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10/11/2014 - 7:46am Yubnub

Brandon: OK, but after your funeral pyre, I'm doing fireworks over Endor!!

10/06/2014 - 12:48pm UCB

My 90's sketch comedy show of choice was Upright Citizen's Brigade.  The Utah game this year was my own personal "Bucket of Truth" where I realized the unmitigated, unadulterated, immutable truth about our prospects this year.

01/10/2011 - 9:03am There goes Elvis! Yo, king!

Woaw, hey, stop it!  Hey ... this might be a good look for me.

01/03/2011 - 8:13am 3)

3) Z days until next "There are..." post

11/19/2010 - 12:12pm Yeah but

Yeah but they only get one blitz per a set of downs

11/11/2010 - 12:57pm The Defense

If they could, they would, but they don't know how.

11/11/2010 - 12:51pm and For Great Justice.

and For Great Justice.

11/08/2010 - 10:05pm Me too

This was one of the few games I actually got to go to as a young lad, and I just happened to be in row 30 or so in the South endzone.  I will never forget heading toward the exit, with everyone else still stuck in their seats with their mouths wide open.  Sigh.

11/06/2010 - 4:16pm See??

Take THAT, all the naysayers who say there has been an "erosion of Christmas values" since RR arrived.

11/06/2010 - 4:10pm Yes!!

10/26/2010 - 8:28am Big Truck

It certainly isn't something that you just dump something on.

10/21/2010 - 1:50pm Sigh

When is Brian going to start picture paging things Michigan does right?  I can't take any more of these detailed analyses on why Michigan can't stop anything ... I need something positive once in a while.

10/15/2010 - 3:08pm Fantastic

Although I love this, here's to hoping we never ever have to hear about BB again

10/13/2010 - 1:08pm Livening it up

Chi's Chi's has been closed for 6 years after a Hepatitis A outbreak at one of its restaurants.

If I were Baltimore Sports Report, I'd stick with Olive Garden.  Maybe not though ... I really hate those commercials.

10/12/2010 - 12:54pm It wouldn't surprise me if a

It wouldn't surprise me if a State fan did that to their own car

10/12/2010 - 10:51am Here you go

Nothing helps me more than Brian's 'This Week In Schadenfreude"

No matter how bad it usually seems, someone else almost (emphasis on almost) always has it worse.

10/12/2010 - 10:51am Here you go

Nothing helps me more than Brian's 'This Week In Schadenfreude"

No matter how bad it usually seems, someone else almost (emphasis on almost) always has it worse.

10/11/2010 - 4:31pm Coach Rodriguez looks very

Coach Rodriguez looks very consistent in each of these weekly pressers ...

10/11/2010 - 1:52pm Oh man

Michigan went from a 22% chance of getting 11 wins to like, 1 1/2 %?  Ugh.  Not that I ever thought it was possible anyway, but what a grim shift ...

10/11/2010 - 12:46pm It used to

He wasn't on the field for the end of the 2001 game then.  I've never heard anything so loud.  Spartans have a limited skill set, but they can definitely scream.

10/11/2010 - 12:40pm Came here to say the same thing

I was in the band ~10 years ago, and ND was the only place we ever travelled to that actually clapped for us on the way out.  Not one or two people here and there; just about everyone from the stadium all the way to the busses.  Usually I was just happy not to get beer thrown on me at away games; getting applause was just surreal.

10/07/2010 - 10:03am Yeah but

That's because UofM fans have more money than State fans

10/06/2010 - 3:03pm I wish I had more

This isn't as much as it sounds.  During this time, only 3 times was a loss predicted, and Michigan won ... not exactly a reliable data set.

10/05/2010 - 2:37pm This is immediately what I thought of

10/05/2010 - 2:18pm Duh

You mean back to the past.  I don't think Future Denard will bother coming back in time to watch the game - he can just check it out on TiVo.

10/05/2010 - 12:16pm Neither

In the 6 years leading up to that article (98-03), Michigan lost twice.  In the 6 years since, they've lost 3 times, including 2 years when they lost to everyone.  I'm pretty sure this article had nothing to do with it.

10/05/2010 - 11:07am D-line

Granted the O-line is more or less the same, but the Big 10's D-line IS 10 lbs bigger than the other conferences.  Given the large sampling size you have here, I consider that to be a huge difference.

10/05/2010 - 10:36am What??

Anyway, the numbers show that the Big Ten isn't anything special size-wise.

According to your numbers, the Big 10 has the largest D-Line and 2nd largest O-Line.  How does this not confirm that the Big 10 is bigger than most conferences?  What were expecting, the numbers to be 20% higher than everywhere else?

10/04/2010 - 4:41pm Huh

Penn State has been around for 17 years, and only won 3?  They aren't on a much better track than State, and I would consider them elite-ish.  Interesting.  I guess Michigan did have their number for most of those years ...

