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Reon Dawson is a WOLVERINE. He just committed to Michigan. Story coming on http://Scout.com

OH DB Reon Dawson has committed to Michigan. The former Illinois commit was planning on calling both coaching staffs Wednesday.  I dunno what changed that, this just came across my twitter feed. I hope it's not a journalist ruining a kid's moment, but I don't actually have a scout subscription, so we'll see what news comes out from here. 

Welcome Reon, and Go Blue

EDIT: Confirmed by TomVH


Michigan picks up commit No. 26: http://insider.espn.go.com/insider/michigan/forums/_/the-den#!/topic/1358216850-882-457 



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No.  In 2008, Michigan landed three modestly regard recruits out of Trotwood: Moore, Roundtree, and Shaw.  In the four recruiting classes between 2008 and this year, not one recruit from Trotwood signed with Michigan.  To be fair, there weren't any highly-touted recruits coming out of there during that time, but the first and most-decorated recruit to emerge from Trotwood in a while, Cameron Burrows, is committed to OSU.


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Anyone who saw Trotwood this year...how did he do while being opposite Burrows? Was he attacked a lot....I remember the one ESPN game but I dont remember hearing his name at all.

Mr. Yost

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Scout isn't always accurate, but this isn't a bad offer sheet.


Schools of Interest:
School Interest Level Offer? Attended Camp? Visit Date Signed LOI?
Michigan Verbal Yes   01/11/2013  
Alabama No Interest No None  
Arizona No Interest Yes   None  
Bowling Green No Interest Yes   None  
Cincinnati No Interest Yes   None  
Illinois No Interest Yes   12/14/2012  
Kentucky No Interest Yes   None  
Michigan State No Interest No   None  
Ohio State No Interest No None  
Penn State No Interest Yes   None  
Pittsburgh No Interest Yes   None  
Purdue No Interest Yes   None  
Toledo No Interest Yes   None  
Vanderbilt No Interest Yes None  
Virginia No Interest Yes   None  
West Virginia No Interest Yes   None  
Wisconsin No Interest No   None



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Must disagree.  There isn't a single school that's offered him that should realistically compete with Michigan for his services.  If Penn State wasn't sanctioned to Bolivia, maybe they could, but they're the only one.  (And don't even bring up West Virginia; successful team the past couple of years, but their defense couldn't stop butter from melting in Siberia, and Tony Gibson's their new seconday coach.)


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I don't think you're trolling, I view this as a legitimate question. Regardless if he has other major offers or not, this coaching staff has been very good at finding under the radar talent.

Even if it is just weeks until signing day, you can't be unhappy with a 6'2 corner with 4.4 speed. Yes, I know the 4.4 time probably was just hand timed but this is a guy that can come in and give us depth at best, and at worst he will RS and get the necesarry year to refine his technique. IMO he is a raw athlete. You can't teach athleticism, you CAN teach someone how to be a better corner.

Welcome aboard Reon, happy to have you!


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I don't think we can say that yet about this staff.  I'd LIKE to say it, but they've taken 2 classes (1.5, really) and most of the guys who have contributed and looked like future starters have been 4-stars with good offer lists.

The 'sleepers' (e.g., Rawls, Carter) have yet to impress.  Frank Clark is probably the best 'surprise' candidate so far.

The ability of this staff to recruit is still TBD, though they have done well in the rankings in '12 and '13.


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Okay, but look at a guy like Pipkins.  For a long time he was a 3-star on most of the sites with a number of players ranked ahead of him.  Yet Pipkins was also pretty clearly the #1 guy that the coaches wanted.  Then Pipkins goes to a bunch of camps and dominates, so the sites bump him to 4- and 5-star level a couple months before signing day.


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That's all well and good, but Pipkins had a decent offer list...and he hasn't really done anything in college yet.  I do think he'll be good, but a guy with 7 tackles and 1/2 a tackle for loss counts as a true success story.


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It's not just bodies, 6'2" or otherwise. It's quality. Why we needed yet another 3 star CB that had no other major offers and who's going to be at least a 3 year project in any case is a mystery. Scholarships don't expire, so why do we feel a need to use as many as we can right now, no matter who we get?


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I don't mean that he was a superstar or anything but him being on the field means that his scholarship wasn't a total waste, he was one of our best 5 lineman at the time or he wouldn't have played, even being a meh player, Drew Dileo also comes to mind, the kids read this kind of stuff...


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When you say "no other major offers" what do you mean?  When I hear "major offer" I think BCS conference offers and according to Scout he had BCS offers from (besides Michigan) Arizona, Cincinnati, Illinois, Kentucky, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and West Virgnia.  Not a bad offer sheet and I bet if he ends up mking a big play in a big game for Michigan you won't be bitching about his offers.  Let the kid develop and see where his career goes.  

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I'm pretty sure the coaches give exactly zero weight to a recruits star rating and only a bit more to their offer sheet.  They liked what they saw, they offerred and accepted said offer.  You either trust this coaching staff and thus are happy with the commitment or else you do not trust them or their player evaluation in which case go ahead and question what commitments they accept.  I think most people here trust Hoke and Mattison's judgement.