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04/28/2015 - 10:04pm everyone loves 100 degrees and 95% humidity in june too..

Seriously Name one person that vacations in Georgia?  Savannah is it, and the reality is it's the only thing in Georgia to stop and see...  Athens, yes, because everyone wants to live in the middle of the deep south 4hrs from a beach, 105 degrees, 95% Humidity and then at night it's still 85 degress and now 99% humidity.  Oh and it gets better, when you walk outside, your instantly covered in sweat, not the good kind because it's so humid it forms a layer of slime on you. 

Georgia, cause everyone loves having to stay inside all day in the summer cause it's a 1000 degrees and you can't cool down cause your pool is 95 degrees..........Yeah, been there and as I said one place to visit and that's it. 

04/25/2015 - 3:12pm Not surprising

Nussmeier is the new OC at Florida, for a new staff and most recruits are quite familiar with the Alabama run game's dominance under Nussmeier as OC so there is no doubt that was sold to him. 

Add to that, our staff already has 3 rb commits even if two of them end up at fb .....  that's crowded for one class alone without adding a 4th rb. 

04/22/2015 - 5:02pm Remove Helmets

Remove Helmets and start taking money out of players pockets for leading with their heads.  By removing money I mean, suspension for intentional helmet hits, offensive players too for droping their heads for hits.  And not the same as the drug policy but after so many personal fouls for helmet to helmet up the suspension to 2 games no pay.  Then force players to sit for caused concussions resulting from an intentional helmet to helmet hit, ie a caused concussion equals 2 games for the offending player. 

Also, get even more strict on the launch hits.  I still see a number that aren't called.  It's the only way to fix the issue. 

The other thing, any failed ped tests should limit liability for this.  I still say believe players are juiced and it's a major cause for the severity of injuries, namely head injuries in football.  Players want the nfl to pay for head injuries then they should subject themselves to even more ped testing. 

03/17/2015 - 11:23am kentucky...vs the field, take kentucky

Imho officiating would have a lot to do with Kentucky losing.  Meaning this team just bullies opponents inside.  So, unless we get a crew that is calling a tight game against a solid shooting opponent like Duke, Virginia, Wisconsin, Arizona and maybe a couple others, Kentucky is going to roll this tournament. 

Kansas, being the next best team in that bracket is weak.  They don't play consistent ball at all and do not have a player capable of taking over a game against Kentucky.  If they make it at all. 

ND doesn't have the size to stay with kentucky so they get rolled if they make it. 


By bracket, Kentucky is automatically in the final 4, so imho it's a 2 game tournament for Kentucky. 

04/12/2014 - 6:57pm If Swarbrick were really genius

He would sell the field to a donor who believes the grass is Tradition...  Well, in that case he should have sold the hs level scoreboard too! 



04/02/2014 - 1:40pm The spring game/practice

The spring game which is realy a glorified practice is not the place to determine anything about the 2014 team.  Talk to anyone that has attended an actual practice to tell you the story rather than reading something from someone who never attended any of the practices.

Don't take too much out of spring because after spring summer workouts and fall camp you will then find out who has put the time in all off season.  Spring you get some info on what is going on.

Best news out of spring is the dline looks far better as a group right now and the players fitting the responsibilities of the 4-3 over better has payed off for them.  So, we will wait till the first game of the season and see how that matches up.  

O Line has been hit/miss but will wait and see again.  

03/29/2014 - 5:20pm Heck is a great coach

Funny and intense.  Very good technically and demands those guys block.  Should see blocking video they had of gallon, he embarrassed a lot of corners and safeties thinking they would take him.  

Finally happy about where the wr corp is skill wise compared to the lats 6yrs...

03/29/2014 - 12:19pm Win respect

In sports you earn/win your respect.  Florida is getting respect due to how they are playing and the fact their coach has to titles.  They have done it.  

Ky is getting respect because the program is tops in bball, and they just won a title 2yrs ago and have top talent now, just very young and you see them growing up infront of us this tournament and the sec tournament.

Michigan, hasn't seen a ton of respect this tournament namely becuase the 3 stars from last yr's run are either in the nba, or injured now, mcgary!  So looking at our games agianst msu and wisconsin it's obvious our team can be pushed inside.  Hence, tennessee being the popular pick due to their length at the perimeter and strength of their inside game.  

