Bowl Games Opening Day Open Thread: New Mexico* Bowl and Potato* Bowl

Submitted by M-Wolverine on December 15th, 2012 at 12:38 PM
*Seth approved names. I combined them. If this thread gets huge we could split it for te second game. But I doubt it for these. But football! And Rich and Arizona start it off vs. a bad Nevada team, followed by some more sorta local interest in Toledo vs.....Utah State. Did I say at least it's new college football?



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"Hey guys, let's set up a bowl in the most glamorous tourist spot we can think of.  Maybe a T-shirt company will sponsor." -New Mexico Bowl coordinators


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The more I watch Arizona this year the more convinced I am that IF Jeff Castel had come with Rich to Michigan as originally planned our record would've looked something like this during his tenure:

2008: 3-9

2009: 5-7

2010: 7-6

Horrific defense, inept special teams and turnovers are Arizona's calling card this year.  Just like  we used to be.  And there is one constant between Arizona and Michigan and it aint the defensive coordinator.



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I thought, hey--it'll be fun to watch this, see how things are cooking for ol Rich Rod. Watched a couple of plays of them getting outrun on D and saw the sour look on his face and thought: I am very out of here. 

NOLA Wolverine

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Football was so much more enjoyable to watch back in the days when we didn't waste 5 minutes reviewing plays to put it down on the 1 inch line. Instant replay really has become a bit much. 


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I think that it was very gracious of Nevada to actually nearly aid Scott in getting a touchdown - you cannot beat that sort of selfless sportsmanship....*shuffles papers*....lack of good blocking. 

In any case, the Wolf Pack and the Wildcats are now tied 21-21 with about 10 minutes left in the first half...I mean, second quarter. 

Avant's Hands

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Is it just me or is spotting the ball extremely sketchy this year? How was the a first down without even measuring? And don't get me started on the NW game this year.

Also, tackle someone. Anyone.