Mark May support?

Submitted by mgokev on October 3rd, 2010 at 7:57 PM

Normally, Mark May is unbearable to listen to because of his constant and prevalent bias against Michigan.  However, has anyone else noticed that he seems to be very pro-Michigan and pro-Denard lately? Or is it just me?  If I recall correctly, I think he even got into a mild argument with Lou Holtz about how good Denard has been and how he deserves the Heisman if the voting were today.  Of course, Lou was getting all agitated and fired off a bunch of words in which I could only make out "Cam Newton", but seeing Mark May actually defend a Michigan player seemed very odd.



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He was just stoking the flames under Lou's chair. I've begun to think that he just loves to light Lou's fuse and watch the fireworks.


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I don't think I have ever seen Lawyer Lou.  Please tell me it is a skit where he is "grilling" someone on the stand.  The only thing to make it better would be at the end when he said "let's go" and then smiles awkwardly until the camera cuts out.

Dan TrueBlue

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Wow.  I just saw Lawyer Lou for the first time today!  He and Mark were debating whether Oregon deserved a #2 ranking over Ohio State now.  I swear it was the most [unintentially] funny thing I"ve ever seen on ESPN.  I can't even tell you funny it was because I couldn't understand a single thing he said.  But he sure was animated on that podium, and kept talking and taunting Mark even after the cameras shut off.


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Greatest pep talk in history. I watch this at some point on an annual basis, and to this day will never forget the shock on my face when he said that beating Oregon somehow had ramifications long term to when your wife runs off with the drummer...


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The first two games of 2007 is something that I would rather have completely erased from the historical record and from public consciousness. OK, maybe also the entire 2008 season - but at least with that there are rational arguments that make it seem not quite so bad.


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You are correct.  Mark May has strongly supported Denard for the last couple of weeks, and jumps down Lou's throat when he mumbles something about "Denard washn't even the shtarter four gamesh ago sogiths ogshhhooogi [rest inaudible]. . ."


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It was a little creepy really. I noticed the same thing and turned to my wife and asked, "did I miss the moment that Mark May jumped on the bandwagon?"


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yeah i noticed that too..lou holtz really has something against Michigan..what can you expect from a senile spitting old man who coached or assistant coached at our 2 biggest rivals (OSU ND) and at Minnesota, he could probably use that little brown jug these days to spit in..though i dont think he ever won it.


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I don't want to stir up the wrath of angry Michigan negbanger, but it seems to me that no analyst has ever been free from bias and that the Michigan fanbase has overreacted to certain comments/dialogue from certain TV/radio personalities.  As Michigan fans we shouldn't be surprised when national personalities like Cowherd, Rome, May, etc. give limited opinions when they cover such a broad scope.  We also shouldn't jump to torch and pitchfork mode everytime someone says something questionably negative about Michigan.  Winning will cure the haters and dilithium helps.


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Mark May seems like he just waits for Holtz to make some generic statement or cliche about a team or coach then jumps all over him.   He's just trying to make himself look smart.

In any event, Denard's crazy stats put him in the Heisman talk right now.   Now that we're moving into the meat of the schedule we'll see how that holds up.

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I wouldn't know...I just mute the TV anytime he, Holtz, Robert Smith, or Craig James come on. About the only ESPN opinion I take seriously anymore is Herbie's.


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Kept rolling his eyes Sat night when they kept bringing up Denard. He basically said Michigan hasn't faced any credible defense and Michigan doesn't have a Steve Slaton in the backfield and Denard will either get hurt or wear down as Michigan rolls through B10 schedule
<br>Did he ever beat Michigan?


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Denard in this offense has been prolific - record breakingly so. That and his "aww shucks" charisma make it hard not to love him - even if you absolutely hate Michigan football. The only knock on him that anyone can say is "he can't tie his shoelaces" or "he's too small for the Big Ten, he's going to get hurt." I don't blame Mark May, Rittenberg, or anybody for jumping on his bandwagon. I'd bet after next weekend Mark Dantonio will join his Heisman campaign.


October 3rd, 2010 at 8:57 PM ^

You can always tell with May, he is plain as day obvious...he didn't care for Rich, didn't care for Lloyd at all as coaches, but Denard he loves and because of that he never dogs denard or the offense but does call out the defense wich face it, all of us do.

Lou, he is so stuck on notre dame that when michigan wins it somehow was because of notredame doing it......   He hates michigan and you can tell.


But as other posters also stated, yeah Mark May also likes getting under Lou's skin


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Believe it or not there are actually a lot of people around the country including Cam Newton that think he is better then Denard.  I think that kind of talk is assinine.  Denard is one of a kind.  Cam Newton is another Pryor at best.

Promote RichRod

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is basically assigned an argument that each talking head is supposed to use to appease different fan bases, regions, monied interest, etc.  It's not coincidence when each talking head chooses a different "game to watch" this week or "upset alert game of the week."  Even when something basically demands unanimous agreement (i.e. Denard for Heisman frontrunner) people will simply quickly agree as an aside then point out someone else to "keep an eye on."  Holtz plays the Denard doubter while hyping Cam Newton, May plays the rational Denard hyper, etc. etc.

I don't take anyone seriously on ESPN and you shouldn't either.  None of their opinions are actually their own.  OK, maybe Holtz, but he is only on the network for comedy value and he happens to appease a giant fan base.


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Lou Holtz said Notre Dame would win a national title last year and be heavy favorites to beat Alabama in the national championship when they do reach it. He then went on to say Jimmy Clausen would win the Heisman. He obviously knows his football. In all seriousness though, how's he even have a job at Espn. He can't go to live games at campus because the lighting exposes his excessive amount of spit. He favors Notre Dame in everything. And he makes no sense in what he says (Denard not being the heisman front-runner while Cam Newton is.) Lou Holtz shouldn't even have a job.


October 3rd, 2010 at 11:46 PM ^

Mark May likes trendy picks.  Denard is new and exciting and he can claim he was behind him all the way if he wins the Heisman.  If he doesn't due to either injury or massive defensive failures costing us wins, he will jump off the bandwagon and onto another just as quickly.  They say what they think the country wants to hear.  It's the same reason I can't stand Musburger.  The "phanton second" in East Lansing with Musburger calling the game was the first time I can remember dropping the f-bomb at the TV.  Not aimed at anything in the game (although it pissed me off), but more at how Musburger made it sound like MSU was going to win all along.  Now-a-days I don't take anything ESPN says seriously.  They lost their edge a while ago.

It is fun, however, to watch Lou Holtz get all pissed off about the constant Denard hype.  Poor guy just can't will his Irish to make any headlines he can slobber on.


October 4th, 2010 at 12:21 AM ^

I don't care for Holtz's opinions but I must admit the old man can be funny at times. I also like the chemistry that he, Davis and May have on that show. The "Few Good Men" skit they did a week ago was hilarious.

M_Born M_Believer

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Mark May is not the only ESPN talking head that is a big Denard supporter.  Craig James has been very open about his love and admoration about Denard.  I was watching the A&M vs Okl St game last week when they were comparing Jarrod Johnson to Newton and Pryor.  James piped in that he would still take "that little guy that no one can catch in Ann Arbor."  James also stated in one of the pre-game shows earlier that he would take Denard over everyone else in college football to start a program right now.