Msu, getting a ton of respect now getting their top inside players back and msu looking like an izzo team again.  Like ky, they are playing very well and the team has taken big steps the last few weeks.  Hence they became the hot pick to win it all.

Wisconsin, has beaten 2 teams nobody thought they actually would given the matchups.  


Big10 just earned a ton of respect all 3 beating teams that were considered tough matchups for each team.  All 3 into the elite 8!  They won the nations respect as a conference.  I'll say this, it doesn't matter who wins the national title as far as conference strength is concerned.  I never got that arguement... alabama wins in football to me has no bearing.  Fsu won it in football this yr and doesn't remotely convince me that the acc was the best.  This yr sec 0-2 in bcs games and acc is 2-0 with the national title...who here thinks the acc is a better football conference?  Same in basketball...  Florida could win the tournament or kentucky, wouldn't remotely convince me the sec is a better bball conference than big10, big12, acc or pac12!  

03/08/2014 - 7:28pm Tried centennial, like two hearted much better

Never heard of CJ's, right now way to many craft brews out to try them all.  Being from Cincy I am trying to get through all the local breweries that have popped up as well as some of the top national craft brews.

Bells, Centennial, 3 Floyds, Michigan is well represented nationally..., I have heard there are a few more to try that arent national.

Cincinnati has,

Madtree, 50 west, Rivertown, Rinegheist, Mt. Carmel and a few others that are just excellent breweries!  


Still, I always find my way back to Sam Adams Boston Lager and Guiness.......

03/08/2014 - 7:21pm Me, nobody, maize man, not sure,

All I can tell you is I have been to spring practice with maizeman, know him and he does work for the athletic department which is how he is in.  He expresses his views from what he see's.  

Coachbt, he is a hs coach from the toledo area that attends every coaches clinic and also gets to attend a couple practices as a result.  

Eroc, knows maizeman and has gone to many practices via maizman.  

They all have developed relationships within the athletic department.  

I have met many other posters that attend the coaches clinic, that have ties to the athletic department via friendships of ad employees, former players, coaches and boosters.  Know a couple that are big boosters.  

Am I an insider, not remotely.  But as I stated last yr I did go to a couple practices with maizeman and know very well he has access to the staff, players and practices as it isn't a claim it is a fact.  

The guys that want to insult my writing, wgaf what you think, I shared something I have actually seen, know and witnessed.  You, you bitch and complain about others who shared and wasn't trying to charge anyone money for doing so.  So, wtf ever 

03/08/2014 - 7:13pm You don't know what I thought!

I stated an undefeated osu should have been in over a 1 loss sec team.  That I stated, that I believe of any bcs team.  If you are going to post my thoughts at least know them.  

I stated the sec is over rated in that 1 loss sec teams deserve to be in the title game over undefeated teams.  Get your head out of your tail about my thoughts.  

03/07/2014 - 10:05pm and you guys insult their writing…..

And you guys insult their writing and analysis.  Kind if does... reeealllyl....

I went to spring practice last yr with maizeman.  He does have access.  The two practices I saw last yr, Ross was playing awesome and was the best defensive player on the field.  I got to see Countess doing drills and knew last yr was going to be rough as a man corner for him.  Offense, Darboh and Chesson looked better than Funchess....and you didn't see Gallon do anything.  Jake Ryan was on crutches and he was everywhere encouraging the defense and lbers....

So, while you all accuse them of knowing nothing I can vouch for them not that it means anything as I don't personally know any of you all.  But, everything i saw fit to what happened last season.  Run game sucked, interior oline just wasn't what I thought it would be and the dt's were a work in progress.  


Honestly last season I was fooled by the nd game though.  I thought they would lose that game and end up with 10 wins losing to either Osu or Nw as the other loss opposite nd.  I thought nd was better than what they showed in that game.  


Ross was not close to the player he showed in spring, Darboh's injury really hurt, oline burzynski's injury really hurt.  Bosch was the best technically of all the tr fr and rs fr oline, however Braden was physiclaly awesome and starting at LG all spring.  That was last yr... 


So, reports on spring practices remember, they are practicing against their own team and get used to the calls of the other side of the ball and the player infront of them.  So, you have to take it with a grain of salt and realize the reports are just that.  Mixed opinions of what they see.  I was at practice and had some disagreement maizeman's analysis.  But that is also why I try to put what coach bt says along with maizeman and come up with what's in the middle.  Both attend practices, both know the coaching staff far more than you guys would like to admit.  So sit back, enjoy your beer threads, btw, bells two harted, madtree gnarly brown and guiness are still the best beers on the planet!  

