Hello: Jack Wangler (Walk-On)

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WR Jack Wangler, son of former QB John Wangler, has accepted a preferred walk-on position at Michigan. Nice to see the bloodline continue.

jack wangler @J_Wangler21

I have decided to commit as a preferred walk on at the University of Michigan.Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. GO BLUE



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Since you beat me to the punch, Leaders and Best, allow me to include some info I had on my post (which mods should feel free to delete):

A 2013 WR prospect, he's unranked to Rivals and 247, a 2* to Scout.



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Pretty sure they don't get full ride, they just get accepted but still pay. It sounds like a bad deal but most of those kids probably wouldn't of been accepted if they applied. (They meet the requirements... It just takes more than that to get in.) or at least that is my understanding


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to athletes... tuition reductions, as opposed to outright free rides, are not out of the norm anymore

From NYT (Dec 2011)

The Ivy League does not award athletic scholarships, but led by endowment-rich members like Harvard, Yale and Princeton, the conference has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in additional need-based aid — with most of the universities all but eliminating student loans and essentially doubling the size of grants meant for middle-income families.

The financial-aid enhancements have had a profound effect on the quality of athletic recruits. Rosters are now fortified with top athletes who would have turned down the Ivy League in the past because they would have been asked to pay $20,000 to $30,000 per year more than at other colleges.


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It depends on what he wants. Harvard opens certain doors that Michigan does not, it is true, but that only matters if those are doors that you want to go through. A few top, top law firms, academia, perhaps certain other jobs. But largely, if you do well at Michigan, there are few, if any, door that are closed. By contrast, harvard absolutely does notngce you the same college experience (campus, sports, etc.) as Michigan. I turned down Columbia for michigan for that very reason, and have never regretted it, personally or professionally.


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Undergrad between Harvard and Michigan will not affect job prospects at top law firms. Law school is what matters - but frankly the top students at both Michigan and Harvard law will have the same opportunities at Wachtel, Cravath, Skadden, Kirkland, etc.


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I agree. There is one private school I would choose over Michigan and it's MIT. Even then, it would come down to what I was going for. I think a lot of people maybe overlook the social aspect of college which, to me was pretty educational. That and time management. "How much can I drink and still get by" was a question I was tested on regularily. 


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Harvard interest tells me that he is a pretty good athlete and damn smart.  Unless the Ivy League has changed their rules in the last 5 years they do not offer athletic scholarships.  When I went to Princeton on a recruiting trip and they said Ivys only give academic scholarships or very generous tuition aid packages.  He would theortically be paying tuition either way so may as well carry on the legacy at Michigan.


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Welcome to the Michigan, Jack! 

The film that is out there shows him to have some pretty decent hands, so hopefully we get to see another Wangler on the field. Always great to have legacy players. 

His own words, in the 247 story - (LINK)

""I will make an impact at Michigan. It might not be right away and I know I'm going to have to work harder than I ever have, but this is something I realized before I made the decision. I'm coming in knowing I have to compete, but I'm also coming in knowing I can compete and become the player I want to be if I work at it."

Sounds like he has an excellent attitude and truly wants to be here. You can't ask for much more really. 


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I didn't mark it redudant by the way. I just didn't know if you honestly didn't know! Yes they are brothers, and they moved to De La Salle last year I believe. Mainly to be with Shane, I think, and help give him a few decent receivers. As his team didn't really have much BCS level talent on it. Sadly, Shane obviously didn't get to play too much this year with the Wangler's, but it's good to see Jack walk on. I think we could see his brother walk on next year as well. Sorry if you took my question the wrong way, I didn't know if you legitimately didn't know. And I will upvote you, because it's not redundant to ask a question you don't know. And it's not like you asked 100 times in the same thread.


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Jared Wangler is the brother of Jack Wangler.  Jared playes LB and RB for DeLaSalle.  He also plays guard on the basketball team.  Good athlete with good size.  6'2" and 200 lbs.

rob f

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The name sends chills up and down my cotton-pickin' Maize and Blue spine!

John Wangler, despite his gimpy knees, was one helluva passer back in an era when Michigan  seldom threw the ball.  I was at that Gator Bowl in '79 when North Carolina beat U of M; if it hadn't been for Lawrence Taylor's  vicious hit on Wangler's knee early in that game, I'm convinced Bo and Michigan would have come home with a victory.

I would be absolutely geeked if Jack Wangler were to find a way to get on the field for some meaningful playing time in his upcoming Michigan career.  Hello Jack WANGLER!