Effects of Noon game on SDSU?

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on September 23rd, 2011 at 5:35 PM

Disclaimer: If MODS think this isn't worthwile feel free to do as you wish.

With that said... I know in the NFL when a west coast team comes East they hardly come away victorious (see Oakland last week vs Buffalo 1:00 EST start).  I don't have the exact stats but I know Vegas (for those people who do that sort of thing) also recognises this pattern.  

My question is to what effect does this pose in college football, since it happens much more infrequently and even earlier start time.  SDSU I am sure tried to acclemate with early practices, but Saturday will be a 9am start for them which would make for roughly a 4:30-5:00am wake up.




September 23rd, 2011 at 5:40 PM ^

I hope they're asleep all ready (or not).

Noon doesn't seem like a fair shake, but I'll take whatever advantage we can get.

I would have assumed 330. Will be interesting.


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Its going to reduce my sleep as well as tailgating time, which will drastically reduce my drinking. The result will be a huge deficiency in my HYPE factor. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say it costs Michigan 14 points. My HYPE factor directly affects UM's point production. Noon game = Advantage SDSU


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If you can't get HYPED up for a Michigan game without having to drink, to me that is just sad.  I went to the WMU this year and had like 3 beers, no buzz at all and I still came out of that game from just under 3 quarters with no voice.  I get enough HYPE from the site of tailgating, going to the game and seeing 110,000 fans rooting on the Maize and Blue.


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If your intention is to promote temperance, then it seems like a poor strategy to refer to those who drink as "sad." You seem to have made it to a point in your life where you can drink in moderation, but I wonder why you need to throw your own success into relief by dissing on others. Put differently, I'm not sure you're in the clear yet. Are there other issues that you might like to bring out before the group?


September 24th, 2011 at 12:19 AM ^

If you can't get HYPED up for a Michigan game without having to drink, to me that is just sad.

First of all, nobody said they HAD to drink to get hyped up. I was going to go further, but that really negates your entire post, so I won't bother.

Have fun with your sadness, though, and have a great day.


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If that's their flight, that's a good way to go.  They got in pretty late by the time they got everyone from the plane out to AA, but it didn't seem late for them so last night wasn't a good night of sleep for those guys.  Hopefully it takes them more time to adjust.


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that swings everything in our favor. He has a lazer pass game and finds deep targets quick, our best bet is keeping them from breakaway plays and locking down the red zone when they get there. 


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Some past studies suggest that it's harder to go west than east.  In the latter case, the normal circadean sleep-wake cycle is disrupted more; and this disruption is reflected in the poorer win-loss pcts of teams going west (vs. east).

That said, it's probably better not to travel at all, since any time-zone travel is likely to confuse your biological clock.


September 23rd, 2011 at 8:08 PM ^

I would tend to agree with this if the game was say a 8pm West Start.  Then the travel west would be hard.  But traveling west for a Noon or 3pm west start is really no different than a normal East Coast time zone game.  My point being team traveling west to east is harder for earlier start (ie. noon) but harder for team traveling east to west for night game on west coast. (See Michigan hockey at Alaska)


September 24th, 2011 at 11:14 AM ^

I don't recall how the past studies of time zone performance controlled for game time; however, it does seem logical that the game time should be a factor, as you suggest.

But I do not think that "traveling west for a Noon or 3pm west start is really no different than a normal East Coast time zone game."   The problem, again, involves the fact that your brain's clock gets reset when you travel.  It normally starts producing a sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, when the sun goes down, which occurs later when you go from east to west.  So, even if the game time in the west is the same as in the east, your biological clock does not realize this.  It may even get confused and no longer know what time it is.  So, you can feel sluggish and perform more poorly.


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     If you add the "I should be eating wheaties" factor to the "Only Denard can stop Denard" factor, I'm going to guess that pushes our chances of victory up to around 62%.

     In terms of causation though, and sorry to beat a dead horse, but if Michigan does win, isn't that more of a testament to Rich Rodriguez's team-building skills than Brady Hoke's?

     And if San Diego State wins, isn't that more of a testament to Hoke's team-building skills than Rocky Long's?

     By the percentages, I'd put around 25% of the credit for a Michigan win on Hoke and company(Well, maybe 40% if you include Mattison).

     By the same token, I'd put around 65% of the credit for a San Diego State win on Hoke and Borges.  They recruited the players and installed the offense.

     One thing is for sure, there is a 0% chance that Brian is going to be impressed with anything that happens on the field on Saturday.


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I heard the statistic on Cowherd's show - I don't remember what it is, but it might have been close to 80% wins for the east/central time zone teams playing west coast teams at 1PM.

I think this stat is misleading for 1 big reason.  Typically, as of late pacific time zone teams stink on the whole and the best teams are more likely to be found in the EST and CST playing home games at 1PM.

Think about it...  New England, Indianapolis, Green Bay, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York x2, Atlanta....are simply better over the past few years than anything the PST  can throw at it...San Diego and Arizona are okay, but San Francisco, Seattle,  and Oakland have been brutally bad.