01/14/2014 - 7:40pm Have known a few d1 players that used.

All of them said the same things.

Coaches push them to get better, if you only were bigger, if you were just a bit stronger if you were quicker, faster....  Always pushed them and compared to best players on the team.  Natural right...  the message would be clear, get better or go elsewhere...  it's up to you...  

They would make sure they knew well in advance of testing.  Don't fail the tests, we don't want any athlete failing tests... this is when the test is...  don't fail the tests..  continually repeated over and over adnauseum.  

They would also say, you could tell who was and who wasn't.  Abnormal weight gain is not going from hs s&c to college elite s&c.  Normal weight gain is about 15lbs of muscle over 1yr period of time.  20 can happen but he had to work out a whole heck of a lot more than just the last 4 months from january through spring ball!!!  Guys putting on weight is normal, 25+ lbs of ripped shredded weight and he is juiced!  But there are a lot more ped's than just testosterone.  Hgh, blood doping for endurance, beta blockers for focus that many qb's will use, students will use...  which I have no problem with.. but they all use them.


12/07/2013 - 5:44pm What desmond said is right..

All that said, it doesn't matter urban was never going to suspend any other player further!  Either the big ten was going to, uhmm nope, or it wasn't happening so we all knew it wasn't happening.


12/07/2013 - 9:04am ad ...

Is the increase for more support staff needed?  I wouldn't think everyone just received a 62% pay increase though some may have been given a pay increase to match the going rate of their position.  In that case it is needed... for any and all.

For me the questions are..   Is the ad financially living within the budgets set?  Are they making more money than they are spending?  Are building for the success of the athletic programs now and in the future?  And last, with the expansion of the athletic campus and all the related projects have they been able to meet the financial burden of those projects and continue to sustain for the future.

The obvious to that is yes.  It has to continue as well. I am sure that Brandon and company see what concerns the donors/alumni/ticket holders have.  I would bet they will be quick to back off it they reach the tipping point.  



Something was posted on another board via an alumni function last spring where Dave Brandon spoke.  At length he spoke about the goals of winning the bigten, bcs and national title in football as the best ways to increase revenue and the last one by far has the biggest impact.  He cited the effect it had on other universities that have won football national championships and how much it increased cash flow into the athletic department of those schools.  So, that is the goal.....

12/01/2013 - 10:35pm Consider, Michigan hosted them

Our school hosted them, allowed them field passes for the game which is impossible to get and got face time with Hoke on the day of the game.  

The family, osu fans/grads yeah they could have taken the osu hats off but who cares about that to be honest.  imho it showed michigan is above all that!  

11/29/2013 - 1:30pm Remember that game...

Such a huge win and those players all came up big!  

Rewatching that game I forgot how beat up the team was.  LT Backus didn't play, adami was playing injured and quite immobile.  Howard was out, streets was battling a hammy.  Forgot all about that........  Reminds me of how good they were to keep overcoming everything.  On offense, overcame some bad turnovers and field position the 2nd half.  Got enough points with limited offense and still won.  Defense just took over that game!

09/21/2013 - 12:22pm steveinpa

Far too many athletic depts have done this and pro teams as well......

A friend of mine a 20yr season ticket holder for the bengals of all teams had good seats and paid the psl when they built pbs in cincy.  He paid that psl and then got moved to lesser seats only to find the corperate buyers were buying blocks of good seats and he got moved as a result...add to that, they didn't refund the difference in the psl they charged to the rate for the seats he was given.


I haven't heard michigan do this to season ticket holders yet so long as they paid the donation...however it has been done I am sure.  Really sucks.....

09/20/2013 - 6:07pm you are talking about fans

who are illogical anyway.............................that would have been the response of many fanbases around the country no matter the university.  Heck, athletes get accused of rape and I see message board posters saying the girl deserved it, led him on, what ever get alot of fair response always is, lets wait to find out what actually happened, if he did it, by all means put him in prison and let the legal system handle it.....if he didn't do it, lets not assassinate his character, but lets not do that till we find out. 

09/20/2013 - 6:03pm I somewhat agree here but....

You used ohio st...  so lets review...

Ncaa investigates and there is clear evidence that the Head coach lied, covered up student athletes actions to keep them eligible to win more football games to make a bcs bowl or bcs championship game. 

