If we win, how many first place votes will we get?

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So everyone has critiqued both Alabama and (obviously) Michigan's game, athletes, matchups, staff, etc. Is it a daunting task ahead of Team 133 on Saturday, ofcourse. But this is why the game is played. Fumbles happen. Interceptions happen. Denard making someone look stupid, happens. So let's say hypothetically we get the "W". Where does that put us? early season rankings mean very little but it would definately give us a boost on the rankings. That said, I think if that happens we get 12 first place votes and sit 3rd or 4th in the AP. What would your take be. Edited: First post... didn't think there was much context to it, came across as just a thought.. so added a little to it.



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59 head coaches vote in the Coaches' Poll.

60 sportswriters vote in the AP Poll.

That means 119 people have a vote. If we were to  beat Alabama, I would go with 118,  the sole dissenter being Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune, who is still waiting for Don Criqui to see a signal. 


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Last I checked I don't run out of the tunnel.. Neither do you.. well maybe you do, but I don't. Therefore my concerns don't have to be the same as yours. The outcome is not in my control in anyway shape or form. Besides what does worrying about a d-line gonna do for you if your not physically involved in it... I think its you that needs to get with it, sir.


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I know you're just being sarcastic, but I'm really sick of hearing how unbeatable and unstoppable certain teams seem to be. It's college football, and all of the players are 18-23 years old. Recruiting can only get you so far, and the number of star recruits on your team does not guarantee wins. Coaching, technique, strategy, and all of the intangibles can put a David ahead of a Goliath on any given Saturday. Obviously this relates to games such as UM-Bama. Let's hope we prepared well enough and execute.


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You are not delusional.  You may not have thought it through, but it turns out this is going to be a fantastic Michigan team and there is a good chance that Alabama is significantly worse than they were a year ago (and I'm not convinced they were an unstoppable juggernaut last year). 

Al Borges has said it takes about 18 months to grasp and execute his offense.  He's been here more than 18 months now.  Executing that offense is the most productive offensive player in U-M history, playing in his senior year.  We bring back 4 starters on the o-line, including an all-B1G LT.  The newcomer is a 5th year senior who was a 4-star recruit.  We return a 1,000 yard RB, a utility guy with over 1,100 yards rushing and 15 total TDs in his career, plus a stable of talented young backs.  At WR we have a guy who was the 2nd most productive receiver in B1G games in 2010 and holds the single game Michigan record for receiving yards.  We also have a guy who crushed ND's soul and finished 2nd on the team in receiving yards a year ago, now in his 4th year on campus.  We added two talented freshmen, have a few other potential contributors on the roster (Dileo, Robinson) and may get a huge boost from super-athlete Devin Gardner.

On defense we lose two starters and one other participant from the group that held David Wilson (he went pretty high in the draft) to 3.4 YPC in the Sugar Bowl and gave up only 20 points to Va Tech (the lowest total for a Michigan D in a bowl game since the 1997 season).  Those guys will be replaced in the starting line up by 300+ pound, 4+ star recruits, both in their 4th season on campus.  They will be backed up by a 4-star, 300+ pound RS sophomore and a 5-star 300+ pound freshman.  Of the returning contributors, one was a RS freshman who made 4 TFL in that game.  One was a true freshman DE who picked off a pass and made a number of key tackles.  One was a true freshman WLB who made 10+ tackles.  One was a true freshman who started at corner.  Guys like Courtney Avery and Thomas Gordon (both of whom played QB in high school and likely did not practice much at DB) played as sophomores.  All of them are going to get significantly better this season.  The back-ups include guys like Cam Gordon (freshman all-American in 2010), Brandin Hawthorne (key pick against Northwestern, key PBU and two big 3rd down stops against ND, started 5 games last year), Marvin Robinson, Josh Furman, and Raymon Taylor.  To that group we add a bunch of talented freshman like Bolden, Ross, Wilson, etc.  Oh, and, you know, Brennen Beyer will get much improved as well (sorry I forgot to include him).

Alabama loses 5 of the top 35 players taken in the NFL draft, and 8 total draft picks, not to mention a number of free agents.  I doubt the situations are similar/identical, but the last time we had a group like that leave, the Horror and Oregon happened shortly thereafter.