Canadian Football

Submitted by The Fugitive on July 21st, 2018 at 10:48 PM

I'm watching Canadian football. It's like a slump buster. I'm desperate for football, I'll take anything I can get. 

You can't neg me. 

Na na nana booboo, stick your head in doodoo.



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This website is really bad now. A post like this would have gotten 50 comments in 5 minutes 6 months ago. The traffic on here is about 10% of what it used to be. Go back to old format.


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The banner and the terrible layout of this site means the owner just doesn't care. IMO - it's crap. I mean who wants to write a blog for more than 10 years? It's an excuse. Low traffic leads to shutting down. Brian is probably done with this. I would be.

The men's soccer program in the USA is crap - always has been - why all the articles?

Where is the John B interview after the extension? Any football news except commits for 2 years from now?


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So he invested a good $30,000, at least, in a new website so that he could intentionally depress website traffic, which would give him an excuse to retire from blogging and go on to live his life? Not to mention costing the jobs and livelihood of several staff members, at least one of whom has a family and a mortgage? Makes sense.


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Somehow I suspect Brian cares very much.  I’m sure he’s trying to work out a plan to make the user base happy.  He doesn’t have an bottomless well of financial resources and doing quality software development takes time.  I’m amazed he managed to get all the years of content and links working correctly.  Give the team some time to work through the issues.


July 22nd, 2018 at 6:46 AM ^

yeah.  lots of goodwill to brian but he's losing it like a car whose engine quit but is still coasting.  one explanatory post on the front page, lay out some time tables, and many of us would probably help him push the car into the gas station.  not my blog.  not my business for which i need to make the decisions.  


July 22nd, 2018 at 12:57 PM ^

I've mentioned this a few times, but people tend to forget a couple things. 

1.  Brian loves his blog, works hard at it, and I generally think he writes some pretty damn good articles (mostly).  

2.  The amount of traffic on the message boards is a drop in the bucket when it comes to overall site traffic.  It doesn't matter that you come her 20 times a day (or never let the tab close) or post 100 board posts a day.  it is insignificant.  

3.  Brian doesn't give a shit about the message boards, or individual blog readers.  He tolerates the boards, but is often annoyed and/or embarrassed by posts/posters, and likely consideres the message boards to be relatively unnecessary.
You can consider him an arrogant jerk because of it, or a a focused entrepreneur because of it.  Your choice.  
I tend to fall somewhere in between depending on my mood.

4.  MGo3.0 isn't quite ready for prime time yet, and should be fixed asap.  Based on the above points, i can only surmise that overall site traffic hasn't been negatively affected as of yet.

If you have any sort of emotional investment in this blog (and it's easy to do considering the passion we all have for Michigan sports) you are at risk of being labeled a "concern troll".  I am unsure how or why constructive criticism has been labeled as such, bu there it is.

I rarely visit or post anymore due to family commitments(75%), my less than full throated enthusiasm for Harbaugh being considered "hating"(20%) , and the blog being difficult to use (5%)


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Completely agree with you.   Personally I think the reason nothing has been said about the issues we board posters are having is because the design of the new site is working perfectly.  I believe this was a conscience decision designed to greatly reduce if not outright eliminate the side board.



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Regarding point #3: I've suspected this, in fact I'm quite sure that he has a lot of resentment for the board, and I always assumed the only reason he's kept it going is for the traffic. I do wonder if it's worth their trouble though. He mentioned on a podcast that a national chain offered to buy the blog and he stated how disgusted he was that their primary interest was in how active the board was. I found that to be quite funny, actually. But honestly I think there is some good stuff to come about here, and that's why I continue to frequent it. It's a nice escape from the daily grind and generally gets me a lot of info I don't see elsewhere.

yossarians tree

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One would think there are five alarms going off in MGoBlogville these days. I'm sure they're working like mad trying to resolve the bugs, but it does seem incredible that the overall appearance of the site survived the approval process and lived to see the light of day given the near-universal dislike of it. Didn't they even have users do beta testing? I love the blog and I'm sure traffic will pick up when the season starts but one would think its more important to Brian and staff than it is to us because this is their livelihood. I wish them good luck.


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How/where are you watching it?

Canadian football is great as long as you’re not expecting regular football and those fans can drink and tailgate on par with anyone. I work a bit in the sports biz world and have thus ended up at a few CFL games and it’s always been a blast. 


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To be fair, it's really either Montreal / Calgary or "The Phantom Menace" on TNT - you're probably better off just going with the CFL and not getting upset with Jar Jar Binks all over again.


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I think you get a point if you punt the ball into the endzone and the receiving team isn't able to bring it out.  Not sure if you get a safety for tackling the attempt to bring it out or 1 point, or if the one point is awarded when the receiving team chooses to take a knee to down it.