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Submitted by jsquigg on October 27th, 2012 at 11:18 PM

It was looking ok until Denard went out and our defense decided to implode and Bellomy couldn't make a throw to save his life.  Commence the bitching.  Oh, and the refs where all around the worst I've seen this year both ways.  Whisky time....



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vent Noun:
An opening that allows air, gas, or liquid to pass out of or into a confined space.
There is vent. That said, I am concerned why all season we have moved the ball on the ground so poorly. The Vinny Smith runs just don't cut the mustard. Fitz just isn't.  I question Borges and his play calling. Also, looking in the rearview mirror:  who thought replacing Gardner with an inexperienced Bellomy was an acceptable plan? Honestly, I had thought this a gimmick for the first few games of the year but not at this phase. Still, we are on course for the 8-4 season I predicted, shame on me.

Sten Carlson

October 28th, 2012 at 12:13 AM ^

If you cannot see why we're moving the ball so poorly on the ground, I don't think you're a very astute football fan. Michigan OL is just plain weak this season. They get very little push, they're not getting the second level, and when they do open some holes, they close up quickly as they cannot sustain the blocks long enough to let the runners through. Fitz is dancing and running east-west because there is NOWHERE to run.


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So I'm so pissed I can hardly speak.   That was the most incredibly lame offensive show I think I've ever seen from a Michigan team.  Even before Denard went out.  Its been the same thing over and over against decent competition for the past two years, last week against MSU was no different.  If I was the Nebraska defensive coordinator I could have done nearly as good of a job today, and last week as well.  SERIOUSLY, keeping Bellomy in for the entire second half without trying something with Gardiner, thinking we would be able to run the ball with NO THREAT of a passing game, COULD IT REALLY HAVE BEEN ANY WORSE.  I give big kudo's to what the defense has been able to do with a lot of underclassmen and few juniors and seniors (KUDO's to Greg and the defensive players), but Borges just plain SUCKS.  I'm sorry, but we have gone from Rich-Rod who could run an offense but not have a defense, to Hoke, who has re-established a defense but has Al "I personally suck eggs and can't be creative" offense, so which is worse.  My suggestion to the team: Hoke you need to get someone who can taylor your offense to your personnel and has some creativity and get rid of the IDIOT who is Al Borges!!  If Bellomy is really our second best option at quarterback, you REALLY, REALLY are an overpaid idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would have thought that you would have a better backup plan for when (NOT IF) Denard was injured.  Obviously I have given you (Borges) a whole lot more credit than is due, and the Michigan Athletic Department is paying you a significant amount more than you are worth!!!!!

Nosce Te Ipsum

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The Official Vent Thread isn't a place to dispense some justifiable anger? Whether it be in defense of one's anger or in defense of another's displeasure is not relevant. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity so i'll back away from you very slowly and make sure not to quarrel with someone of your intellect in the future.

no joke its hoke

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this loss sucks but the thing that bothers me the most is the wr's. i probably shoud have known not to expect much from them but damn they have been bad. other than gallon i dont see it being any better next year. hope im wrong!


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The receivers aren't good but, in Roundtree's credit he was robbed of the one catch and Gallon was going to lose 2 yards if caught the one WR screen. Gardner is a good athlete but if he is gonna get hit he won't make the catch. We needed to get the ball back in the hands of Drew " The Threat" Dileo, he always makes the catch.

South TX MFan

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It's truly inexplicable to me how we have one of the fastest, most dangerous running QB's in the nation, if not ever, and we constantly bottle him up with horrible play calling. Just totally uninspired crap. Sure Denard can make something out of nothing against mediocre teams but against any defense with a pulse our offense has been pretty much shit.

SF Wolverine

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We seem somewhat short in this category. Thought D-line was great tonight, particularly in first half. Linebackers were great, couple breakdowns n secondary but not end of world. O-line was good enough. But, looks to me that this team has a single skill player (I am ignoring our place kickers). When he goes down, we are without any offensive threat whatsoever. I expect Funchess to develop, but there are no clear candidates for talented skill players next year at this point in the season. Not good.


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Green and Treadwell are no sure things.  No player is until they perform in college.  Jake Ryan was a 3 star who had no major offers outside of the MAC until Michigan came calling.  Will Campbell was a 5 star flop.  Green and Treadwell are names - with pretty stars next to their names in the recruiting publications.  It means nothing.  

