MBB vs. Madrid Generals happening now

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There appears to be no way to watch or listen to the game, but the men's basketball team kicks off its preseason European tour today in Madrid. Mlive's @AndrewKahn is tweeting updates:

At halftime, Michigan is tied at 39. The scorers:
Poole: 10 points
Brazdeikis: 8
Matthews: 7
Johns, Davis, and Brooks: 4 each
Teske: 2

Teske and Simpson limited due to foul trouble.

— Andrew Kahn (@AndrewKahn) August 20, 2018



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Brendan Quinn is also live-tweeting, didn't mean to give him the short shrift:

Michigan takes its first lead — 29-28 — on six straight points by Ignas Brazdeikis. U-M is on a 9-1 run with 4:49 left in the second quarter.

— Brendan F. Quinn (@BFQuinn) August 20, 2018


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Wonder how many games it takes for Iggy to start over Livers. Nothing to do with today's first half, just thinking out loud a bit. 

OR, will Beilein prefer to have Iggy's spark off the bench, similar to how Poole provided an offensive spark last season. 


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I just saw Iggy over Livers.

We'll have to see what Livers brings to the table, too. Not every player under Beilein grows, but as much as I expect Poole to make a leap, Livers could develop significantly as well. 

Honestly, though, it depends upon who is shooting well. Beilein could get away with hiding Duncan on the bench last year because he had MAAR and especially Mo available to create floor spacing. This year he may need a dead-on shooter on the floor from the beginning to make the offense work, and Iggy might be that guy. 

Shop Smart Sho…

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I doubt it happens this year. They have him learning two positions, and apparently his defense is quite a bit behind his offense. The chances of a freshman learning the offense and defense at the 2 & 4 well enough to force out a returning starter seems to be slim to none. 

I think it's pretty safe to say that none of the freshmen are going to be starters this year, barring an injury.


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madrid generals?  seriously?  was simpson dribbling around in circles on his knees?  did matthews throw a bucket of water into the stands?  did poole pull the ref's pants down?


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UMHoops has a recap of the game with some bare bones info.


Iggy lead the team with 17 points, Matthews had 13 and then in the surprise department Davis had 12 while Brooks/Johns had 8. Poole had 12 as well.


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I do not believe Michigan has a "surprise department" included in this roster. This is a deep, talented roster that needs to figure out how to win games. They have both a lower floor and a higher ceiling than last year. The question here is "Who is going to be the steadying hand in crunch time?"...basketball games are not won with emotions...MAAR was invaluable. Hopefully it will be an interesting year-in a good way. 


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Congratulations to Coach Saddi Washington on his first victory as interim head coach of the Michigan men's basketball program!