Ncaa, did they follow their own by laws to punish ohio st?  No, they let ohio st walk with minimal penalty as the head coach clearly broke the rules.  What did ohio st do, they fired the head coach and said this is all on him.  Ncaa what did they do, they gave minimal punishment and didn't at all charge ohio st with the crime of lack of institutional control as defined by a coach knowing about extra benefits and hiding them.  No, they got minor charges a few  scholarships and a 1 year bowl ban. 


So, now let me add, North Carolina with proven academic fraud, Auburn had a players family take nearly $200,000 that we know and the ncaa dismissed the investigation, Oregon paying people to send recruits to their school, Miami fl and that fiasco and several more I am forgetting to mention...............................

The ncaa cannot even keep it's own house clean and yet you and everyone else thinks it's okay for them to punish pennst for something that didn't involve a single student athlete, or coach at the university.  Now, before you rip me, Sandusky was not a football coach when the known incident happened. 

Now, the ncaa jumping in on this is like the department of education going and grabbing a drug dealer and stealing, ie fining him every dime he has because he sold drugs on school grounds before the fbi could arrest isn't their jurisdiction no matter the crime commited.  Even worse it was obvious what the ncaa's motive was, and it sure as heck wasn't to do the right thing. 

The right thing

Pennst, should have settled immediately with all victims and offered every victim full tuition education or pay off all student loans for those who already had grown and gone to college.  Pennst should have offered to pay for or repay all expenses for therapy incurred to the victims.  IE, pennst needs to make it right for the victims completely, that is the right thing to do. 

Ncaa, had no business in this, they had no intention of doing any thing right for the victims and their fighting with the state of pa over the 60million proves I am right.  They thought they had a money grab and I am glad the state of pa shoved that right up the ncaa's arse and said no, that money will stay in state and go to childrens charities.


Pennst the unveristy should pay a price, but rather it's football or not idk, I first and foremost believe the punishment should have come from the dept of education and dept of justice to put away those responsible and then put down further punishment on the university as they saw fit. 

09/20/2013 - 12:37pm I don't feel bad for pennst, nor am I crying a river for them

But I thik it's retarded to punish the football program and fanbase, alumni and everyone else involved with football or the university that had zip to do with this, which is everyone outside of the few people that actually knew and 4 in charge that could have done something about it.

The rioting that is the football culture of not wanting to believe the icon had something to do with covering it up.  A case, although extremely weak that paterno reported it to superiors is true but he also was proven to have influenced not reporting it to 2nd mile and to the state police and arresting that blows that out of the water.  My opinion of Joepa is forever changed as his rep was built on great character the do it right kind of person to lead young men.  That's gone, but it doesn't mean the university shouldn't be able to move on and build what should have been. 


Pennst deserves punishment and has got that punishment from the ncaa, I just don't think the ncaa had any business or place doing it.  IE, they went to clean pennst's house and they can't even clean their own as though they had moral authority.  Tell me when the ncaa went to nd, msu or any other campus to investigate sex crimes alleged by athletes?   

The dept of justice and dept of education are the entities that should have handled this and should have told the ncaa to get out of their way period. 

On another note, before anyone goes high moral standard about pennst and covering this up, the very reason the laws about reporting sex crimes on any federal funded university, high, middle or elementary school is in the books is because of this very reason.  How many times have we heard complaints over the years of colleges sweeping rapes under the rug to keep crime statistics down.  That happened at so many places across the country it is disgusting, and just as disgusting as what happened at pennst.  Or athletes raping girls and getting away with it and the girls intimidated or forced to leave school for their safety all to protect the program because said player may help them win games.  Those are the reasons these laws do exist.  But has the ncaa ever investigated one of those that are actually involving student athletes?  Never, so a case they had no business in they jumped on for media attention and a 60 million dollar money grab.  Yes that money was forced to stay in the state of pa and that was after the state told the ncaa it wasn't allowing that money to go elsewhere as all funds at psu are considered state funds if the university is to pay out money.  The ncaa in it's briliance tried to argue it was athletic dept funds not univerisity funds.  So you see where their real motive was! 



