Bacon on the huge show right now. "It's going to be a long two weeks"

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He says Harbaugh is candidate 1,2,3,4. Harbaugh is the likeliest candidate right now for the Michigan job. Money will not be an issue. we can take Miles off the list. Miles doesn't seem to be the direction Michigan wants to take. He says it will be a long two weeks of speculation. We could be waiting until January 5th, but if he were to bet on a date it would be January 1st at the latest.



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but the callers are abhorrent. It makes me lose faith in humanity with some of the horseshit callers they attract. 

And is there any fucking way on god's green earth we can get at least 1 main guy who is not a huge staee slappy? What the fuck is going on over here? I don't care if there's a UM fan host or not, just please no more msu dipshittery.


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I'm live between Grand Rapids & Lansing and had to stop watching the Lansing News because they were so Giddy about Michigan State and I mean all the time. It was a little sickening. For awhile this Fall I was beginning to think that we had only two teams on the Big Ten Network Rutgers & Maryland - I realize they were aiming to pick up some East Coast Viewers, but they went a little overboard.


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Baligian is the most pathetic excuse for a sports radio host ive ever listened too. If hes not spouting off about how much his Heisman vote means to him hes got the skipper or coach brady calling in. His show is an absolute joke. "Drew drew drew. Tell me if im wrong drew!" Drew: I cant tell you that you're wrong Sean because you're so damn right!

Its the same annoying garbage every time i have it on. Its already been mentioned but Huge is trash too. It really does suck that the only 2 local sport radio shows are such garbage. Baligian is hands down more annoying of the two though.


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I negotiate for a living (attorney/mediator) and in my opinion, unfortunately, JH's silence on Michigan is a bargaining chip. He may still end up here, but even if he knows that he isn't coming, as much as he loves Michigan, he just can't tell that fact to Hackett and the important figures at this time.

The basic fact is that right now he has three options within his sole control; he can (1) stay in the NFL and coach for the 49ers in a toxic situation, (2) leave and coach Michigan, or (3) quit and sit out for a year then look for an NFL job next year. *I am writing off the third option because it doesn't fit anything about JH to sit at home doing nothing.

The 49ers have the option to (1) retain JH, (2) fire him and pay out his contract, or (3) trade him.

In keeping Michigan as a viable option, JH is creating leverage with the 49ers. If he came out and said that he only wanted to stay NFL, all the power is in the San Francisco front office because they control his NFL future until the expiration of his contract. At this time, if JH says he wants to be traded to Oakland and only Oakland (or whichever team), and the 49ers refuse to make a deal, then he can threaten to walk away from the NFL and San Francisco gets nothing of value for his departure.

Otherwise, the balance of power shifts completely to San Francisco, and if the 49ers want to trade him to Miami because they offer the best compensation package but he doesn't want to go, all he can do is veto the deal and stay in San Francisco. He's too good of a coach and competitor to either sit out for a year or not give 100% to the coaching job, even if he is clashing with front office and players.

Legal leverage is the name of the game here, and Michigan is really the only thing that gives Harbaugh any with the 49ers at this time.



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but not entirely accurate.

Harbaugh's contract expires at the end of next season. So, if the 49ers want to trade him, the new team would be taking on a huge risk that he would walk away at the end of the year. Thus, Harbaugh has power over the 49ers to the extent he has a say in where he ends up in the NFL.

I agree with you that Michigan gives him additional leverage, but that leverage is likely with other NFL teams, not the 49ers.


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The length remaining on his contract could be seen as veto power, but it merely runs concurrently with the explicit one that is in his contract. If he doesn't want to be traded to a specific team, he could either let them know that he wouldn't sign a contract extension with them, or just flat out veto the trade.

Any approved trade would necessarily be premised on the execution of a contract extension with the new team as part of finalizing the deal. So in practical effect, it doesn't give him any options or leverage greater than just vetoing the trade.

turd ferguson

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I think the incentive for Harbaugh to keep Michigan around for his NFL negotations is even stronger than that.  Let's say that Harbaugh wants to go to the Raiders and the 49ers really want compensation for Harbaugh.

JH:  Trade me to the Raiders.

49ers:  No.  You can go to the Jets, Bears, or Falcons.  They're all offering way more than the Raiders.  We won't sign off on a Raiders trade, because you're worth more than that.

JH:  Okay, then I'm going to Michigan and you get nothing.

49ers:  Fine, asshole, Raiders it is.