Grantland on Stauskas and Michigan's Efficient Offense

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Not a lot of new info here, but it's always fun to read praise for our favorite Canadian.

My personal favorite part: "All told, it’s going to be very difficult for any team to completely stop the White Wolf of the North. (He’s from Ontario, he plays for the Wolverines, he’s white. I think it works.)"

I kind of really like White Wolf of the North.



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I love Larry Bird,  so does that translate into Stauskas is Larry Bird?


I love Stauskas

You love Stuaskas

We all love Stauskas

I love Larry Bird

Stauskas and Larry  Bird are white basketball players.

Stauskas is Larry Bird.

See I knew that C+ in Intro Philosophy was good for something!


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I will never understand... why Stauskas wouldn't want to stay an extra year... all this talk about jumping to the NBA ?   Who wants to live out of a suitcase, and make the game non-fun and a business, a year early?  Like Burke leaving... unless one has kids and a family, then they should stay as long as life is great....  Why not get an insurance contract, and live it up one (or two) more years in Ann Arbor?      Taylor Lewan got it right... that life can wait.....even if it costs one a little bit of money. One gets to be a campus celebrity, living quite the high life.

I sincerely hope that both Stauskas AND McGary read this post of mine.....  and that they realize they should stay as long as possible.


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Because you sell your stock when it's high. If he keeps playing like he is right now, his stock will be damn near its ceiling. Staying for another year is a lot of risk for minimal reward. Also, believe it or not, to laying in the NBA might be a loftier dream for him than playing for Michigan.

Nik, if you're reading this, please disregard my logic and come back next year. It's the right thing to do!!


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The college life these kids live is much different than the one you or I experienced. Being a D1 athlete requirements an extreme committment between grueling practices, class, media commitments, etc. I'm not saying it isn't enjoyable in many ways just like it was for the rest of us who also worked hard, but I think it makes perfect sense that someone would want to leave that to go make a few hundred thousand or more a year and soon as possible.  


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The efficiency of Michigan's offense in conference play so far has been remarkable, coming in at 1.24 points per possession on average for those six games to date. More interesting that this perhaps is that it includes a high of 1.39 against Penn State, and it has not dropped below 1.10 for five games now (1.09 at Minnesota). That is some consistently solid play, I would think. 

Last night in particular, we slowed down a team that had an effective possession ratio of over 1.0 and prevented them from doing some of the things that they do well as a result. Ruthless, but in an exellent way. 


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That was a good read. Thanks for sharing.

Nik Stauskas might have just took over my favorite player of all time status from Burke. If he keeps up these numbers, we might have to start comparing his and Burkes numbers from last year...

I don't know how you shut him down. He can spot up from anywhere, create his own shot, drive to the hoop, and dishes the ball nicely. IMO, he needs to touch the ball every time down the floor. 

Perkis-Size Me

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I'm not ready to compare Stauskas to Burke yet. Burke was the best player in America last year, willed us to the title game, and nearly won it all by himself. Not to mention all the clutch moments in prime time games he had for us.

Stauskas could be something special, but will he achieve Burke status? I don't know....


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I think if he stays another year he'd be a legit contender for the award.  There's probably too many hyped up big names this season for him to win it even if he were doing what Burke did last year.  The prospect of winning POTY and probably playing for the national championship favorite might be enough to bring him back.  He really seems to love playing for this team and that whole class of Levert, GRIII, McGary, Albrecht, and Stauskas are all really tight it seems.  If he came back, even without GRIII, the expectations would be through the roof.