09/20/2013 - 11:13am I realize my opinion isn't popular that's fine

From 2002 Pennst, namely the 4 people who allowed it are culpable.  Not the 40,000 who had nothing to do with this as they can't do a dang thing about rumor or innuendo, but the people who had real knowlege, Spanier, Shultz, Paterno, McQueary and his dad and one other I am forgetting could have, should have and didn't!    They are the ones to be punished, put in prison for a cover up.  Punishing the football program and saying the ridiculous things about blowing up the stadium is just retarded.  It doesn't do a dang thing to fix what happened or punish the actual cuplprits.  As they are the ones who allowed Sandusky to use the brand, facilities and anything else. 

60million was only to stay in the state for children after the state of pa said it wasn't leaving and told the ncaa as much.  Ncaa tried to fight it, so what does that tell you about their motive.

2002 was a real incident, no more rumor and inuendo.  And the people that covered it up need to pay the price, I will always say that.  They deserve prison as well, all of them.  Just like anyone who knew a Michigan professor was harboring child porn....should pay the price.  Not the pennst program that had nothing to do with this. 

09/20/2013 - 10:45am Ncaa is full of it and needs to be sued!

Ncaa was way out of bounds to punish PSU as not one single by-law was broken regarding student athletes. 

Second, Ncaa had zero interest in what was right.  They saw a money grab, ie $60 million dollar fine!  For what?  To go to who, to do what with?  Tell me I am wrong cause they sure as heck was not giving a dime of that money to the victims.

Not one person of the 4 who knew of the incidents are around at all. 

NCAA went back to 1998 which was bs because that investigation found nothing and Sandusky was forced to step down.  There was nothing anyone could do legally at that point.  The legal system coudln't do anything so what was pennst going to do other than what they did at that point.  2002 the McQueary deal, from then on Jopa and company were responsible for covering up for a friend.  It had nothing to do with protecting football as the ncaa had no boundary.  And if paterno turns in a friend then and the chief of campus police acts, they are hero's for doing the right thing.....and what would have happened to football?  Nothing, so stop the bs it was to protect football it was to protect a life long friend by joepa.  Pull your heads out of the cloud that the culture of football did this, it was one friend protecting another cause nothing else was on the line.  That happens every day in our society across many fronts including criminal.

Ncaa is a joke, I hope pennst sues and wins against the ncaa. 

Now, Pennst deserves to face what ever punishment as a university from the Dept of Education for not reporting this as required by law.  But again, why punish anyone and everyone who is not there for something that they didn't do.

Who deserves to be punished.  Joepa, and the other 3 that covered this.  Not the 40,000+students and facualty.  Not the football players and coaches that have nothing to do with this.  And I read tear down beaver stadium, seriously.  Michigan just had a professor with child porn that wasn't immediately reported, uhmmm  do you want to destroy the entire university and rip building down by building for this?  Cause that is illogical thinking. 

Oh, Sandusky,  lets not forget, he is the criminal and deserves life in prison and everything that goes with that.  EIther general population or solitary, idk either way......

09/18/2013 - 7:56pm just say it

Glassgow didn't help chip, push the nt, Miller was beat at the snap by the nt, the de gets upfield and holds contain forcing the play to stay inside.  Kalis is lost and doesn't know wtf to do and doesn't block anyone....  If Kalis sets the backside block there is a cutback for Fitz and a good lane there as well. 

If Glassgow helps chip on the nt and gets the nt flowing without penetration then he can scrape to the lber. 

If Kalis blocks his lber or finds someone to block there is a cut back. 

If the TE gets to the de and doesn't let him penetrate the hole to go through is either much bigger or there is room for Fitz to bounce. 

No matter what, this play was blown up from the snap!


This happened all game long! 

09/16/2013 - 4:40pm Frazier was one of the most successfull

Players in Husker history!  2 national titles, a 3rd nc game that was a missed fg from winning 3 straight and would have been 3 straight undefeated seasons! 

There is no doubt he has the ears of the husker fanbase and boosters/alumni!

But, Tom Osbourne isn't the head coach and this isn't the days of the husker option attack.  Actually, they got rid of Solich 2yrs too early as they could have waited this thing out and they would have been running the Read Option spread game better than anyone!  Instead they ditched all of it, all of their old recruing grounds for Callahan! 

They need a head coach and assistant coaches that have recruiting cache again that can grab texas talent like they used to. 

Pelini, he could be a dead man walking if they don't compete for a bigten title! 

09/08/2013 - 5:51pm Nd's band is what 430 members...

Lots of brass, lots of music loudly...btw, my wife asked what cartoon music they were playing when they started the nd victory march....I busted out laughing cause she had no idea and was serious.

