Hoke new DC at Oregon

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Hoke is the new DC at Oregon. As per Feldman on Twitter and commented on by our Dear Leader.



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I made my thoughts & comments quite plain, I didn't anonymously neg anyone.
Crying that people neg you is just not done in my book.
Calling people who neg you Nancy is beneath this blog.
Spelling it nacy is downright RCMB.
Whoever negged us both doesn't get the friend-o reference AND didn't see the OT of AZ-GB, and is therefore someone neither of us needs concern ourselves with.

snarling wolverine

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I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with critiquing an ex-coach in purely coaching terms.   (We often use the term "Amakeresque" to describe really bad basketball possessions, for instance.)  Pointing out that Hoke's offenses and Richrod's defenses were poor shouldn't be beyond the pale.

With Hoke, though, it seems like a subset of fans here likes to go a lot further than that and take ad hominem shots at him, mocking his appearance, intelligence and so forth.   (It doesn't seem to happen as often with RichRod, although now and then you get a "Dickrod" post, which usually gets rightly negbanged.)  That is beneath us.  This is a man who was a longtime assistant here and served on our last national championship team.  We can respect him even if we acknowledge that he wasn't the best head coach.



Blue Durham

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I think that the difference between the RR and Hoke nasty criticisms is the time distance. A year after RR was fired there was a lot of nasty stuff here. Now, less so, in addition to the greater passage of time, due to the year-to-year decline of Hoke, RRs relative success at Arizona, and the Harbaugh effect.

I had hoped that RR would be successful here, and was neutral to his firing and was against Hoke's hiring as I didn't think he was qualified but I still am hopeful that both will find success in their positions in the PAC12.

Rodriquez and Hoke are both decent men that tried to serve the University of Michigan well. At the very least they both deserve that recognition and respect for their efforts in Ann Arbor.


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Then I guess it's a good thing he's the DC - at OREGON!!!

I'm so glad he's not our HC anymore & Harbaugh is, but I was pretty surprised to see the 1st several comments on here were derision rather than congrats.

Bad show! That's not MY Michigan... Congrats Coach Hoke, may we meet again - in the CFP!


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Yeah, I think I do wanna congratulate him - in fact I'm pretty sure I did!

It wasn't "criticism" I was criticizing - it was derision. There is a difference.

IF you feel Hoke's lack of success at Michigan means you could never wish him well or congratulate him on a new job ever again in perpetuity, then that's your prerogative - but it's NOT cool. That is NOT the Michigan difference to my mind!

And FYI - tossing out the money as a reason is just a canard. They ALL make millions, what's it got to do with anything? If he succeeds as DC at Oregon is he still "ridiculously" over paid? Is Harbaugh? Urbz? All of them in comparison with a teacher or firefighter?




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I guess I wish I were a more forgiving person, but I'm not, and there it is. 

His teams - their lack of preparation, their disorganization, their lack of adequate technique and mental toughness were embarrassments to the university. I hate seeing kids who choose Michigan hung out to dry by coaches unequal to the task. There were so many aspects of his program that did not meet the standards of excellence created by those who came before him. 

I appreciate that his players graduated at an excellent rate, but when it came to being a very public face of the university, he embarrassed us on multiple occasions. 

He absolutely shoveled dirt on our part of the rivalry with the team I hate the most - to the point where we have so far to go to catch up to them that only the miracle that is Harbaugh makes me think we can defy the odds and basic reason to do just that. 

He put jet fuel into the rise of the insufferable D'antonio. That roster would look markedly different if he had been better at his job. 

His teams got physically dominated by our main rivals, which is inexcusable. 

Player after player saw their potential squandered and underdeveloped - careers were damaged by how poor that staff was at developing talent. 

A real capper was knowing McDowell was right to tell his family that it was what it was - he had a choice between a sure fire path to the NFL and disappointment and poor coaching on the other hand. 

I don't actively root for him to fail, of course - that would be cruel and unnecessary. But I just don't have the warm fuzzies for the guy. He was paid an awful lot of money to fail this program badly. His failure to recognize just how short of the mark he was in ridculous press conference after ridiculous press conference just made it all the more frustrating. He always thought he was just about there, almost there. He was never remotely close.