10/04/2010 - 1:53pm Mistakes

I think one of the commentators said it best during the game: one interesting advantage Michigan has in its quick-strike attack is it limits the chances for mistakes.  When Indiana marches down the field a few yards at a time, it eats up the clock and wears down the D, but every snap is another chance for a turnover.  Granted, Michigan's defense has limited capability to capitalize on any mistakes, but they are definitely getting more "at bats" than the other team.  I think this might be one reason why Michigan finally isn't losing the turnover battle this year.

10/04/2010 - 12:32pm Except...

Except if the kid's way is "I choose the University of ... Ohio State".  Then you can tell the kid to grow up.

10/03/2010 - 8:39pm Sweet

Hey, me too!

10/03/2010 - 8:32pm Not surprising

Henning is the News' State homer, and wil always write garbage like this.  His articles consistently range from "Why is State always underrated?" to "State is struggling this year, but don't count them out" 


I think Angelique picked Michigan last week by more than a touchdown ... I wonder if that has changed after this past weekend.

10/03/2010 - 9:01am Wrong conclusion

I agree completely.  The only way one could make the "big circle" agrument would be, over time, if one found that opponents consistently went for it on 4th down agaist Michigan.  This would include years when Michigan's defense was much better than it is this year.  Maybe you would find that teams DO go for it against Michigan than their other opponents ... but it definitely can't be assumed just from this analysis.

10/02/2010 - 1:50pm Looks alright

Pryor hasn't looked great, but was looking like he could break out soon until the injury.  I've been really impressed though by how well Illinois has shut down the running game (other than Pryor).  Is it really this bad, or is Zook just giving them fits as usual?

10/01/2010 - 4:36pm It's beautiful

I will not ever, ever get tired of that Heisman shot of Robinson.

09/29/2010 - 5:44pm Confidence

Don't be afraid of that strange feeling inside your chest.  It's not dispair, or indigestion ... no, it's called confidence, and I don't think any of us have felt it in a long time.  I might completely regret this a few days from now, but just for the rest of this week, I am going to be thinking about Indiana's impending doom.

09/28/2010 - 10:52pm Not really

They are very different.  For example, Northwestern does very well in this analysis, but against the spread, they were very mediocre.  I came up with this because most of us don't really care about performance against the spread, we only care about W's and L's.  For example, Central Florida beat the spread regularly last season, but none of that translated into any upsets.

09/28/2010 - 6:25pm Also, this would suggest that

Also, this would suggest that spreads get more accurate as the season progresses.  This is not necessarily what I've found ... for example, Michigan's major upsets (in terms of spread points) were late last season.

09/28/2010 - 6:07pm The lack of information works

The lack of information works its way into the spread.  We were an underdog in the ND game, but not by much, specifically because of the lack of information.  Also, keep in mind that this is a dynamic evaluation of performance, not just versus pre-season expectations.

09/27/2010 - 5:29pm Not a great diary when the

Not a great diary when the response has more content than the original post.

09/26/2010 - 6:06am Right with you

I'm enjoying this as much as everyone else here, but it isn't like Michigan fans are any better.  The only difference I can see is we (at least most of us here) weren't surprised with this the first year.  Most ND fans I have spoken to thought they would crush everyone this year.  Another year, another "Return to Glory".

09/24/2010 - 4:31pm My personal favorite

09/23/2010 - 1:12pm Not just Walmart

Spend some time in the student section.  Everyone there attends the University, and this type of behavior is very common.  Walmart Wolverine, Current Student, Crusty Alumni ... their drinks of choice might be different, but they all act the same once they've had too much.

09/23/2010 - 9:58am Not so fast

Your definition of what can be deemed offensive is completely wrong.  You obviously have never taken any corporate legal compliance training before. 

09/23/2010 - 8:28am Not a surprise

If you look at the games with the most yards for Michigan Quarterbacks, they are almost all very recent: Henne, Navarre, Brady, and now of course Robinson.  The "3 and a third / cloud of dust" strategy didn't exactly rely on lots of yardage.

09/22/2010 - 3:20pm Either way

Either way, it looks like Brian's been listening to Morrissey again

09/22/2010 - 12:36pm Party time

I'm guessing even though all the players on both teams will be "of age" there, they still won't be allowed to go drinking?  What a shame it would be to be in Ireland and not get to take in a pint at the pub. 

09/22/2010 - 11:21am Actual mascot

Didn't Michigan have an actual wolverine back in the day?  Obviously there's no way it would happen in the modern era.  Maybe they can hire Hugh Jackman to walk around?

09/19/2010 - 3:07pm Ryano

Considering Notre Dame and UConn both lost as well, I thought Michigan would drop further.  I guess a win's a win though.