09/08/2013 - 11:03am No way Saban leaves Bama

Texas will likely be open as will Usc. 

Also consider Saban's family, they moved from East lansing to baton rouge in 2000, to Miami in 2004 to Alabama in 06/07, I don't think the family wants to move and establish all new relationships right now........with all new unreal expectations in a building process, again. 

Jmho, Saban has reached the summit of coaching in college and the only thing left is the nfl and he isn't going back. 

06/14/2013 - 11:17am what is the measure though?

What are their measures though? 


IMO the measure should be for 3 types of games... 

#1 Biggest Rival game, what is the atmosphere or what ever the biggest game every year is....

#2  What is the normal atmosphere for a conference game, the avg game say iowa or northwestern, solid opponent.

#3  What is it for the gimme games....   is the place dead or are the fans still rocking.....


Pennst has the best atmosphere for a big night game, and imho that is best in the country.  That said, I think Michigan's night game for ND was better than Osu's big night game for Texas or Usc... that said, Osu has a great atmosphere and nobody can deny that.

I will say this, Pennst has the most fun fans in cf, I have been around them for games at Michigan and seen them at Happy Valley and they have a good time.  Osu fans are just overall pissy either way...  good atmosphere but man they live and die with each individual play... and their games against bad opponents that place is a tomb...and most are.


Michigan  #1, osu/nd  environment is entirely different, namely osu... far more intense for a home game against either of these teams.  #2  Very middle of the pack in the bigten for an avg home game...crowd gets loud for 3rd downs and intimidating but why not on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th down...  Seriously...      Osu/nd crowd is intense every play, every down....but not for the avg team....         #3   Lets never play eastern again...nobody wants that game and fans barely stand for the victors...   I don't care what they say, in 2007 the attendance was not 100,000, I would put it closer to 80, middle of the pac of bigten teams here as well.


Michigan, basically for Big games....   is up with Pennst, and Ohio st for best envirionments....for #2 and 3 avg about #5.... 


Bigten overall

#1 big game environment..  Pennst, Michigan, Ohiost and Nebraska as tops...

#2 avg conf opponents      Wisconsin, Pennst, Ohio st, Nebraska, Michigan, Iowa in order...

#3 Wisconsin, Nebraska, Pennst, Ohio st, Michigan, Iowa....


Jmo but those are the order and it changes based upon opponent... Measureing Pennst's biggest night game to a noon game for michigan against iowa is not a measurement of environment...    Otherwise just compare same game situations...

06/08/2013 - 9:26am I just quit carrying that burden....

2011 was incomplete only because of the state yr.  And, I know many will laugh because our team was no where near ready for it....but consider the fact that they were literally a couple plays from being undefeated..........Iowa was quite literally 2 plays...  and Msu was the same, quite literally a couple plays..........


None of us would have thought they were ready but...from my perspective at that time it let me put the burden down of the RR era..


Also, I carry nothing from 2004 - 2006 I really didn't.  From 2007 though, it felt like an being on the ship going down and you can't fix know you have a life raft and will be fine but you can't fix it.............that was 2007-2010 for me...............

06/06/2013 - 4:24pm others

Virginia, Vatech, Washington/Wazzu..Oregon/Oregon St,  Cal Stanford, zona / asu and others.


Best instate though is Bama, Auburn for intensity...  but overall I can't think of a great instate with the competitive balance of good great programs. 

06/06/2013 - 11:50am IIRC, Tressel was out if he didn't beat Michigan

Osu alumns felt they had a better team than 6-6, most felt they had a 9 win team and possibly better with Cooper..   So to go 6-6 in year one under tressel and lose to Michigan they were feeling was a step back from Cooper to make things even worse.

Wots I heard is tressel was told beat michigan or else. 



That said, Henson, had he returned Michigan was going to a bcs bowl and a few things gone right could have played Miami in the title game.....though that miami team was sic, I don't know anyone would have wanted to play that team....but Henson, Terrell and Walker ....I would have taken that shot.....

06/04/2013 - 7:44pm Something is wrong about this..jmho

I agree with ND not releasing him.  But it seems like something else is up, otherwise why sign the loi in february only to want out a few months later. 

It is good for nd not to let him out of his loi instead sending out the message to all recruits that the school they sign with can do this.  Basically, sign with the school you want to play for and make sure you know before you sign.



06/03/2013 - 11:57am Would rather dominate post season list!

This list is ok, but innacurate in many ways. 

