Ohio to add new scoreboard at Ohio Stadium in Ohio

Submitted by justingoblue on April 11th, 2012 at 9:59 AM

Title basically says it all. Ohio doesn't release the viewing area, but the structure will be 124*42. They'll be adding new speaker systems throughout the stadium as well. For reference, our scoreboard structures are 108*62 (I couldn't find dimensions for Sparty's new boards). Ohio Stadium will also get text ribbons on the side opposite the scoreboard and HDTV's in the concourses.

The new HD, Panasonic scoreboard will be 42-feet-by-124-feet - the current scoreboard is 30-by-90 and is not HD - and will utilize Surface Mount Diode LED technology that will provide a sharper, clearer and brighter picture with extra wide viewing angles of over 140 degrees.


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Also of note, in reaction to being called "Ohio" so much, 642 new members will be added to the marching band in order to spell out script "The Ohio State University NOT OHIO" during next year's loss to Michigan at the Horseshoe.


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I just think the colors and logo give them very little to work with.  It'd be hard for anything to look much worse than the monstrosity that currently assaults my eyes every time I drive home from downtown Columbus up OH-315.

It doesn't even look like it has good proportion/symmetry. It's like something my unartistic-ass self would have scribbled if I got the word "toilet" in Pictionary.


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If you've ever seen a game at the toilet, you'd know that the scoreboard is far more hideous during games.  Some of the animations on there are simply the dumbest things I've ever seen.  Why would you put an 'O' on the side of a purple cow and have it moo?  It ties into nothing, other than the notion that OSU is stupid. 

Their graphics people emulate an indoor soccer team, but somehow a multi-million dollar athletic department cannot find the money to outperform the self proclaimed Powerpoint expert from the Cleveland Crunch.


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Sadly, I can't do too much trash talking about the A/V in Ohio Stadium. My grandfather's company did a lot of renovation work with the audio wiring, PA system, and probably the scoreboard a while back.

I'd have to ask exactly when and what, but thinking about it, I believe it was pre-1982. Maybe I can trash talk without feeling bad after all, since I doubt any of their work remains.


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takes place on the field. I hope that Michigan can leave OSU fans staring at their new scoreboard in dismay, this year and for many on-years to come. 

rob f

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the fact remains that most of the 102,329 (official capacity) that attend osu games can't read and are functionally illiterate.  While there might be some 5000 or so fans of the opposing teams there for any given game that can read, why devote any space at all on the ohio scoreboard surface for words or messages, is there some ADA requirement that had to be met?