Indiana: Revenge Tour Layover

Submitted by m_go_T on November 12th, 2018 at 9:16 AM

Although Indiana has not beaten Michigan in Footbal (American) in seemingly decades, Indiana defeated Michigan 3-0 in Football (European), aka soccer, yesterday to capture the Big Ten Championship.

While such a defeat does not warrant a full stop on the Revenge Tour(TM), it certainly garners them a layover en route to Columbus. Go Blue!





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I mean, you're not wrong. Bob Marley even wrote a song about it... but are you sure you want to claim the moral burden of slaughtering Native Americans on behalf of black soldiers everywhere?

A quick wikipedia search informed me that no fewer than 19 African American soldiers won the Medal of Honor fighting Indians.


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Lots of stuff to work on this week. The offense should really work on 4th down offense and maybe a goal line situation or two. The defense got gashed for like an 80 yard run in the 1st quarter that's sure to piss D Brown off something fierce. Think we shut IU down rather quickly and practice in-game situational football for most of the 2nd half with lots of subs. It'll be crazy.


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3rd down and 4th down offense when under 3 yards should be this:  BEN.  MASON.  DIVE.


We could line up, have every guy tell the opposing player across from them what we're doing, and it would never be stopped.  (Unless he decides to run backwards 3 yards, which happened this week SMH)


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I don't think there will be a let down on Saturday. I'm sure Harbaugh will have them ready. Harbaugh has experience with the Minnesota upset in '86. I was at that game and talk about a dung  punch when #2 Michigan could not stop the MN QB, Foggie and RB Thompson from running. That last MN drive was sad to watch after we had tied it up and seem to have momentum.


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Indiana is bad at football.

True, they are not Illinois- or Rutgers-bad at football. But Indiana is pretty damn bad.

The Hoosiers are coming to Michigan Stadium, where Indiana has not won a football game since the Lyndon Johnson administration.  It's going to be senior day at Michigan. The last time many of these players will wear the Michigan blue home jersey. 

Emotions will be very high.

Indiana is gonna die.