Schofield is at least 2nd team, period.  I cannot name 3 right tackles better, I can't name 2 in the bigten right now.

James Ross, Imho ends up 1st team.

Washington or Pip one ends up 1st team....jmho there as well. 

Clark / Ojemudia, one of them will be there as well.....  and imho Taco ends up fr all american.

Darboh / Chesson, one of them ends up 2nd team all bigten! 

Funchess...   ends up 1st team all bigten and by virtue of the receiving core all together, Gardner ends up 1st team all bigten this yr,  


06/02/2013 - 10:09pm Ok, so what do they get from the lannisters?

Guess that gets covered next week.....I get why the Lannisters would seek them out, with oppertunity and all....but Frey wants to marry off children to other houses and the Lannisters promised off 2 and only have 2 of Cersi's kids and one of them promised off already.......


Should be fun, but either way, this is leading to an epic war with the dragon queen, lannisters and the other dude now..........and of course the greyjoys are coming back into the mix

06/01/2013 - 5:23pm 1992 Rose bowl, 2007 Rose bowl....

2 great teams that should have won their bowl games. 

92, not that they lost to washington, and without everit on the field the oline was a mess for that game but still.....   defense was on the field all game long...  Injuries that yr imho cost a natty title...

07 rosebowl...  seriously, that team was alot better than the showing they had.   Still kills me to this day how passive Lloyd was in calling the defense...and how they just let sc throw without going after them at all.....   

01 Citrusk vs Tennessee......that hurt but mainly cause they couldn't get out of their own way making mistakes and giving the ball back to part of the entire game is elmer fudd fulmer was tring to run up the score and once our defense got it's feet under them, they couldn't move the ball in the air or on the ground!  But was too late by then!

11 Outback Bowl vs Miss st...   just the way they lost, no fight, no nothing and total beat down by an okay sec team... The best part to that game watching it, I knew the RR era was over...there was no way Brandon was going to keep him around after that debacle....he wanted improvement and wanted to see how his coach could perform and he didn't.  Bye bye rich!

05/08/2013 - 5:40pm No different than other schools

Recruiting is coaches working their tails off to get into recruits ears, heads and convince them this is the place for them no matter what school they are recruiting for.

Nebraska seems like they are way behind in the evaluation period as well not just sending out offers.  They have litte buzz in recruiting so they are in trouble.  Nebraska used to have the entire state run it's option offense for hs football so they could take walk on's on offense every yr that were tailor made to step in.  That allowed them to focus a little heavier on defense in recruiting.

Nebraska isn't that far from texas, or certainly no further from texas than alabama is and other sec schools tha regularly recruit Texas....they just have to get out and work it., though Pelini has never been known for being a bigtime recruiter.

04/13/2013 - 7:52pm wonder how big his bonus is now?

Would love to see his bank records from 2010 till barkley said 200g for newton was a good investment....wonder how much it took in hush money to keep the investment secure....

04/01/2013 - 6:54pm Minnesota has blown it again.....

Glenn Mason must be laughin agian...........and they wonder why they are still fledgeling rather then going out and having a plan from the get is obious they do not.......I wonder if their ad thought he had Smart in the bag and jumped thinking it was happening.

03/05/2013 - 6:06pm thanks for being a mod

I was a mod on a different site, some would know which...that said it's tough keeping up with sheer volume of posts and checking the boards constantly, keep conversation moving and in a decent direction.  Keep the negativity out so the boards are tolerable....and not just some dump hole.

I have visited these boards more then in the past and you guys have done a real good job moderating.  This board is fun at times with the sarcasm and over the top reactions to stuff posted and as well then just over the top and annoying at others.  It's a tough job, unthankfull by many and zero reward is absolutely truth.  Good job and when you recharge the batteries may take it up agian....

03/03/2013 - 10:49pm bigten tourney will get better imo....

Home court advantage is a huge deal to teams strengths from what I have watched.  So when you play at msu or osu it's going to be a physically played game and refs let more things go.  Msu and osu were riding our offensive players and that is something that gets called in a tourney game......

Michigan, Indiana tend to be more offensive and the calles tend to favor that style for these teams when at home.  I think it's why pennst got a win, they played our boys tough in a2 physically to nock our boys off their happy valley they got away with even more they wouldnt in a2 or in a tourney..

