Big Ten edges SEC in TV viewership for 2015 season

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Of the top 10 nationally televised regular season games, average viewers per conference:


Big Ten:  8.5 million 

SEC:       8.1 million

ACC:       6.1 million

Big 12:    5.0 million

PAC:       4.5 million


I can only imagine this helps with our upcoming contract negotiations.…



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the issue for the SEC’s national viewership has less to do with fans in the Southeast and more to do with SEC powers like Alabama not drawing interest from major media markets.

“SEC country is watching the Playoff regardless,”  . . . “But they’re not breaking into the New York and Los Angeles markets like USC, Notre Dame and the Big Ten powers.”



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Why is it using the Top 10 games for each conference only, and making a claim like that?  Stupid...  Also we know the bottom of the Big 10 is baaaaaaaaad, but I would think the bottom of the SEC has higher viewership.  Wish they actually looked at it.


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But I don't think it would matter much... How many people are watching Miss St. vs. Arkansas.  Even our lower tier programs are in high population areas with many fans and followers.


PS: The article was written from SEC country.... (And the title is theirs not mine)


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 Avg TV Ratings “adjusted”

 1.  SEC = 2.58 M

2.  B10 = 1.62 M

3.  B12 = 1.57 M

4.  ACC = 1.41 M

5.  P12 = 1.34 M


Now, this was 2014... and the B1G overall did have a pretty good 2015.  

But yes, Stats can say anthing.. and I should've looked into it further before posting, now I feel bad.  My UofM Stats professor would not be pleased with me.…


I'll show myself out.....


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SEC just doesn't have the pull outside of their area. I'll be honest, I never watch SEC games during the regular season and seem to watch more Big 12 and ACC. Or a late night PAC 12. I just don't really care about the SEC unless its LSU. 


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I'm only interested in this so far as it fills conference rooms at the mothership with dipshit midlevel managers asking "what can we do to fix it"?

Knowing full well they can't because they don't control it.


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Michigan being better this year obviously helped the Big Ten's cause.  Also adding Maryland and Rutgers is the reason for this, so you can't say this is awesome and the SEC sucks blah blah and then turn around and say you want Maryland and Rutgers gone.


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#2 OSU/Virgina Tech

#3 OSU/Michigan

#4 LSU/Bama

#5 FSU/Clemson

#6 Bama/Auburn

#7 Michigan/MSU

#8 Oregon/MSU

#9 ND/Clemson

#10 Ole Miss/Bama

#11 OSU/Indiana

#12 Wisconsin/Bama


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Sankey must put an end To illégal tv rankings that put The SEC in an unfavorable Light. They are injurions to student athlètes of The SEC. It could hurt their feelings.