Michigan Basketball 2012 recruiting class on campus

Submitted by Leaders And Best on June 23rd, 2012 at 6:32 PM

The new freshmen are on campus and can't wait to see them play.

I'm not sure if their official numbers had been released already, but it looks like GR III will wear #1, Albrecht #2, McGary #4, and Stauskas #11. Not sure about LeVert.



June 23rd, 2012 at 10:20 PM ^

Stauskas is 6'6 now so to me he looks like he can easily be 6'7.. most of the recruiting websites haven't updated Stauskas' size.  To me, I felt the opposite as you when I looked at the photo. I thought instead of GRIII looking short, that Stauskas and Levert looked like very good sized SG/SF prospects.


June 24th, 2012 at 2:05 PM ^

I'm pretty sure GRIII is not slated to play Power Forward. He is a Small Forward through and through, and by the looks of this picture he seems to have really nice size for that position, especially in college.


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McGary--he looks like a gentle giant. a lot of his critics said he plays the game to softly, hopefully this isn't the case. I'd hope he is a bruiser.

Robinson--the leader of the pack. I mean look at him, he just looks like a leader. hopefully he will be given his rise in the rankings and our expectations

Stauskus--the cool disinterested guy. he just looks calm, hopefully he can be calmly knocking down threes for a couple of years

LeVert--the goofy guy. no reason for it or any hopes hear. He just looks a bit goofy to me. i don't know what to expect from him

Albrecht--the little guy just happy to be with the rest of them. he comes in without high expectations. i'm hoping he takes that as motivation to prove himself


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I do not post much, but i really needed to log in to reply to this post.....

Whoever says McGary plays soft, well, stop listening them for advice.  McGary is no Steve Elmer.

Robinson has the potential to be the stud of the class.  His rankings would suggest that.  But make no mistake.  Those that really know basketball know McGary is the main guy in this recruiting class.  But Robinson has that thing they call potential.  Sky is limit for him.  But you KNOW what your going to get with McGary, and McGary will be a huge piece in Michigan getting to its first final 4 in a long, long time.  He is just that 'ready'.  

Either Robinson's height is greatly inflated, or Stauskus/Lavert grew a ton in a short period of time.  Lavert even looks a quarter of an inch taller or so.

Lavert will be a huge contributor by the time he is a junior/senior. Dont expect nothing from him for 2 years, then expect him to turn into a upperclassman leader his last 2 years.

Young John Beilein

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GRob3 is probably about 6'5 from what I've seen.  Doesn't prevent him from playing way above the rim.  Nick is about 6'6 legit and is about as excited as anyone to play ball.  If he's bored, it's because he can't wait to compete.  Only concern with McGary is him getting into foul trouble if he can't harness his aggressiveness.  Levert is physically immature.  I think he grew like 6 inches in the past couple years.  So clearly he needs to keep filling out, but it sounds like he will be an efficient scorer once he gets there.  Not sure how goofy he is, but if we can keep pulling kids from his hometown, it's good with me.  I'm not holding out a whole lot of hope for Albrecht realistically.  I would love for him to prove me wrong but he lacks size and athleticism, and is not a great shooter. 


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Stauskas is going to surprise a lot of people... 

He is so much more than a 3 point shooter...

Obviously, he can knock them down with ease... but the kid is great at attacking the basket too. His athletcism is very underrated.


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Im very curious to see how LeVert will be used and how he will pan out in 3 or 4 years as well. So much mystery behind those two on the left.

I could be wrong but I thought the rest of the 2012 Footballers hit campus today too for the start of the second summer semester.


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Stauskas turnin out to be the leader if this bunch. The kid just seems like a hard worker and you can tell he came to campus in shape. B1G Champs and Final Four! Bank it!


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It's hard to get perspective on how tall and big basketball players really are

so with that aside, Spike looks like he's 5'7" and 130 lbs in this picture


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Sorry, but it's against the rules of taste and history to mention "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" and credit Jalen without mentioning the great Gil Scott-Heron.  

I'm not really a big rap or hip hop fan, but everyone in those genres should build an altar to GS-H and kneel to it every time a paycheck comes in.  He was at least twenty years ahead of his time.


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As mentioned earlier, the football players are here as well. Pipkins and Richardson are really funny. Royce is a great guy too, played NBA 2k12 with him in the dorm.