Biggest thing is play aggressive no matter what the refs are calling.  Be aggressive offensively since they are an offensive team, and keep the defense active bigtime....The most aggressive team under control gets the calls.........That is why duke seeming owns officials but they play under control but ultra aggresive...  

02/27/2013 - 7:14pm bama did the right thing, saban so what...

Fact that the school kicked them out means saban just followed what already was directed by the school. 

Oversigning...well it's roster management and what needs to be addressed isn't the 25 per yr limit but it needs to be 25  plus 3 in a yr or 85 total plus 3...  that way if you only have 15 available scholarships and you can't still sign 28 something the sec is still doing.



02/26/2013 - 7:11pm Big Will should have been a rs

But then again, so should Devin and so should many others.  Rich made tons of player personel mistakes in his tenure but I think the biggest part of that was his coaching staff.

Bruce Tall was a DB coach his entire career and was the DLine coach at Michigan....I had read he attended coaching clinics for coaching dline that spring/summer.. 2008...  Shafer and Gibby were the 2 db coaches for that 2008 team and Hop the lber coach...a safeties coach his entire career........

Bruce Tall being the dline coach tells you everything you ever needed to know about RR's tenure.  He never adapted or changed and defense starts up front just like offense.  If the oline performed just like the dline did, that oline coach would have been fired....Rich protected Tall at dline rather then move him to db coach like he should have the moment Shafer was fired...and took the fall.....

02/24/2013 - 5:32pm Career move for Montgomery...

Career move for motgomery isn't a miss by hoke, and to put that out is a bit foolish imo.  It's no secret Montgomery is a very good dline coach or that Michigan can essentially have 3 dline coaches...  so I would guess far more comes down to career move, more responsibility.  Reconnecting with stoops, also Iowa alumni.. and many other things in it for Montgomery.....

Hoke, didn't block it, offered to match compensation and Mongomery still wanted to move on.

Most likely our staff hires a olber coach....  rather or not they hire an olber or dline coach for the replacement I am good with Hoke and Mattison selecting assistants...something I think is a great strength of theirs.   

02/18/2013 - 12:30am a grey shirt cannot enroll, workout or practice till the 2nd

A greyshirt cannot be on campus, workout or practice with the team in the summer or fall...they are not allowed to enroll till the 2nd or winter semester/quarter.....they can't participate in bowl practices no sec teams cannot do that once they have a kid on campus.

02/17/2013 - 9:36pm Suprised at the offer..

Unless the staff feels he is a top second option should they not land McDowell and a few others at dt....  With Mone already committed I would be suprised if they accpet a commitment quickly before Mcdowell even visits....


No doubt though the staff knows defensive talent so we shall see how it unfolds. I don't think McDowell ends up at DE unless it's SDE......

02/10/2013 - 4:28pm It's still simple to me...

Those 4 didn't report it, they should have, all 4 are paying a huge price for not doing so but have damn near sunk the football program because they didn't do the right thing.

Spanier, Schultz and Graham all are more culpable as they didn't answer to Joe, all had the responsibility to report it themselves. 

Joepa, yeah, he influenced the nonreporting, but the deal is, he answered to them, not the other way around. 

Mcqueary, at any time could have picked up the phone and called police...

02/07/2013 - 4:09pm Guess noone got the update

Ricardo Miller is transfering to Umass.........That is rather or not any 5th yr player is invited back you can figure one more will leave before fall camp.   Some attrition happens...

Remember last yr had 25 signed and they still offered 7 walk-ons schollies.....  so attrition happens, and keeping close to te 85 number even with a full class is the game these days. 

02/05/2013 - 4:07pm Tennessee's new facility far exceeds this...

Still for plush and pure awesomeness...Texas and Oregon's seem to be tops still...But doesn't matter a weight room is a weight room and as long as you win players come if you win big elite players come.  Not a whole lot of care is given to the Usc and Miami's were the worst forever, though I think Miami's is horrible still.....



02/02/2013 - 11:41pm quick takes

Didn't get enough players involved offensively, relied to much on burke.   Didn't move well offensively or defensively at times, allowed easy baskets by Zeller.  Too many possessions one pass and a shot, no flow, movement kills this......


02/02/2013 - 10:25pm My understanding is it's a violation

Remember usc had to quit having dinner at Papadikis's restraunt as they always happened to have former players show up and then the second thing they got in trouble for was having a commitment ceremony....

Osu got in trouble for having Chris Carter bump into recruits at osu games ....

This happens all the time though...........