Gunner Kiel re-opens recruitment, plans a visit

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on October 21st, 2011 at 11:11 AM

Per 247 Sport and Wilfong, Gunner Kiel has re-opened his recruitment and planned a visit (presumably to Notre Dame, since it's posted on the ND 247 board).

I presume Michigan won't try to jump back in, but you never know.

EDIT: Per Tim Sullivan at Rivals, there are rumors that Michigan coaches may visit a 2012 QB during the bye week. Query who that might be.



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He has to go somewhere he can show his skills for NFL scouts. Indiana looks like they will be a tire fire for the next couple years. If Minnesota weren't in the conference, they would be embarrassing.


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The next few years? Seems to me they will be a tire fire for longer. Also, saying that Minnesota keeps Indiana from being an embarrassing is false. That's like saying that Alabama would look great in the conference if it wasn't for lsu


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I was kind of hoping Kiel could do for IU what Brees did for Purdue, but IU isn't exactly having the same level of success that Purdue did in Tiller's first year, so I can see him wanting to jump ship. IU still has a good group of coaches that they've brought in, so there's some hope for the future there, I think.


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They're on track to hit the 3,000+ yard mark this season again.

He could probably easily beat out Wright-Baker (So.) and his older brother Dusty Kiel (So.).

Wilson is a very good coach, but No. 1 ranked quarterbacks usually don't commit to play for the Fightin' Hoosiers.



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He is a little worried about Indiana's new football rivalry with MSU, not because MSU is perceived as some football power, but because they are perceived as a classless bunch of thugs who wrecklessly try to injure opposing players.......  That, and Indiana would have two star offensive linemen watching his back.


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Is it completely crazy that part of me would be disappointed if Kiel came here and limited Morris to just one year as a starter?  Obviously if he stole all the PT that would mean Kiel was better so we would have a stellar QB but Morris has always been a wolverine at heart and has been great for our recruiting momentum.  I'd kind of like to see him get what he's been working for.  I'd love to have either of them lead us to a few championships though.

Also.. did Kiel really need to see this season to know that Indiana is terrible? 


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I wouldn't say disappointed. I am ecstatic that we have a kid like Shane on board this early in the game but it is quite amazing how many people are willing to just give the keys of the ferrarri to him right now (not an attack at you just an overall statement). It would be amazing if we had two quarterbacks with the skills that Gunner and Shane possess.


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Yeah disappointed was a bad word choice.  I guess I'm just thinking from the recruits' perspective rather than the team overall.  For instance, if I was a pretty highly rated kid, and then some freak athlete was to commit after me and ate up all the playing time my entire career I would be pretty disappointed.  It's obviously the nature of the game and you have to play your way onto the field, but man that would suck.

(Just realized I'm looking like Tate moping on the bench. Disregard my sentiments.)

willis j

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You cant assume morris will be a stud. You have to take Kiel if he wants to be here. Even with Gardner, yes he has shown potential but we havent seen enough at this point. Im in the seat of a QB in every class. The more talent and competition tbe better it will maje everyone. I doubt bellamy ever starts significant games for us. But you never know. But gardner, bellamy, kiel, morris sounds like a great set of QBs to me.


October 21st, 2011 at 2:06 PM ^

Gardner, Bellomy, Kiel, Morris. No rather take out Kiel there! Morris is a left handed stud, could be a Steve Young passer. With a threat to run a little. Just give the kid time to throw!


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My OU contacts tell me the ship has likely sailed on him being part of their 2012 class. Stoops has his guy apparently and likes to do 1 a class. No more, no less.

Gotta figure Bama can loosen the roster  for him. Their built-in open tryouts based via the artful use of medical hardship rules give them superior flexibility.


October 21st, 2011 at 5:25 PM ^

I was curious to see if Stoops really does only take only one per class every year, and it is generally true according to rivals.  The only year they took more than one (since 2002) was 2006, when they took Sam Bradford and Joey Halzie, and I'm guessing that is only because they failed to bring one in the year before.  The man has a method and sticks to it. 

OSUMC Wolverine

October 21st, 2011 at 4:20 PM ^

Keil will not come to Michigan.  He was clearly inferior to our future QB at the camps they both attended.  Why go where you know your likely replacement is only one year behind you?  Keil is not going to go where his role is likely to be a back-up.  That being said, I would love for him to come to Michigan.


October 21st, 2011 at 6:32 PM ^

i think u are thinking of zeke pike. gunner kiel was generally considered the top performer at the qb camps. shane morris was said to be outperforming pike but still behind kiel. kiel would have a yr of college experience by the time morris got to campus. plus the knock on morris seems to be decision making, which screams redshirt. i seriously doubt kiel is afraid of morris.


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Look at Adam Weber, love the guy and hope he makes it in the NFL. He is a reminder of what can happen when you play for an unstable coach and have little talent around you. Doesn't matter how good it won't get drafted QB. Now most stud defenders can still look good on a bad team, but a QB cannot.


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I live in Columbus.. is Coach Hoke visiting Gunner Kiel this weekend? I guess I might be able to catch him at a stakehouse somewhere over the weekend and give him an earful on protecting the QB better to get some one like Kiel..