The Greatness of Tom Brady

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As this article states, Tom Brady has now thrown a TD pass to 68 different targets in his career. The all time NFL record is 70 held by Vinny Testaverde, who had the benefit of playing for approximately 8 teams over his 20 year career. 

The fact that Tom has stayed with one team all this time and won 5 Super Bowls, while going to 7, with all the turnaround that has gone on with his teams is a feat we will never see again in sports. So happy and proud that he went to Michigan. Go Blue!!




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On a related note, it's a combination of delightful and incredibly frustrating to see him running the 5-wide short passing offense so effectively.

Because Michigan has made an effort to go 5-wide, which I like. But the route combinations bear no resemblance to New England's whatsoever. Michigan uses a lot of downfield stuff, much of which is fine, but the short stuff that clears space for 6 and 7 and 8 yard gains on every catch is nowhere to be found. And we could really use it with this OL.

With Peters in and the injuries we have it's too late to install now. But I feel like it is something that should have been adopted preseason, something that works well with Speight's strengths and weaknesses (does: know the playbook, know all the reads. Doesn't: throw accurately downfield consistently), something that works around Michigan's huge passblocking issue this year.

Oh well. Maybe later.


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Unfortunately, we didn't bring in Josh Daniels, a protege of Josh Daniels, anyone who learned from a protege of Josh Daniels, or anyone who has successfully run that type of offense (as far as I can tell).  We hired someone who most recently was fired by the Browns after a 1-15 season, fired by the Colts mid-season the year before, and whose last season as a college coordinator was his second year as OC at Stanford, where the offense ranked 54th in FEI.  


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If you watch the Patriots play, you’ll see that Tom is not afraid to throw a receiver open or to fit the ball into such a tight window he make it looks like the receivers on the patriots have gloves dipped in glue. The receivers are good, but never any better than any other NFL team. The true difference is the insane accuracy of Brady’s passes. When he goes through his progressions, he’s not having to look for “the open man,” but rather deciding which receiver he wants to “make open.”


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For starters, I'm guessing you are underestimating how complicated the Patriots offense is.  While I agree in principle that it would be nice to see some of the concepts they use incorporated into the UM offense, I'm guessing the amount of pre and post snap reads made by the QB and eligible receivers is a bit beyone what one could and should expect of a college team.  Which ties into...

The pros aren't limited by the amount of time they can work with the coaches.  The 20 hour limit of contact with the coaches is a big limiting factor in what college teams can do.  We've already seen this year what happened when UM tired to incoroporate new running schemes into the offense.  The results weren't good.  

Maybe next year when they have a more experienced team and they've had bowl practices, spring practice, the off season and fall camp to rep new plays we will start to see some 5 wide concepts in the offense.


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Curious if he could actually tie/break that record this year - between special teamers on the roster and the RB rotation, I'm sure there's at least a few players who have yet to catch a touchdown from him



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the University considers the moniker acceptable.  

With reflexes undimmed by time and fate, he fights on.  And he does so with class--with a seemingly genuine honesty and a nobility of spirit rarely seen in modern professional sports. 

So proud he's a Michigan Man. 



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You, for instance, mention that you like the looks of the five wide and with who we pulled in last season and the fact with a year's growth, mentally, physically and experience in the system, chances are good we'll see some of that as time goes by. There is a reason he worked so hard to bring in the nation's top wr unit last season. 

Personally, I'd like to overwhelm opponents with TEs spread out all over the field, knowing at least two of those, Eubanks and Gentry possess a combination of speed and size that would make for difficult matchups while still having the prototypicals Wheatley, McKeon and whichever 5th he would want to go to.  

But in the end, there will be a combination that allows the running game to continuously drive down the field on 5 to 6 minute scoring drives and when he does get that qb - might have him already- that can punctuate it all with a timely long ball, ala Brady, then we'll present the danger that Mr. Harbaugh has had with other teams he's coached. And as one poster said, ponder the idea we had both Henson and Brady at the same time.  I recall it well and it almost cost us big time, not due to either being prima donnas, just that the hmfic was afraid he'd lose the younger w/o immediate insertion when in reality losing the elder would have been the travesty. he came around though, and I'd love to have those problems again. 

On a side note, I saw that MSU offered the big qb from Muskegon. Young man is a tremendous athlete and i have a feeling, especially after this year's state championship, his stock is going to rise quickly. MSU is now the second BIG to extend an offer. 

Year of Revenge II

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Any Michigan, or any Brady fan, who has not seen "The Brady 6" on ESPN 30 for 30 is really missing something! 

For me, he and Montana stand head and shoulders above all comers, the closest being Elway and Stabler.


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I think the situation we were in with Brady, Henson and other good qb's on the roster at the same time was phenomenal and something that is about to happen again. After next year the top 3 is gonna be Brandon, Dylan and Joe not necessarily in that order, but man that is dope.