We need a stud WR and a stud RB - period.  Who those names are - who knows.


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Especially when you see other teams that do not appear to be any better than us be able to put in back up QBs and win.  I guess Denard is and has been our entire offense for a while now, this just proves it.  But, why, after so long, have not been able to recruit capable guys that can win games without Denard?  I mean I understand a back up not being as good, but three interceptions is significantly worse than what should be expected.


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I hope we appreciate how blessed we have been to have Denard for the last couple of years. Desmond doppelgänger. Make something out of nothing. UM record setter. Big Ten record setter. Conquerer of staff infection. Dancer at bball games. RIchRod bridge. Michigan Man. And much, much more. I describe him as pure joy on the football field. We are in for a world of hurt when he graduates and I hope everyone realizes this.


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he is a poor man's charlie weis. took a decent team to a great record with another coache's players. but he clearly cannot get this team prepared to play any important game, especially those on the road. this team is clearly garabage and will be much worse when denard leaves next year. although if he's done the rest of the season, this team won't make a bowl game. 


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meh.  His first class are a bunch of frosh.  Just him when he has 3 classes under belt.  Until then he is managing.  He has an elite d-coordinator who has been making a lot out of 'average', and a ho hum offense coordinator.  I just hope he is not "Bill Ford" loyal to the OC who is a dime a dozen coordinator to me.  

The 2014-2015 teams will be what Hoke should be judged on.


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Can ever annoucer please stop telling us that Denard is one of the toughest players in the country when he is not. Obviously he is our best QB and one of the all time great athlete's to play at UM and we need him to win, but if he was as tough as Vincent Smith, he would have come back in the game. If he comes back in and takes snaps with his left hand and runs every down, we have a better chance in that game.


October 28th, 2012 at 1:27 AM ^

You are saying that Denard isn't tough because he wouldn't come back into the game at quarterback, take snaps one-handed, and try to lead an offense without the physical ability to throw the ball?

While you're at it, why don't you call Marcus Lattimore a pansy-ass for waiting for that weak-ass cart to haul him off the field. HE HAD ONE GOOD LEG, HE COULD HAVE HOPPED.

God damn Michigan fans piss me off sometimes.


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RE: Denard's injury.... (I'm not a doctor)  I've been dealing with an ulnar nerve issue in my dominant hand for about 18 months.  I have a slight impingement of the nerve.  2 rounds of steroids, 3 bouts of physical therapy, and 1 elbow surgery later.... I stil have numbness and drop shit all the time.  I also have some slight radial nerve issues as well, but its minor compared to the other issue.  Those nerves can give you pain and numbness from the fingertips to the shoulder.

I'm not saying Denard has a serious long-term issue, but speaking from a similar experience with nerve issues in my arm, I couldn't imagine throwing a football let alone holding onto one.  Again, I'm not saying omg Denard is lost.  Its probably a stinger like funny bone hit that will be fine next week.  I have to respect the coaches for holding him out in the 2nd half.  Nerve issues are serious business....

It does suck losing in the crop circle though...


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Still no playmakers on the outside, I am still hopeful for a few swing passes to "norfleet." This offense blows, nice play by the WR tonight, way to catch the football.



I still like to scream for craig like the old man in Friday "Get em Craig!!"


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If I've counted correctly, 2002-2011 we had three games in which we failed to score a touchdown. Two in 2002 (Iowa and OSU), one more against OSU in 2007. This year we've had three now.

I'd be interested to know when was the last time we went two consecutive games without a TD, but don't feel like figuring it out myself. Weirdly, in 1998 there were two consecutive games where we scored 12 points, but both times that was by TD, FG, and safety (and we won both).


October 28th, 2012 at 12:14 AM ^

In 2002 against Iowa the 6 points did come from a touchdown, but the extra point was blocked.

The last time Michigan failed to score a touchdown in two consecutive games was in 1962 when they were shut out three times in a row.

Glen Masons Hot Wife

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bringing in shit coordinators.

It's michigan FERFUCKSAKES.  Is it that hard to find a proven coordinator that wants to coach here?

First Rodriguez undermines Schaffer, a proven DC and brings in his crony, GERG.  I can't remember a Michigan defense ever being that bad.  Cost Rod his job. 

Then Hoke brings in Al Borges, a guy with a proven track record for mediocrity, or above average with the right talent.

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.