OT: Chance Stewart commits to Wisconsin

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According to Steve Wilfong, Chance Stewart just committed to Wisconsin.  Stewart is a four-star quarterback from Sturgis (MI) in the 2014 class.     It appeared that he was one of the guys in the running for a Michigan offer along with Kizer, Key, Henderson and others.    



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They lost almost their entire offensive coach staff to Pitt in Jan.

New Oline coach is Mike Markuson 

"Markuson replaces Bob Bostad, who served as run-game coordinator as well as offensive line coach before taking a job at Pittsburgh. Markuson appears to be an ideal candidate to serve as run-game coordinator at UW."


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Given PSU will be about as good as a community college team for the foreseeable future, I am OK with a strong Wisconsin so Ohio State can’t knife through their pathetic division each year like a hot knife through warm butter, while we batter and bruise ourselves against MSU, Nebraska and Iowa.  Go Cheeseheads.


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That makes sense. I was kind of assuming Gardner would be the better QB, and sort of weighing how much of an upgrade at WR would Gardner have to be to warrant moving him permanently and going with (what would have to be only a slightly) less good QB.

But now that I've kind of articulated my thinking, it seems crazy that a team would downgrade their QB play in order to get an extra WR, even if he is good. Plus, hopefully the WR situation won't look as bad going into 2013.


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I've assumed that all along about Gardner.  It never made sense that we'd have to wait until the end of his fourth year to find out if he's eligible for a redshirt his first year when we have guys like Jon Horford (in basketball) apparently having already gotten his redshirt.  

I can't imagine that Garder could get a redshirt for 2010 when we continued to dress him every week until the last couple of games of the season.  We didn't even list him in our informal weekly injury reports.  That was just not well thought-out.



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Bellomy is currently playing this season as a rs freshman. Once Morris is able to play in his rs fr year, bellomy will be playing as a rs jr and Devin will be a med rs sr. Or:

Morris - true freshman
Bellomy - rs so
Gardner - sr

One year earlier for next year.


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Some start at the end of August.  Some start in September.  The coaches want three game films, so it will be roughly three weeks into September plus a few days for film transmission/review (if they stick to their plan).  So yeah, I would expect the first offers to come out by the end of September.


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But this is a convenient place to ask: any speculations as to how many OL they go after?  Probably no way of offering more than a guess, but what do informed fans think?  4 OL?


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I'm comfortable with them taking their time on offering rising juniors.  Best of luck to Stewart, but I do wonder how set in stone the commitment is.  

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I think he saw the writing on the wall that it was a long shot that Michigan was going to offer him.  Michigan looks like they are going to be taking their time in evaluating the 2014 QBs, and it has seemed like Stewart has not been a priority so far. The coaches saw him at camp so I am assuming he knew where he stood after that.

I don't even know if he was going to get an MSU offer. MSU has already offered 2015 QB Tyler O'Connor but not Stewart, and MSU will have 3 QBs on the roster from the the 3 classes ahead of Stewart (2011, 2012, & 2013). It's possible MSU doesn't take a QB in 2014.


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Tyler O'Connor is actually a 2011 recruit, so he'll graduate from State in 2015.    They will have 3 QBs on their roster in 2014 (Cook, O'Connor and Terry), but they've already put out an offer to Caleb Henderson and have also had DeShone Kizer on campus recently, so it looks like they want someone in the 2014 class.


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Agreed on Stewart.  The coaches offered Morris earlier in his high school career than they would have offered Stewart.  An in-state kid with the chops to play at Michigan would seem like a no-brainer...unless the coaches aren't sold on him as a prospect.  I think Stewart might be a little too much of a pocket quarterback.  He's kind of a John Navarre-type statue.


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With the QB position, I don't think it is an optimal policy to attempt to sign a highly-ranked QB every year (i.e. high 4-star or 5-star).   All players look at depth charts -- they may say they don't and that they just want to compete for the job, but when you are a QB, you don't want to be stuck in a Griese/Brady/Henson logjam.  Further, if you aim to sign a 5-star every year, it seems like you expect to have a different starter every season (as long as everyone pans out).  The starter will always seem to be the senior (who has the most experience), while the other 5-stars are getting "groomed".

If you tried alternating recruiting superstars and high 3-stars / low 4-stars, I think you'll end up with a better batch of recruits in the long run.  If you alternated at a 1-to-1 pace, then you are forecasting that each 5-star will start for TWO years, while the other QB will see spot duty or will be called upon if the 5-star is injured.

Essentially, if you try to get a 5-star QB every year, you may not get a true 5-star that often.  If you only try to get a 5-star every 2 or 3 years, you might be able to land that 5-star "whenever you want", due to the ability of being a multi-year starter.

I think a similar thing could be said for RBs, and less so for WR's.  Say we signed the #1 overall RB this year -- in my eyes, it'd be much harder to get a 5-star RB next year than if we didn't sign a top RB this year.


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USC does it with QB's and Alabama does it with RB's (I realize Ingram wasn't highly touted) but Richardson, Lacy, and Hart were.  Elite programs that compete for national titles can get away with it.  9-3 teams going to the Capital One bowl can't.

The biggest factor is how much you win (and for USC and Alabama paying players might have a part as well).