alumnus”:
(a) All persons who have completed one semester or two terms of work in any University program requiring at least two years for completion;
(b) All persons who have received an advanced degree from the University;
(c ) All interns, residents, and fellows of the University’s Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (the “Medical Center”); and
(d) All post-graduate fellows of the University’s colleges (other than the Medical Center) who have completed the equivalent of one semester or two terms in an accredited program.

Maybe it is a Michigan thing, your little brother has the same standard as you:

Q: May I join the MSU Alumni Association if I'm not a graduate of MSU?

A: Yes! The MSUAA is for "alumni and friends" of Michigan State University. "Alumni" includes both MSU graduates and those who attended MSU, while "friends" means donors, fans, advocates, parents, and so on- -anyone who has an interest in supporting the university.

Or maybe not, Wisconsin also shares Michigan's approach:

Q: I didn't graduate from the UW. Can I still join the alumni association?

A: Yes! WAA welcomes all friends and fans of the university to join the alumni family.